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Wurzweiler msw betting

Rabbi Rolle earned a B. She serves as an on-call chaplain at Stamford Hospital on a weekly basis. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. All rights reserved. Like this: Like Loading Rabbi Richard F. Address, D. Min, is the Founder and Director of www. What are your thoughts? Cancel reply. His seminal contributions on social work ethics will forever be recognized by the profession.

Martin Birnbaum. See page 6. Three new books of faculty are featured on the inside front Elsa Brenner cover of the Update and selected recent peer-reviewed articles appear on the Marcy Frank inside back cover. June Glazer I want to take this opportunity to thank Board of Governors member Elaine Lois Goldrich Schott and her husband, Rudy, for funding a new social action initiative that Helen Kuttner will highlight the role of social action in our curriculum and provide support for Melissa Payton faculty and student social action activities.

Esther Russell Our enrollment is steady, in spite of the growth in the number of local MSW Wurzweiler Update programs, with a diverse and academically superior entering class joining our is published once a year by Wurzweiler School of Social Work outstanding student body. Editorial contributions and submissions to Update are welcome. This publication accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manu- scripts or photographs.

All submissions are subject to editing and are used at the Sheldon R. Opinions expressed in this Dorothy and David I. Joel President, Yeshiva University. There is much to celebrate on the occasion of integrity, the importance of human relation- the 50th anniversary of our Wurzweiler School ships and professional competence has been of Social Work: a unique and vital mission, an increasingly ingrained in the curriculum, outstanding and prolific faculty, and an alumni research, and student activities of all our corps of over 6, highly skilled and trained schools.

The influence of Yeshiva University on cation. Wurzweiler and of Wurzweiler on YU has been profound. In turn, its commitment to service, Richard M. In a world where there is no social, economic or cultural norm, it is the social worker who is called upon more and more to make sense of the complexity we know as our global society. This is where the Wurzweiler School of Social Work stands out with its diverse student body, faculty and curriculum.

Together We live in a time of constant change and it with an exciting, devoted, and eclectic faculty who is the social worker who has the skills and have distinguished themselves way beyond the knowledge to guide the transition and help walls of Belfer Hall, they bring commitment and people adapt. In times of crisis or everyday life, intellect to the field of social work. The role The Wurzweiler environment provides an of the school today and in the future will evi- atmosphere of intimacy, where classmates dence the competence, professionalism, excite- know classmates and faculty know their stu- ment, and passion embraced by our students, dents—a place where active learning, steeped faculty and alumni.

We look forward to the next in values and ethics occurs. T his is a story with a happy ending, thanks to the interven- workers, a psychologist, a tions of a social worker. Irene, a year-old woman, doctor, a lawyer, and a rabbi. She had always been the life of the party, but mon sources of self-neglect the pain from a shoulder injury began to dampen her spirits.

Lustbader an elderly friend bought her meager supplies. Irene began told the audience of peo- to lose weight—so much so that her dentures no longer fit. Cardozo School smile? She isolated herself in her apartment. Outfitted with her new cane, Irene Others sources of self-neglect include ignorance, untreated became more interested in life.

She got her dentures relined, mental illness, and shame. Lustbader emphasized that for treatment to work, it socializing again. Irene eventually moved to an assisted-living must give the self-neglecting senior a sense of caring, hope, residence for low-income elders and lived another 10 years. But there are also ethical dilemmas involved. T wo well-known activists spoke about his head from Osama Bin Laden and the the many forms of human traffick- Al Qaeda network.

He United States. He did postdoctoral training in tives. He has also worked at the Jewish Education care and health care decision-making. Previously, he taught at Paul Baerwald School of University. Previously doctoral research at SUNY-Albany, on the effects of two an adjunct professor at Wurzweiler, organizational interventions on child welfare agency cli- and currently also a student in mate and workforce stability. She was also previously a in New York, where her duties included leading a mem- clinical consultant at St.

Speakers, films, group activities and facilitated group discus- sions create an open environment where the students and faculty can freely interact and ask questions. Common Day for Spring will focus on the area of social action. Students and faculty will examine various case studies of individuals, groups, and families, and identify the social problems reflected in these cases and how to address those problems.

