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Csgo betting tmartn2 uncharted

She is a perfect fit for our strong existing team at InnoGames. After re-entering the charts during Black Friday week, Uncharted 4 has managed to gain another spot last week and ranked at No. Sales for Moon were down 72 per cent, while Sun saw a 77 per cent dip in sales. There was another Nintendo title in the. Sales for the game including the Wii U edition were up 2, per cent week-on-week.

Tipping Point Heads Up! Mean Girls Football Manager Mobile Hexa Puzzle Despicable Bear. Developer Miniclip. Watch Dogs 2 entered the charts at No. The latter debuted at No. Watch Dogs also had a boxed PC version, unlike its sequel. But that was enough to help Ubisoft. Combined sales for both titles would have given them the fourth spot, ahead of Watch Dogs 2. Unit sales for Sun and Moon are also up five per cent compared to Month One sales for the previous entries in the franchise, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

It should also be noted that Sun and Moon were only out for three days when GfK compiled the November data, whereas Ruby and Sapphire were out for a month when the data was gathered back in Software for the handheld console represented 9. Other new entries last month included Dishonored 2 No. A few titles have also re-entered the charts following Black Friday promotions, including Uncharted 4 back at No. It seems to have been a year dominated by hardware rather than software, with lots of new devices in the shape of VR headsets, updated consoles, new reveals and a smash hit retro revival.

Bigger themes included the fallout of Brexit or lack of. The rise of eSports as a commercial force to be reckoned with. The tarnishing of a few reputations on YouTube. Hope you had a great and best of luck with the rest of Christmas shopping season and the sales. See you in IN a disruption of the traditional console cycle, both Sony and Microsoft announced mid-gen hardware. Despite that, PS4 sales tripled when the hardware debuted, with a reported 42, Pro units sold in that week.

Meanwhile Microsoft announced its even-morepowerful Project Scorpio at E3, to be released late next year. Meanwhile, updated consoles also hit shelves. While the PS4 Slim was a more modest update by comparison. Oculus had promoted the format as a whole and its Rift headset went on sale in March. This came with handheld controllers and a laser-based positional system to track motions, putting it technically ahead of its rival.

The device does need a PlayStation camera, plus Move controllers, to fully exploit its capabilities, though. The console originally launched back in , back when a measly 20GB hard disk and a wireless controller were still considered to be deluxe options. It went on to dominate its generation in the UK, selling 8m consoles by and 84m worldwide. With a whopping eight-year gap before its successor arrived and bolstered by the popular Kinect add-on, it was a gaming colossus.

While the PlayStation 3 remains in production, it too showed its age this November, as numerous major franchises launched without support for legacy hardware, with FIFA 17, LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders being a notable set of exceptions. In other who-owns-whonews, Vivendi once owner of Activision Blizzard muscled its. Retail reported great sales of the trading card game and Nintendo had its biggest game launch ever in the UK. Increased prices of consumer goods could start hitting consumers early next year, once stock ordered earlier in the year runs dry.

The industry might be further hurt due to immigration restrictions making it harder for UK firms to recruit top talent. The new console will launch in , with more details March and previews coming in January. The reveal teased brand new Super Mario and Mario Kart titles, but the launch lineup is yet to be confirmed. With mobile games in their ascendancy, and Xbox and PlayStation arguably courting the same core market segment, the success of the Switch could be a huge upswing for the industry as a whole in Numerous influencers were accused of not making paid-for content clear enough to viewers.

Top dog PewDiePie was inevitably dragged into the furore via a video from for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, which was marked as sponsored content, but only in text and that was tucked away in the description tab. Others have also published rules in order to clarify their usage of influencers. Other issues sprang up around popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It emerged that influential YouTuber TmarTn was the owner of a CS:GO skins gambling site, which he had promoted on his channel without any declaration of interest.

CS:GO skins gambling in general came in for criticism from the US authorities, with legal action taken against what some states saw as illegal gambling by proxy. Of course, there were many other factors, from publishers such as Activision finally embracing eSports properly with the CoD World League to the ever growing prize pools and more traditional publications venturing into the world of eSports journalism.

The deal went through in October. At retail that manifested itself as the rush to buy up the new Nintendo Classic Mini: NES which launched in November and promptly sold out. It was in such demand that eBay even incentivised purchasers to resell their devices online with a guaranteed minimum price. The result was a game that debuted at No. With no paid DLC to divide the player base, Blizzard is only monetising the title through in-game cosmetic items and new retail sales.

Overwatch is a huge new franchise and one that looks set to run for years and years. The hugely ambitious-looking space exploration game was the work of a very small team of developers, but pre-release assets and the full-priced retail release pushed consumer expectations well above what was contained on the disc. By its release date in August the game was already on the back foot. A wide-ranging Day One patch for the game supported fears that it had been rushed to market.

A lack of any tangible multiplayer element was chief amongst complaints. Hello has recently launched what is the first of many sizeable updates to the title. THE long-running franchise returned in March but with a twist. The game was initially launched as a digital-only title in an episodic format, a shift in tact for the series.

