rugby union betting explained variance

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Rugby union betting explained variance what does w/o mean in betting

Rugby union betting explained variance

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Rugby draws many parallels to both American Football and soccer which means making wagers on rugby games can also be just as fun as making wagers on those other major sports. However, when these Rugby Union events are not happening you will still be able to make wagers on the sport of rugby thanks to the existence of the Rugby League and the many tournaments that they hold year-round. Even though the Rugby League uses different rules than the Rugby Union does such as putting 13 players on each team instead of 15 players , it is still equally as fun to wager on and is even known to be the faster-paced of the two variations.

Just like in other sports we have covered , there are multiple bet types that you have to choose from when making a wager on a rugby game. Luckily, there are not nearly as many bet types in rugby betting as there are other sports have and the ones they do have are common basic bets that we have covered before in other sports betting articles. Nonetheless, before you decide to make a rugby wager it would be a good idea to first tackle the following thorough review on all the various rugby bet types that are available.

A bet that decides the winner between two teams in a specific rugby match is known as a match bet and it is one of the most basic rugby bets that you can make. If there is a tie where both teams have the same score then the bet is a push, but this is a pretty rare occurrence in rugby since it is such a high-scoring sport.

Generally, the sportsbook will list each side of a match bet next to their corresponding moneyline odds and these odds dictate how much money you will win if you choose the winning side. Any rugby team that has negative moneyline odds next to their name is going to be the favorite to win the match.

Conversely, the team which has positive moneyline odds next to their name is going to be the underdog to win the match. Much like spread bets in other major sports, a handicap bet in rugby gives a few extra points to the underdog of any given match in order to make the bet fair. The bigger the gap in skill level is between the two teams that are playing against each other, the bigger the handicap number will be.

For instance, if New Zealand is playing against England and they are listed as -4 favorites then they must beat England by at least 5 points for the bet to be a winner. If they win by exactly 4 points then the bet is a push and you will receive your money back. As far as payout odds are concerned, you will receive much more money when you bet on the favorite in each match with a handicap bet compared to a match bet due to the handicap spread that they must overcome.

Rugby games can last anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours so those who have a busy schedule and can only watch part of a match might be interested in half bets. These fairly self-explanatory bets allow you to wager on what outcome will occur during the specified period of time in a rugby game whether it be the first half or second half. It makes a big difference to the total game points. It is important to note that penalty goals are a long range scoring method.

It is possible for kickers to land penalty goals from halfway or even at times just inside their own half. Some teams prefer to take penalty shots and grab the three points instead of going for the less likely try and risking coming up empty.

Teams that favor penalty kicks tend to be lower scoring. For a more indepth look at betting on rugby you must check out our 13 rock solid wagering strategies to lift you rugby betting game. Well there is no clear answer here. There are many factors that contribute to how high or low scoring a game can be. That being said, there are some critical thresholds you need to be aware of when betting rugby game totals.

The higher the scoring the less individual totals are key numbers. For example if the total is posted above 50 points over 7 converted tries then the sheer number of variations to scoring means that any number could conceivably come up. At this point finding the best number by shopping around is your best strategy. Beware of poor weather. Inclement weather affects the flow of a rugby game and can change the way teams approach offense. Wet weather makes attacking rugby a challenge and therefore scoring can be lower.

The hook or half point is really a means to prevent the points total market finishing as a tie. It is in the best interests of the sportsbook to pay out the bet as they take a margin on the total handle. If the result is a push then all bets are refunded meaning no margin is taken.

As a rugby points total bettor it is smart to look for a half point that works off or under a key number in favor of the way you wish to bet. For example in a If the line was You need to be aware of when it will be played because it directly affects over and under betting.

It is typically only ever played in rugby during the knockout stages of tournament play or during playoffs finals. This certainly favors the under! If extra time or overtime is played then it will be included in totals betting. If you want a full list of rock solid Rugby wagering strategies you need to check out our comprehensive article.

It will pay dividends! There is a big difference between international rugby and domestic rugby. International rugby is all about pride and winning ugly is just as good as winning in style. Much like international soccer, international rugby can be a dour and grind it out type affair. Not always but often.

Domestic rugby is different. Most domestic rugby competitions reward teams for playing attacking running rugby. Teams that score four tries in a game are awarded bonus points in the overall standings. Teams that win by more than 7 points are awarded another bonus point. All this means domestic rugby game totals can be large as teams are encouraged to throw caution to the wind, play entertaining football and score more often. Points Totals in international rugby are often lower than domestic rugby, unless you have a powerhouse playing a minnow.