Wiener In , Dr. Levy was health and mental health care pro- has worked to incorporate pediatric one of the three found- fessionals from across the tri-state area. HIV disease into the existing pediatric ing faculty members of The first keynote speaker, Arye oncology program at the National Wurzweiler School of Rubinstein, MD, chief of the division Cancer Institute for the past 20 years.

Social Work. He series of children with an professor at Wurzweiler and also served the school as associate dean and unexplained illness in , director of the symposium. His stamp is to Dr. Levy taught coined by him as Pediatric Ac- included Rozetta social group work and was recognized as a quired Immunodeficiency. Program, also presented. Schachne Dean, gave an update on Wurzweiler.

Victor B. More than people attended the convocation, which underscored the strong relationship that YU has formed with the people and government of Israel. Laura C. The program generated much interest from and discussion among faculty and students. Strug collected in interviews he conducted in the Nestor Sr. Lemkau, as United States. He was He settled in Washington, married and raised six children. Vicente [above left] is his youngest.

In January, Dr. Leff Presidential Fellow in the office of Sheldon R. Schachne Dean. The fellowship program was conceived by President Richard M. Joel and is now in its third year. Ackerman, who majored in psychology, says she chose to work at Wurzweiler because she is thinking of pursuing a career in social work or psychology.

What does she like best about Wurzweiler so far? A and community activism. He grew native of Dayton, Ohio, Mr. While coordinating a home- graduates and encourage everyone delivered meal program at the to write or call me. Miller discovered a passion for case work,. Martin Birnbaum, who focused programming in —06, retired as chair of the group work including a panel discussion on sequence in July.

Alumni will be culturally sensitive work with the able to present their practice as LGBTQ community and a presen- well as questions they encounter tation on human trafficking see during the course of their practice. News and Views section. Miller, adding that he sary—just suit up and show up!

Leading the Charge Sheldon R. Saul Andron, both with strong back- ring services to vulnerable populations. Part of our strategic plan—and accomplishments during your tenure? Jessica Strolin, a dynamic social work community. That, in turn, has young researcher from SUNY-Albany who enabled us to recruit quality applicants, who has an interest in cultural competence and choose Wurzweiler because of our curriculum is bilingual in Spanish and English, will and the research interests of our faculty.

Over a and mentor to our faculty. Samuel Belkin [president of Yeshiva good many years, we attracted large num- University when Wurzweiler was founded alumni to attend bers of students of African-American What role has the Board of Governors in ] did not want a model that would descent. They are now joined by an increas- played in this evolution?

So the school started as a Asian backgrounds. Our diversity among board has worked hand in hand with the school of group work and gradually added our Jewish students continues, from those administration and faculty on initiatives to case work and community social work. The tra- for our 5oth mainstream of life in the City. Norman and Nepal. Adrienne Asch, broaden. We have the first scholar-in-resi- How do you see the faculty profile What message do you want to send Millstein Professor of Ethics, who is a dence, Dr.

Michael Walzer, a professor of changing and growing over the next to alumni? Wurzweiler alumni should be proud of weiler, continues that tradition. The center coming for three days in Our success in recruiting Dr. Carmen Ortiz their school, their own achievements and brings together ethicists from across the Hendricks, a doctoral graduate of those of their fellow alumni, and the quality various divisions of the university, including How did this focus on ethics come to Wurzweiler, as associate dean and as a full of the faculty that they were exposed to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Ben- be at the heart of Wurzweiler?

The fact that we shifted the will have available to learn from. We Elchanan Theological Seminary, and Wurz- curriculum long before it became a popular administrative position of associate dean encourage them to support the school and weiler. It is an evolving enterprise. As we field within social work. Teicher, founding dean of Wurzweiler School of Social Work, recounts the early days of the school, from its creation in to his departure in I n , Dr.

Samuel Belkin, presi- were made for Sol Green to join us later. Field placements were readily dent of Yeshiva University, invited Student recruitment was difficult be- arranged since we planned to express me to come to New York to develop cause we had to tell candidates for our Jewish emphasis by concentrating what eventually became Wurzweiler admission that there was no guarantee initially on social group work.

We School of Social Work. The earliest we could receive community centers, which were large- emphasizing the preparation of stu- accreditation was May , just in time ly cooperative. Ours was somewhat differ- and the educational program.