The six episodes were launched on a monthly basis, with a midseason summer break, and could be bought piecemeal or via a Season Pass. The release schedule meant each new level was often played multiple times, with gamers exploring the different approaches to the task at hand, and so building a highly dedicated following for the title.

A complete retail package is coming in January, too, showing that new business models need not exclude traditional methods. We watch with interest to see if others will find suitable content to release in this format in Return of the Xbox was a big year for Xbox. The firm returned to the top of the hardware charts thanks to its new Xbox One S console. And it has some pretty bit plans for the next twelve months. Though Xbox One sales have certainly not been shabby, the console has failed to top the massively successful PlayStation 4.

All of that changed this year. The firm claimed the hardware top spots in the UK for two key months. Announced on-stage at E3 by Phil Spencer, the hardware hit shelves in September, topping the UK hardware charts for that month and October. We have a great selection of console bundles for those who have been buying for the first time. We have some great exclusive games that are only playable on Xbox One. Lastly, the price point for Xbox One S is more attractive than ever families and gamers.

Harvey Eagle, Xbox. That was clear as soon as we saw it. Of course, you never know how something is going to land in the market until you put it out there. Certainly, we were thrilled that the product teams back in Redmond had really built a great product for us. We were clear how we wanted to position it in the market, and certainly talk to its 4K capabilities.

That gave us confidence that it would land really well. The strategy of releasing a more powerful machine mid-way through a console cycle is not a unique one, as Sony has just released PS4 Pro. You need to effectively communicate to consumers that this is a powerful machine, one that works with existing software and accessories. That gives us a great platform for next year. We have Scorpio coming. There are more opportunities for gamers to play on both PC and console through our Xbox Play Anywhere feature, more great games coming out including Halo Wars 2, Scalebound and Sea of Thieves.

The physical sector in particular has struggled, with a number of games underperforming when they hit shelves. Some titles, like FIFA, Battlefield and Forza have performed really well, and others have really struggled to fulfil their potential. I do believe that quality games will find their audience over time, and I think they will continue to sell.

What does Brexit mean for the UK video games market? How would you assess for the UK games industry? There were some great highlights, such as the first newlook, UKIE-backed London Games Festival, which saw over 38, people engage in events to promote games as culture and the UK as a top destination for games, the first eSports Industry Awards and a record breaking number of games businesses receiving video games tax relief. Perhaps the biggest event the UK games industry faced this year was Brexit.

Before the vote, UKIE did a survey of its members, How will leaving the EU affect the UK games industry? Access to diverse and skilled talent is definitely the number one concern raised by the games sector post-. Our talent pool relies on this freedom of movement so that we can continue to be a competitive international player.

There are understandably concerns about how the referendum result will affect games makers in the UK, but there are also long-term opportunities that will arise, such as the opportunity to reform funding. As an industry, we need to ensure that we are acting with a single voice during the Brexit negotiations. UKIE is touring the UK in early with Brexit Roundtables to ensure that we can hear the concerns and expectations of as many members of the industry as possible — find your local roundtable at ukie.

Whilst there are of course concerns from our members the UK remains in a strong position as a world leading destination for making and selling games. The UK is home to globally recognised talent creating diverse and innovative content, a fruitful business environment, and a supportive government; all of which work together to create a strong ecosystem to foster the creation of some of the best games in the world.

By September, games had received UK games tax relief for this year. Aside from the games that received final certification this year, there were also games which received interim certification, meaning their projects are yet to be completed. So we can only expect the number of applications to continue rising in the coming year. If the Government triggers Article 50 and we leave the EU, will the UK have more freedom when it comes to tax relief for games?

Potentially, although it remains unclear at this stage as the European Union State aid rules — rules that determine the parameters for video games tax relief — may still need to be applied as part of the broader negotiations around access to the single market. What are your plans for this moving into ? Over 50, people have visited gamesmap. Over the next twelve months, we need to ensure that more games businesses are adding their details.

We will continue to champion the needs of the games sector to policy makers. Securing the talent pipeline is always a top priority for UKIE, and so continued support for initiatives like the Digital Schoolhouse is key to ensure that primary age children are equipped with the creative computing skills that they need to thrive in a digital world.

Government continues to inaccurately track our sector in official stats, using Standard. Industrial Classification Codes, which fail to represent games businesses effectively. To challenge this, we will use the interactive UK Games Map dataset to give much more accurate figures about our size, scale and geography, to ensure that the UK is represented as the global player it is. The second London Games Festival is shaping up to be bigger and better than the inaugural event, with an aim to attract 50, to games events across the capital in April The title began its development journey in and was announced by Sony at E3 as the game which would demonstrate everything the PS3 was capable of.

Developer Fumito Ueda and his Team Ico were aiming for a release date, but The Last Guardian missed its launch window and the decision was made in early to move the project to PS4. The Last Guardian then disappeared from radars until a new announcement was made at E3 in The Last Guardian is an incredibly important game for fans and. Sony alike, so the final delay was put into place to give the team the extra time to work on those issues, ensuring that the game delivers on the experience that the creators have envisioned.