International rugby defense has less holes in it. Defensive line breaks are fewer and so scoring of tries is less regular. Rugby may seem strange for those new to this great game. The fact is while it may be strange, betting on it is not that difficult. Perhaps betting the over and under points totals is a great place to kick off your rugby betting experience. Brett Johns is a graduate of the esteemed Queensland University of Technology. His contributions draw on vast experience as an educator, accomplished coach, sports administrator, and long term sports bettor.

A native to Australia, Brett has an extensive global reach having resided in the UK for two years and spent time immersed in local culture across five continents including some of the great sporting pilgrimages. His truly unique insights provide essential reading. Why some teams are plus points and others are minus points. It can all get a little confusing. Skip to content. Of course it is! What is Rugby Totals Betting? Having said that, the regularity of scoring and the flow of the game are a little different so here is your cheat sheet: Mode of Scoring Points Value What actually is it?


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The league has 12 teams, 11 from England and 1 from France. The league is also called European Super League on European betting websites. The season is February to July. The teams play each other twice — home and away so they each play 23 games. After the 23 games have been played — the league positions decide what play-offs the teams qualify for. The top four then enter the play-off series leading to the Grand Final.

The bottom four teams play the top four Championship teams to decide which teams will play in the Super League the next season. Similar to the Super League but is based in Australia. It has 16 teams including one from New Zealand. The season runs from March to October. The teams play each other twice, home and away and the top 8 then play each other at the end of the season until the final. There are two stages, a group stage 5 groups of 4 teams and then a knockout stage — similar to the Champions League in soccer.

There are 20 teams. The teams qualify by their national league positions from England 6 teams , France 6 Teams and 7 teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The 20th team qualifies via a play-off. The season is played from September to May. Here are some of the more popular match market bets available for both Rugby Union and Rugby League:. First team to score points Last team to score points Will the first try be converted?

Online bookmaker offers many betting markets for both Rugby Union and Rugby League. RU and RL rule are slightly different, but most of the betting odds are same. There are plenty of handicap odds for matches, and sometimes you can find good value from them. William Hill is one of the top brand bookmaking company in the betting industry. Luckily for you, this table has the best online bookmakers for you to bet on rugby. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit.

Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. The bonus code MAX can be used during registration, but does not change the offer amount in any way. First bet must be on Sports. Payment restrictions apply. SMS validation may be required. Paypal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded. Free bets valid for 7 days on sports stake not returned, restrictions apply. William Hill. Exchange bets excluded.

Free bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned. Only deposits made using Cards or Apple Pay will qualify for this promotion. Rugby Union vs. Rugby League One of the most important factors you need to learn early on is what is the difference between the Rugby Union and the Rugby League. This is important so that you can bet on the games of your choice.

And, you do not want to place a bet on the wrong game! The Rugby Union and Rugby League operate under different rules. So, it is almost like they are two different sports. An explanation of the difference between the Rugby Union and Rugby League is below. In the Rugby Union, two teams consist of fifteen players each.

The game is eighty minutes long, comprised of two forty-minute halves. Both teams try to score the most points to win. However, the game is more complicated than just that. This is known as a conversion. Teams advance by moving forward while passing the ball backwards. The ball can be kicked in any direction. The team on defence will try to stop the forward momentum of the other team by tackling the offensive team. So, the basic principles of Rugby League and Rugby Union are the same.

However, the Rugby League games are known to run at a faster pace than the Rugby Union games. A field goal is worth one point in the Rugby League and three points in the Rugby Union. And, Rugby League games also are eighty minutes, consisting of two forty-minute halves, just like in the Rugby Union. However, the Rugby League teams consist of thirteen players as opposed to fifteen as in the Rugby Union. Another major differentiating factor between the two is rules that are enacted after a tackle is made.

In place of rucks and mauls, the attacking side will instead retain possession by rolling the ball back with their foot to a teammate. The Rugby Union imposes no limits for the time in possession. However, the Rugby League only allows the attacking team to be tackled a total of six times before they are required to turn over possession to the other team.

The Rugby League also has no line outs. So, that means that when the ball goes out of a play, the teams can contest a scrum. But, the basic rules and principles of the two games are the same. Another of the first things you need to know is how to understand rugby betting odds. When trying to bet on any sport, you will need to understand the betting odds that are listed. Then, you will be able to place an informed bet at the bookmaker. Any time you are betting on a sport, betting odds will be a factor.