Small classes and personal attention distinguished Wurzweiler from the start. We envisaged a time when we We expected them to challenge our con- would be extremely selective in admis- centration on social group work since, sions decisions and, indeed, in just a few to the best of our knowledge, no school years, only one out of seven candidates offering only social group work had was accepted.

We also decided that we been previously accredited. We also would base our admissions decisions worried that the visitors might question largely on the admissions interview that the four Jewish courses in our curricu- we required for all candidates. We were prepared to defend our A student signs up for the new School of Selecting from the function of uni- single emphasis on social group work Social Work in This was the height of chutz- ing the dissertation.

We wanted to be student- been in business since and was congratulated me. We were accredited! That was the text of the telegram I sent to the school. As for the extra Northern Rhodesia now Zambia and helping each student to get the most courses required of our students, we were at Bar Ilan University in Israel.

In- Four survived for brief periods; the long- review the progress of each student. They business for fifteen years. My objective quired for students to enter the second urged us to consider the Graduate was to survive for at least fifteen years. Documents were tory. The correct- assiduously prepared and we steeled In May , I flew to San Francisco ness of my decision is attested to by the ourselves for the site visiting team that where the Accrediting Commission was fact that we are now happily celebrating came to look us over in January I waited outside the door just the 50th anniversary of Wurzweiler.

As chairperson of the group work sequence at Wurzweiler from to , Martin Birnbaum, PhD left , was uniquely placed to watch its growth. Birnbaum, who was the Beate as a result of studying group work. He reflects here ing a choice of methods to study in virtue of the commonality and on developments in group work edu- the second year.

Latanya Bispham mutuality that exists among them. We needed to explain riculum is field instruction. How- field practice. The first semester the difference between working with ever, a national problem is that many assignment was to develop a state- groups and doing group work, and to field instructors lack formal train- ment of group purpose for a field point out that working with groups ing in group work. Students often work group. We demon- pose and on the necessary steps for ferent group types and populations.

Second, Wurzweiler offered train- is based upon a theoretical founda- To help remedy this limitation, I ing and provided educational mate- tion requiring knowledge of group undertook two initiatives. First, I rials to field instructors to strengthen dynamics, systems theory, and organized the curriculum to start group work field instruction.

Jay Sweifach and plished, is to select and train group Dr. Shantih Clemans, the acting chairs work alumnae as field instructors. Students received challenging task as turnover in the field group process leads to mutual aid and instruction about purposeful sessional today is very rapid.

I am also striving to how leadership can emerge from the endings and were encouraged to apply get lay boards to understand the needs group. Martin Birnbaum emphasized of Jewish professionals. Our sional development. I co-authored three nar for group work students placed in focus for is continuing to educate articles with Dr.

Martin Birnbaum that JCCs. We established a Committee to staff about group work practice and address group work theory and practice. Bessie the Advancement of Social Work substance abuse treatment. School of Social Work receives. In fact, visors; and with Dr. LaPorte on the with mostly female survivors of rape, Wurzweiler remains one of only four implementation of group work mod- domestic violence and child sexual schools in the United States to offer alities with Orthodox Jewish women abuse, she observed the benefits the group work concentration, says in domestic violence groups.

Sweifach says. Sweifach dents. I am hope- ment approaches, such as survivor Birnbaum, PhD, and Dr. School named Wurzweiler School of Social Work to honor a. Before ethics became a fashionable values in-depth, organizing them topic for social workers and acade- into a typology of three groups. He Dr. He took over the eastern United States. While other social work schools field of ethics when he published a teach ethics as part of the curricu- paper in Families in Society about his Dr.

Levy was at the forefront of lum, Wurzweiler is one of the few work helping a Baltimore agency teaching and writing about ethics. Frederick J. In the late s, Milstein Professor of Bioethics, who Linzer says. Linzer went on to publish two capped newborns.

Later, he and the books about ethics in social work, late Margaret Gibelman, professor at Dr. Gibelman, on interest is at stake, particularly in research misconduct. William A. Solomon H. Green appointed acting dean appointed acting dean.

Since Wurzweiler opened its doors fifty years ago, and more recently since the inception of the Certificate Program in Jewish Communal Service in , a steady stream of graduates have filled key positions at Jewish community organizations across North America, securing the role of social work in these fast-changing agencies.

