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Betting partners review tv reg cap arbitrage betting

Betting partners review tv

This phenomenon holds for all ages and both genders. As can be seen in the same figure, the same relationship is evident in Canada, although it is a little more muted than in the United States. The propensity to watch the games one has bet on based on frequency of betting seems to translate directly into more hours per week of watching sports on TV figure 7. Again, the relationship seems highly linear: As gambling frequency goes up, so does weekly viewing time. On weekends, the most-frequent bettors watch about 6.

But on weekdays, nongamblers watch TV sports for an average of only 1. To put it simply, it appears that weekend TV sports has broader appeal, while weekday TV sports appeals more to the hard-core watchers—and gambling or not gambling on the games makes a bigger difference.

Not only does the average time spent watching TV sports rise as betting frequency rises, but we also see a direct and linear relationship between betting frequency and being what we call a TV sports superfan figure 8. Only 10 percent of those who never bet on sports are weekday superfans, watching more than three hours of TV sports on weekdays.

Among those who bet most frequently, that proportion rises to 35 percent—3. We are focusing on weekday watching behavior in this paragraph, on the assumption that many Americans and Canadians—bettors and nonbettors—watch TV sports on the weekends when they have more free time, but that those who watch three or more hours of TV sports on weekdays are particularly interesting to broadcasters and sports leagues.

Again, the results from Canada parallel the US results almost perfectly, adjusting for the slightly lower tendency to watch TV sports in Canada. The betting effect is even stronger when it comes to weekday super-superfans figure 9. Those who watch more than five hours of TV sports per weekday are split sharply along the gambling line: Only 5 percent of all US sports TV watchers watch it for five-plus hours on the typical weekday; only 2 percent of nonbettors do so, but a whopping 23 percent of those who bet on sports weekly or more often—10 times more than the non-gamblers—qualify as weekday super-superfans.

It will be little surprise to most that young men watch a lot of sports on TV, that they watch more sports than women do, or that they gamble. What is new is how important TV sports watching is for men age 18—34, how frequently some of them gamble, and how close the relationship is between gambling frequency and watching more TV sports.

Broadcasters, distributors, and advertisers could do well to undertake further research to examine this relatively unexplored correlation. It seems probable that this driver of TV watching may make TV watching more resilient than some critics expect. Live TV sports watching motivated by gambling may boost overall TV-watching statistics among younger demographics, either slowing the decline somewhat, or perhaps even providing a floor.

Even between the United States and Canada, two markets that tend to be very similar, the relationship between TV sports watching and gambling showed small but important differences. Based on focus group studies done by Deloitte France and Deloitte Nordics, we would expect the relationship between gambling and TV sports watching among men age 18—34 to be much higher in North America than in France, 10 but possibly similar to that in North America in the Nordic countries—especially in Norway and Finland, where more than 60 percent of the young men in our focus groups engaged in gambling.

Interestingly, in the Nordics, women aged 18—34 were much less likely to gamble on anything, not just sports than women of that age in North America. In countries with less of a gambling culture, it seems likely that TV sports, and TV watching itself, may be less resilient. Examining gambling behavior in different countries may hold a clue. A study looked at per-capita gambling losses, which correlate well with total gambling activity, in selected countries. Based on these findings, it would seem reasonable to infer that sports betting could be a large factor in driving TV sports watching in these countries.

Even though most of the sports gambling that occurs is illegal and unregulated in the United States, it still has a large impact on TV-watching behavior. Also, the US Congress is currently reviewing gambling laws, 13 and any measures that allow Americans to gamble more easily or more often could have an effect—likely a positive effect—on TV sports watching.

Consider that a study by the American Gaming Association concluded that millions more US football fans would bet on NFL games if gambling were legalized—and that, if sports betting were legal, sports bettors would represent 56 percent of all minutes watched of regular-season NFL games. Or vice versa. It is clear from our research that the two industries, at least as far as American men 18—34 years old are concerned, are not sitting in splendid isolation.

For those worried about problem gambling, it is worth noting that we do not believe that the size of the bet matters much. Although our survey asked about betting frequency rather than wager size, in the focus groups where we developed the survey, we heard from participants that the amount they bet on a game was more or less irrelevant to their increased propensity to watch it. Where will all this lead? As a thought experiment, one can imagine a year-old American man in the year yes, it could be a woman too, but our survey results show that it is much more likely to be a man watching a football game on the TV set, smartphone in hand.