Bookmakers have to list betting odds for bettors to know how much they stand to make from their wagers. So, when looking to bet on rugby, make sure you look at the rugby odds the match. Rugby odds on sportsbooks can be listed in multiple ways. Typically, you will find Rugby odds listed as Moneyline Odds. Once you find your rugby odds, you can calculate how much you stand to profit from any wager you place.

Now, once you figure out the betting odds, it is important to choose the type of bet you want to place. Rugby betting typically consists of a few types of bets. So, the most popular types of bets when betting on rugby are listed below. Outright Results Betting is one of the most common types of bets that you will see in any sport. If you are new to rugby betting, you may want to stick to this kind of bet.

So, an outright results bet is almost self-explanatory. With an outright results bet, you place a bet on the predicted outcome of a rugby match. In most cases, you will choose the team that you expect to win and place your money on them.

However, when points spread betting comes into play, this type of bet can get more complicated. You can look at the odds listed for both rugby teams to see which team is favoured to win. And then, using those odds, you can calculate how much you would stand to win if you place a wager on that team.

Now, this is where betting on rugby gets more complicated. An accumulator bet is when the profits from a first bet are then added to a second bet with the original stakes. If that bet wins, it is added to a third bet. And it keeps going like so. When you get to a five-bet accumulator, that is called a fivefold. Permutations allow for losses to occur as well. So, if one of your bets loses in the permutation, you can still win overall. Permutations are a more advanced sort of rugby bet.

A half time bet is also a pretty straight forward type of bet. It is different from an outright bet in one major way. And, that is that you will be placing your wager on who will be leading the game at half time. You can bet on the same team to win both halves if you wish, or a combination of both teams.

But, it is important to remember that just because a team is leading at half time, does not mean they will win the game. So, make sure you do your research before placing this type of bet. There are multiple types of Try Scorer bets that you can place. It all depends on the type that interests you. For instance, you can place a bet on the player you believe will score the most trys in the game.

You can also place other kinds of bets on players. You can place a bet on the player you think will be the first to score a try. So, you should do your research on the players before placing a try-scorer focused bet. Handicap betting can make games more interesting.

A bookmaker will give one team a handicap in a match to make the game more exciting to bet on. Handicap betting is typically used when one time has a significantly greater chance of winning a game. A handicap can be added to make the betting more even.

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Tip 3: Learn the Golf game — You will always be a more successful bettor the more you know about the sport you are betting. Take some time before you get started to learn how the game works and what kind of advantages you can develop when betting on Rugby. As already discussed, several different forms of Rugby are played around the world.

Always make sure you know which rules you are betting on and incorporate that knowledge into your handicapping. Tip 4: Get to know which bets you are good at — Like with many sports, Rugby has a fairly unique rule set, and you should develop your betting strategy with that in mind. American gridiron football would be the closest thing to Rugby.

A majority of online sportsbooks will accept the usual forms of digital payments. Other new options have been gaining popularity such as eWallets and Cryptocurrencies, but they are far from being the standard and are less common than the big three options below:. Credit Cards: The most common way that players can deposit right into their online sportsbook accounts.

Most of the major companies are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Remember that some credit card companies do not allow the cardholder to make purchases on sports betting or gambling sites, so be aware of any restrictions before trying to use that card.

Direct Bank Transfer: A bank transfer is a direct debit from your bank account and is just as fast as paying by credit card and generally has a higher success rate for transactions than credit cards as well. You may need to enter your bank account details, so have that information ready before trying to deposit. PayPal: PayPal is the premier site for transferring money online, but you need to sign up for an account and link it to a bank account before using it at any online sportsbook.

It is safe, trustworthy, and easy to use and has become increasingly used at online websites as payment. PayPal is great if you need to use different currencies as well. If you are just getting started with your online sportsbook and have some questions or concerns, you are not alone! Nearly every online sportsbook provides their customers with hour around the clock customer service.

Because online sportsbooks and online casinos are open 24 hours a day and seven days per week, there is always some form of customer service available via email, telephone, or an instant chat function. These customer service representatives can assist you with anything from deposit or withdrawal issues to questions about specific rugby-related bets. There are a few different variations of Rugby, which have slightly varying rules in each game.