Levy will focus on the Vice president, Jewish Renaissance of eight students—responded to the area of family systems; Dr. Andron and Renewal Pillar, United Jewish expressed need of Jewish organiza- on organizational structure. My understanding of and world, Dr. Linzer explains that the community services and government competence in organizational Certificate Program was created relations, Jewish Federation of dynamics, social conflict, and com- specifically to provide that addi- Metropolitan Chicago, IL munity building was deepened in tional knowledge.

I have been able to take the lead in is the only program that fully inte- Ours is a tradition of social justice— international issues related to Jewish grates the two. Jewish Family Services my responsibilities at my workplace, Director and chief executive officer, and vocational services demand the Jewish Federation. It was a turning Executive vice president, United of that data so that it would be easier point in my life.

Many other was a revelation. And climate, the role of interest groups, camaraderie and warmth between with the Professional Leaders Project, how to mobilize, and how to encour- the [then] small student body and we came up with a national initiative age people. Sheldon R. Norman Linzer Dr. Samuel M. Goldstein appointed dean appointed acting dean Schachne Dean. Sweifach, who worked as to maintain a social work presence director of youth services for 10 in agencies such as JCCs.

Despite the existence of a post-graduate Gerontology Institute at the school from to , a study by faculty in the late s showed that many alumni had little knowledge of the field. Today, faculty, students, and alumni are leading the way in raising awareness on issues of aging. Hartford alumni study with Charles Auer- Washington, Inc. My Caputo, PhD, director of the doctoral been led by Dr. Celia Weisman, was Wurzweiler field assignments gave program, and Dr.

Mason, are help- headed for dissolution due to a lack me contacts that led to my first job ing to infuse aging-related content of interest. Weisman had retired, at the agency I now lead. Follow- open on the weekend. People have ing in Dr. Bendor for students to work with the active says. As many sites Susan Mason, PhD, and David Strug, did not have an MSW-level social PhD, are now researching whether worker to supervise students, she these graduates are still working helped hire a roving supervisor, paid with the elderly.

On its 40th anniversary, Wurzweiler is presented examining Black-Jewish issues,. This has enabled me to enjoy a strong leadership position at Jewish Home and Hospital. Mellor, a fellow of the Gerontological Society students interested in working with ges of Older Persons: Combining of America who recently co-edited older people.

Mason, chair of the curricu- ing, but we have to keep working lum committee, views this effort as on it—we have to think of it as a Dr. Five recent based practitioner. Jackson, Sr. If you can intended for seniors. Transition Team. Washington Senior Center. Somewhere, Celia Weisman is smiling.

Gerontology is also one has already been published in The be focusing on the needs of our of the symposia themes being Journal of Gerontological Social Work. Sheraton New York. T he culmination of our golden anniversary celebration will 7th Avenue at 53rd Street be marked by a major professional social work conference New York, NY in New York City. We invite your submission in our Call for Special room reservation rates are Papers. E-mail wsswabstract yu. Join your classmates in this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to pay tribute to the school where you cmmiller yu.

Heidi Heft LaPorte and Dr. Jay Sweifach, assistant professors. Featuring remarks by founding dean Morton Teicher and Dr. Susan Bendor. Sam Goldstein, December 6, former dean; Dr. Elsbeth Couch, former professor; and Dr. Gelman, Dorothy and David I.

Morton Teicher, founding dean; and Dr. Norman Linzer, Samuel J. Alumni cocktail reception to follow. Yeshiva University President Richard M. Joel will deliver greetings. Simone Gordon, adjunct assistant professor, and Dr. Carmen Ortiz Hendricks, associate dean.

Alumni reception to follow. Alumni conference featuring Dr. Morton Teicher, founding dean, speaks about the history of Wurzweiler at lunch reception. June , Dr. Sol Green, former Wurzweiler faculty, will be honored. This fund is vital to the school. Gifts of any amount will be truly appreciated. Use the accompanying envelope to make your contribution. We look forward to your participation in this historic event! Contact Leslie Waltzer Pollak, director of institutional advancement, at or Mark Miller, director of alumni relations, at for more information.