Needless to say, The Last Guardian has been eagerly awaited by fans, but also by curious gamers who just want to know if it was worth the wait. The teams do a great job of distancing themselves from the hype so as to not let it impact the final game. We want people to be excited because the game looks incredible, not because of its complicated development story.

Joe Palmer, SIE. Facing unknown dangers in a strange and mystical land, an ordinary young boy and his gigantic feathered friend must rely on each other to survive in this harrowing story of friendship and trust. All rights reserved. This makes defining the potential audiences very difficult and has urged us to consider untraditional ways of determining the audience. Fortunately, it largely has shelves to itself, as similar titles are digital-only. A new kind of Evil After heading in a more action-orientated direction for over a decade, the Resident Evil series is returning to its horror roots with the latest entry in the franchise.

At E3 , Capcom started showing off a PlayStation VR demo called Kitchen, a virtual reality horror experience that was — if nothing else — incredibly unsettling. At the time I speculated with my colleagues that this was Capcom teasing a brand new horror IP.

The firm launched a demo called Beginning Hour on-stage at the show. This created something of an online phenonena, with gamers trying to unlock all of its mysteries, including that of a certain finger. How is this going to connect to Resident Evil as a whole?

You see that in the very recent previews. I was really pleased to see in the previews that a number of journalists were drawing parallels between the first game and 7 despite the massive gap between the two, things like the puzzles, inventory, item management, save rooms and so on.

It feels like Capcom has been taking notes from the more scaled-back indie horror game scene that has emerged over the last few years. For a longlasting IP like Resident Evil, you need to re-invent yourself on a regular basis while keeping the core nature of why your game is good. I think the first three Resident Evil games, and the spin-offs, were part of a trilogy.

But 4, 5 and 6 presented a departure, with different camera angles and so on. You could think that 7 and what comes next are also a new take on the Resident Evil franchise. It sometimes can be a bit scary for gamers, and for the dev team as well. The push for the game had a very big, very Hollywood feel to it. While Molant says that Resident Evil 7 is going to get a similar investment, the tone of its marketing push is going to be very different. Asny good marketing campaign will have its roots in the game.

So the tone will. Messaging something like this can be a challenge. Obviously having PSVR heightens all of the feeling and sensations you get. The tone will be more intimate, like the game is, and probably more survival horror, like the game is compared to 6. But the confidence is there.

The preorder campaigns are about preChristmas stuff, so January gives us a really nice window. You can see some publishers are already starting to push back their game into the Q1 window as opposed to Q4. We were more than. Since, this has been updated twice.

But as the development of the main game progressed, we were able to add more elements to it, via the updates. When compared with the top title for , its stablemate Game of War, it recorded 37 per cent less ratings than the medieval RTS app. This decrease in TV ad support for mobile games could suggest there is a petering interest in the genre. On the contrary, the highest placed console game entry, Overwatch, amassed individual TVRs, four per cent higher than the highest entry in It would be ignoring the wider picture to assume the higher concentration of console games in the Top Ten.

TVR explained A Television Rating Point measures the reach of a programme or advert by comparing the number of target audience viewers against the total available. To that end, Generation Media has investigated how compares to in regards to TV and online. TV advertising for the games market has seen a downturn compared to last year. Despite increased campaign support in , the table right clearly highlights a similar pattern to the year when comparing monthly airtime deployment.

For example, the months of May and October remain heavily weighted for both years as publishers push titles in key months before the summer and winter respectively. The anomaly in January was largely driven by Argos deals for consoles and increased support from mobile developers King and Supercell. However we are able to piece together insight which can be supplemented with knowledge from media owners to decipher gaming ad spend. What we do know is that online ad spend across all sectors grew by In fact, digital has overtaken TV and now makes up 50 per cent of all ad spend eMarketer, with growing sectors marketing to younger demographics, such as games, leading this charge.

While Addynamix has improved measurement of online activity the tool fails to report activity, outside of standard display formats. Our strong relationship with media owners within the games market helps us to a fuller understanding. For myself, I know some devs I won't be likely to buy games from in the future. First up, we have the devs who have come out in favor of ethical standards in games journalism. These devs want reporting to be merit based and for journos to have to disclose any conflicts of interest, as well as refusing to reign in their creativity for the whims of journos.

They want devs to be free to create as they wish without a journo insisting that they can't do something. These are the ones who want their personal contact with journos to grant them favorable coverage in lieu of actual merit, and they want journos to be able to limit the creative power of devs. Yo, can you change my name "Nocturnic" to "Nocturnic Wolf"? My Twitter handle is Nocturnic but I'll be using "Nocturnic Wolf" as that is a more easier and convenient name for me to use on sites.

Notch should be reclassified as pro-GG. He's also openly anti-regressive and frequently criticizes SJWism. Classifying him as neutral is not accurate anymore, imo. I have a hard time getting a read on him honestly. He seems pretty pro until he makes comments that make it sound like he's more anti libelous journos who are also our enemies, and target him frequently than pro GG.

They might be galvanizing him on our side, or he might just have a common foe without a common cause. Either way, he's not our enemy. Granted, since they love poking at him for clicks they might just convert him fully anyways.


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