He can bet on the match at any point, modify his wager, buy back a losing wager, bet on the outcome of individual plays or individual stats such as the number of passing yards by the quarterback—all in real time, and all tailored to him. Ads could be served that are customized for him, informed by his betting and attention, and watching would have to be percent live.

To an American, this sounds like science fiction, but in the United Kingdom, these solutions or variations of them are available today. Will this come to America? Will young men use it? Will it drive increased watching of live TV sports matches? Duncan Stewart is the director of research for the technology, media, and telecommunications TMT industry for Deloitte Canada. He is based in Toronto. View in article. Gambling Administration of Finland, Benchmarking report by the Nordic gambling supervisory authorities , , page The survey question on sports betting asked respondents to consider both legal such as in Las Vegas and illegal betting, and both online and in-person betting, as well as more informal betting between individuals or in office pools.

Deloitte France, Gen Y: the rise of the individual, French millennial study , accessed October 18, This study included all kinds of betting, not just sports betting, and also measured only legal betting losses per capita, excluding losses in unregulated or illegal betting, which, in many markets, is as large as or even larger than the legal market.

Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked and the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly growing. Deloitte technology professionals around the world help clients resolve their most critical information and technology challenges. See something interesting? Simply select text and choose how to share it:. Does TV sports have a future? Bet on it has been saved. Bet on it has been removed. Bet on it already exists in Saved items.

Social login not available on Microsoft Edge browser at this time. Viewing offline content Limited functionality available. Welcome back. Still not a member? Join My Deloitte. Bet on it by. Article 21 minute read 11 December Why should that matter to the broadcasting industry? Read on to find out. More of what we think will happen: 15 further predictions about TV, TV sports, and sports betting The scope of our research related to TV watching, TV sports watching, and sports betting makes it hard to resist formulating more opinions about what is likely to happen around these activities in the year ahead.

Within this age group, men will be more likely to watch TV more than 85 percent than women less than 80 percent. Deloitte Global predicts, based on the multi-year downward trend for US 18—year-olds, that this demographic will watch fewer minutes of traditional TV per day live and time-shifted in than in —but they will still watch an average of around minutes, or two hours, per day. The number of people who watch traditional TV will be about the same as in Deloitte Global predicts that not only will more 18—year-old US men than women watch TV in , but they also will watch mre hours of TV than women of the same age.

The median 18—year-old US male will watch about four hours more TV per week in than similarly aged US women—or approximately 16 hours for men and 12 hours for women. Deloitte Global predicts that, although the average US man aged 18—34 will watch about 16 hours of TV per week in , roughly one in four men age 18—24 will watch more than 30 hours per week, as will about one in three men age 25— TV sports watching Deloitte Global predicts that TV sports watching by US men age 18—34 will decline in compared to —but only by about 5—7.

We further predict that these proportions will be lower among younger individuals, both men and women. However, proportionately as many TV watchers age 25—34 of both genders will watch about as much TV sports, on average, as all adults. Deloitte Global predicts that, of those who watch TV sports, the average US man age 18—24 will watch more than 11 hours of sports TV per week in , while US men age 25—34 will watch about 16 hours of TV sports weekly.

Based on total TV watching rates, this suggests that TV sports will represent about two-thirds of all TV watching among men age 18—24, and more than three-quarters of all TV watching for men age 25—34 who watch TV sports. Sports betting Deloitte Global predicts that 40 percent of US adult sports TV watchers will bet on sports at least occasionally in , with men of all ages more likely than women to bet. Further, Deloitte Global predicts that this gender disparity will be greater in the demographic of those age 25— Less than 40 percent of female US TV sports viewers that age will bet on sports in , but nearly three in four male US TV sports viewers that age will do so.

Deloitte Global predicts that more than 40 percent of US men age 18—34 who watch TV sports will bet on sports weekly or more often in In contrast, less than 15 percent of women that age will bet that often. Also, of all TV sports watchers who are 55—75 years old, less than 5 percent will bet weekly. In fact, half of all weekly sports bettors in the United States will be men age 25—34 who watch TV sports.

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