Your contribution has helped our students to become some of the most well-respected practitioners, researchers, and educators in the world. Social Action Project If you would like to support any of the funds below, or desire additional information, please contact Leslie Waltzer Pollak, director of institutional advancement, at or lpollak yu. Maurice B. Krueger Scholarship Simon Gold Scholarship ularly the first-year practice courses. Harvey M. Martin Prince action.

All students will be encouraged Daniel N. Henry Voremberg Endowed Scholarship Dr. Minces Memorial Memorial Scholarship their personal and collective goals. Schachne William E. Assistant Secretary. Atran, an entrepre- David I.

Alpert for ultra-Orthodox Jewish women up in the socialist revolution, joining Edward Anfang and children—spoke at Wurzweiler the Bund, a Jewish socialist group. Froma Benerofe, MSW about a little-known topic. Chapnick the Atran Foundation, whose generous takeover. Goodkin four decades has ensured that the Atran partner in Belgium, France, and Lecture Series deepens and enriches Luxembourg. Richard M.

The foundation provided a Ira Kukin anniversary of the establishment of the framework for his continued Robin Hirtz Meltzer, PhD lecture series at the school. Rosenbaum David I. Schott, MSW said. Morry J. Thank you to our alumni Mrs. Robert H. Jay D. Edward N. Debbie J. Eric M. Arline N. Andrea C. Josephs Family Limited Mrs. Stephen M. Esther S. Toby M. Edward Anfang Ms.

Gwendolyn C. Carmeta V. Herbert Barbanel Jeannette Mr. John P. Marilyn R. Helen L. Barron Charitable Trust Mrs. Cheryl Silver Ms. Joseph Bartlett Mr. Andrew Benerofe Mrs. Arthur M. Julie K. Martin Birnbaum Ms. Donna B. Arnold Penner and Ms. Barbara P. Madaleine Berley Mrs. Oluwakemi O. Alan M. Nicola Binglano Dr. Mark J. Leslie R. Naomi S. Eugene L. Bodian Mrs. Elizabeth M. Robin M. Joan G.

Leonard N. Brown Ms. Gillian D. Joan K. Sara J. Irving Burkhoff Mrs. Marcia B. Cohen Channel Ms. David B. Chapnick Ms. Lynn C. Yocheved S. Sari F. Jeffrey M. Madeleine L. Dale Rev. Robert J. Howard M. Aviva B.

Zvi S. Areyeh Edelman Ms. Judy S. Gavriel Fagin Ms. Diane E. William Farmen Mr. Peter H. Eve S. Loraine C. Alan I. Warren A. Yona I. Sue E. Daniel T. Forman Ms. Gary L. Herbert S. Gelman Mr. Martin A. The Gill Family Trust Ms. Jane K. Julia B. Jill M. Ira J. Ralph I. Elana R. Philip Goodkin Ms. Norma S. Margarita M. Todd L. Bertha A. Patricia E. Graydon Mrs. Laurel R. Frances Harris Dr. Rosalie J. Madeline C. Sylvia D. Charles S. Harold A. Shulamis W.

Yuditha R. Joseph M. Stewart M. Jewish Federation of Greater Mrs. Shea Z. Terri K. Mary L. Sara M. Ruth S. Stuart D. Pat K. Kobes Ms. Nancy E. Rose S. Stuart J. Harvey Krueger Ms. Roberta I. Gene M. Emil Lax Mrs. Lorraine J. June M. Linden Dr. Norman Linzer Mr. Gary P. Gabrielle D. Beth P. Stacie A.


In this podcast, Rabbi Address speaks with Gary L. Gary L. His interests include palliative and end-of-life care, bioethics, health care policy and practice, social policy, disability, elder care, and LGBT issues. International Observatory for End of Life Care. Stein was formerly the Executive Director of New Jersey Health Decisions, where he was responsible for developing projects to improve end-of-life care, promote more informed medical decision-making, and foster citizen involvement in healthcare and bioethics issues.

Stein appeared on the Seekers of Meaning Podcast in August You can hear that conversation here. She developed a premarital education program, The Aleph Bet of Marriage , for Jewish couples contemplating marriage that has been utilized across North America, counseled and facilitated groups for interfaith couples, and facilitated groups for couples considering conversion. A little more than a year ago, based on her congregational and chaplaincy experiences, she created a company with a new model for serving older adults, Senior Concierge Services.