For the most part, all of them include the same ball, and similar scoring methods called tries, although the number of points you receive may differ. We will go over each variation of Rugby below:. Rugby Union consists of two teams of 15 players on each side that play an minute game with two 40 minute halves. Teams make their way down the field by passing it backwards to each other, while the defending team attempts to tackle them. If the offensive team falls to the ground from a tackle, a ruck is made.

This is where players use their feet to try and gain control of the ball. Of course, the winning team has the most points at the end of the game. Rugby League is the faster-paced cousin of Rugby Union, even though it still takes the same amount of time to play a game. In League, there are 13 players on each side, which of course, makes for more room out on the pitch.

Trys are only worth four points in rugby league, but the two-point conversion still happens after every score. Unlike in Union, there are no rucks or mauls when a player is tackled, which can also account for the speedier game. In Union, there is no time limit for a team to advance across the pitch, but in League, if the offensive team is tackled six times, the ball changes possession to the other team.

There is also a drop goal or field goal after a try, which is worth one point in League, as opposed to three in Union. Rugby sevens use most of the rugby union rules, except that it is only seven players aside and each half is only seven minutes long, making for a very fast game. Sevens is growing in popularity worldwide, and the famous World Rugby Sevens Series has grown into a massive event each year. Rugby is similar to other team sports in that you are mostly betting on the outcome of the game and which team is victorious.

Of course, these odds will fluctuate depending on the perceived difference between the two teams in the matchup. The Moneyline bet is the simplest and most straightforward bet you can make on a game in any team sport. The Here is an example using the match above:. The winning margin for the England Vs. New Zealand game is points. If teams are less than 12 points apart at the end of the match, the bettor will win the bet.

If the total offered for a game is 50, a bettor will bet whether or not both teams will combine for over or under that 50 points number. Which Odds Do You Prefer? There are a few different types of betting odds that players can use, and it is completely up to personal preference and has no effect on the bets or the outcome of the bets. Keep in mind that they are not interchangeable as 2. Given the different rule variations of Rugby, there are organized professional and amateur organizations around the world.

Nearly every country has some sort of organized rugby league, but few stand out as the elite and premier leagues. Rugby union has several high-end professional leagues in countries all over the world. The official governing body of rugby union is the Rugby Football Union based in England. Rugby League has some other leagues that are equally as followed as the Rugby Union leagues. The official governing body of rugby league is the International Rugby League. Pick the Sport you want to bet on, learn the dynamics of the games, and tap into the best betting strategies developed over the years.

Can you build that elusive hot streak? American Football Guide. Football Guide. Basketball Guide. Baseball Guide. Hockey Guide. Rugby Guide. Boxing Guide. Rugby is one of the most physically demanding contact sports, played worldwide and enjoyed by millions of fans around the globe. Watching it can be tense and emotional, with the experience heightened further by the options which rugby betting offers.

Rugby is unique in its division into two codes; Rugby Union and Rugby League. Rugby Union originated in England in the early half of the 19th century, and quickly developed into a successful nationwide sport. Rugby League was born in the north of England towards the end of the century following a split from the Rugby Football Union, and soon grew in popularity as its rules changed to evolve the sport into a faster-paced and more relentless version of the game.

Both codes grew in popularity around the world, as the sport expanded from its birthplace in the Home Nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and spread to countries across Europe, as well as those that had an association with the British Empire, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Rugby union and rugby league purists will emphasise the differences between the two codes, but thanks to their shared origin there are many similarities.

A try is the main method of scoring and yields the highest number of points, with penalty and drop goals and conversions being the other manners in which players can score. The points awarded for each scoring method is a major differentiating factor between rugby union and rugby league, with another key variance being the number of players on each team; 15 in rugby union and 13 in rugby league.

Thanks to other differences, such as there being a line-out in rugby union but not in rugby league, and the process after a tackle is made, rugby league has less of a of stop-start element than rugby union which leads to the ball being in play for more minutes per game. There are a vast number of rugby bets that can be placed in both union and league, with one of the most popular being match betting. In this format, a punter will be on the outright result of a game, and with the high-scoring nature of rugby and the likelihood of a draw being so low, the odds often favour placing your bet on a win for one of the teams involved.

Longer odds for a draw infer a lower probability of a return. Handicap betting rugby is another format that can make odds more interesting in terms of potential returns when looking at the markets. This kind of bet is often best employed when there is a clear difference in skill level between two teams.