The aim is to support older adults in remaining as independent as possible where they live, specifically by providing hard-to-find services that are not readily available in our community. Rabbi Rolle earned a B. A graduate of Michlala's overseas program, Mrs. Blank has received numerous academic awards. Originally from New York, my family and I moved to Israel in the summer of I went to Shaalvim for two years and have basically never left.

After moving to Israel I continued to visit Shaalvim on a frequent basis. This past summer I graduated with a Masters in Social Work. Rabbi Yakov Haber is known for the clarity of presentation and dynamic teaching style that he brings to his in-depth halacha shiurim. Rabbi Haber, his wife and children made aliya in and live in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He holds a B. Hilewitz has taught at Manhattan Day School and Manhattan High School, and has been teaching chumash and machshava in various Jerusalem seminaries for the last 13 years.

Hilewitz has also served on the editorial staff at Jewish Action magazine and Judaica Press, and does professional Hebrew-English translations. Hilewitz has been part of Shaalvim for Women since its inception. There he studied for two and a half years, where he began to develop his love for Torah and Eretz Yisrael.

Rav Hutt then made aliyah with his wife in , and has been teaching in Shaalvim For Men since then. There he has served as a shiur assistant, Mashpia, and is currently a Bekius Ram for the first year students. Shaalvim For Women was delighted to welcome Rav Hutt to their staff in to share with our students his enriching classes.

Most recently Rav Hutt founded and manages Hakol Torah, an international organization that promotes and incentivizes learning Torah on Shabbos Kodesh. She was previously the rakezet of the shana bet program in SFW and is currently a mechanechet for shana aleph where she helps her students navigate the challenges and growth opportunities that they encounter in their year in Israel. Rabbi Knapel is known for both his fascinating and inspiring shiurim as well as his easy approachability and warmth.

He lives in Beit Shemesh with his family. He began his study at Yeshivat Har Etzion in the mid 70's, and has served as a "rebbe" at the Yeshivah since the mid 80's. His weekly essays on Parshat Ha'shavua, read by literally thousands of subscribers world wide, introduce a vibrant analytical approach to thematic study of the Tanach and reflect over twenty-five years of experience as a teacher.

He also lectures regularly in Jewish communities and on college campuses throughout North America. Alexis is originally from Manchester, England. She studied for her first degree in Michlala Jerusalem where she received a B. Alexis also has a Masters in Jewish Philosophy from Herzog College, where she received the department's scholarship for academic excellence.

Since coming to Israel, she has worked in a number of different seminaries in various capacities, including madricha and teacher. Peters Simi has an M. Simi has been involved in adult Jewish education for women since making aliya in She lives with her family in Jerusalem.

After making aliyah to Ramat Bet Shemesh in , he started teaching at a number of seminaries and yeshivot. Rav Rafi is also a director of the popular Summernary learning program. Rabbi Schenkolewsky serves on several rabbinical courts and has published numerous articles. A highly versatile educator who has taught the full range of Jewish subjects, Rabbi Schenkolewsky is best known as one of Israel's leading Tanach scholars. Rabbi Gidon Schneider brings a broad range of perspectives and opinions to his shiurim, culled from his experiences in a variety of educational institutions.

During this time he also received a Masters in Jewish Education through the Azrieli Graduate School and a certificate through the Puah Institute studying the interplay between Halacha and Fertility. Rav Ezra Shapiro learned in Yeshivat Sha'alvim from at which point he joined Tzahal in the framework of the Machal program. He completed a B. In Rav Ezra was appointed mashgiach of the second year students at Yeshivat Sha'alvim and through his wisdom, warmth and devotion he has helped so many of SFW students maximize their potential while effectively preparing for life after seminary.

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I am deeply thankful to our task force members and all who supported them for their tireless work in addressing the myriad details involved in bringing students back to campus and restarting our educational enterprise. In concert with the recommendations from our task force, I am announcing today that our fall semester will reflect a hybrid model.

It will allow many students to return in a careful way by incorporating online and virtual learning with on-campus classroom instruction. It also enables students who prefer to not be on campus to have a rich student experience by continuing their studies online and benefitting from a full range of online student services and extracurricular programs.

In bringing our students back to campus, safety is our first priority. Many aspects of campus life will change for this coming semester. Gatherings will be limited, larger courses will move completely online. Throughout campus everyone will need to adhere to our medical guidelines, including social distancing, wearing facemasks, and our testing and contact tracing policies. Due to our focus on minimizing risk, our undergraduate students will begin the first few weeks of the fall semester online and move onto the campus after the Jewish holidays.

This schedule will limit the amount of back and forth travel for our students by concentrating the on-campus component of the fall semester to one consecutive segment. Throughout our planning, we have used the analogy of a dimmer switch. Before our semester begins, we will provide more updates reflecting our most current guidance. Please check our website, yu. We understand that even after reading through this guide, you might have many additional questions, so we will be posting an extensive FAQ section online as well.

Additionally, we will also be holding community calls for faculty, students, staff and parents over the next couple of months. Planning for the future during this moment has certainly been humbling. This Coronavirus has reminded us time and time again of the lessons from our Jewish tradition that we are not in full control of our circumstances. But our tradition also teaches us that we are in control of our response to our circumstances. Next semester will present significant challenges and changes.

There will be some compromises and minor inconveniences--not every issue has a perfect solution. But faith and fortitude, mutual cooperation and resilience are essential life lessons that are accentuated during this period. And if we all commit to respond with graciousness, kindness, and love, we can transform new campus realities into profound life lessons for our future.

Deeply rooted in our Jewish values and forward focused in preparing for the careers and competencies of the future, we journey together with you, our Yeshiva University community, through these uncharted waters. Next year will be a formative year in the lives of our students, and together we will rise to the moment so that our students will emerge stronger and better prepared to be leaders of the world of tomorrow.

Our programs emphasize academic excellence and challenge our students to achieve greatness. We also offer generous scholarships, convenient payment options and financial aid for students. Early applicants receive priority scholarship consideration. We take a personalized approach to education. Students of our program benefit from small and nurturing classroom settings, individualized mentoring, and supervised fieldwork opportunities.

This allows students to collaborate closely with one another and with faculty members, creating long-lasting bonds for their professional life and beyond. Our graduates have gone on to become distinguished leaders in social work, academia, the Jewish community and beyond. Our various programs offer multiple career opportunities for students in social work, healthcare administration, substance abuse aid, community service, research, health education and more.

For over 60 years, Wurzweiler School of Social Work has been a leader in social work education, creating positive change in the world, with a focus on cultural responsiveness, social justice and human transformation. Ranked top among the nation, our graduate programs will help you advance your career, develop new skills and make an impact on society. One program will cover teaching students with disabilities from birth to grade 2; the second, grades 1—6.

Graduates will be awarded a Master of Arts and be prepared for their initial certification exam as well as their certification in special education. Each program will focus on developing the skills to teach children who require specialized support. The curriculum includes courses in childhood development, pedagogical practice, differentiated instruction and inclusive practices.

Joan Rosenberg, founding director of the program. The programs are open to individuals just entering the field as well as experienced teachers who want to become certified to teach special education. Danielle Wozniak, the Dorothy and David I. Schachne Dean of Wurzweiler, is especially excited to offer existing teachers the opportunity to advance their careers in education as well as improve their earning potential.

This is a place for you to discuss your passion for social work, and what led you to pursue this field. It should demonstrate strong self-awareness of both your strengths and your limitations. Social workers must be consummate communicators, so this is an opportunity for you to show off the skills you've developed as a writer. Maybe you're a better talker than a writer, and that's okay. Still, your personal statement is going to be written and read. Now is not the time to let grammar, spelling, or style slide.

When proofreading, consider the following:. As you enter the application process, it's important to have resources and a sounding board. Get in touch with an Admissions Advisor and get ready to take a big first step toward your world-changing career in social work. Request Info.

Apply Now. But before you can even take that step, you have to get accepted to an MSW program. As with any application, you'll have to take care that your application materials show that you are smart and well-prepared to face the challenges both of a master's program and your eventual career.

Here are some tips for crafting your submission so that you stand out amongst others applying for an MSW. Become our greatest service to the world. Why are you interested in earning an MSW? Advance my career. Switch to a new career path. Develop my skills. What program are you interested in? General-Track MSW. Who is this brochure for? Text input field.