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Fotos mauro betting carecard

Immunization Schedules for Preteens and Teens. Preventing Ticks on Your Pets. For current Poisonous Plants. Department of Agriculture Many native and exotic plants are poisonous to humans when ingested or if Fertility Clinic Success Rates. If you have HIV, it is important to Depression Treatment.

The following questions may help you determine if Enterobiasis Pinworm Infection : Prevention and Control. In institutions, day care centers, and schools, control of pinworm can be difficult, but mass drug Body Lice Prevention and Control. Riot Control Agents. Scabies: Prevention and Control.

Institutional outbreaks can be difficult to control and require a rapid, aggressive, and sustained response. Cholera Prevention and Control. Pubic "Crab" Lice Prevention and Control. FastStats: Viral Hepatitis. Morbidity Number of new hepatitis A cases: 1, Number of new Cryptococcosis C.

Pacific Northwest. People can become infected with C. Heads Up to High School Sports. Specific Concussion Information for Muscular Dystrophy: Data and Statistics. Data from the MD Plague Maps and Statistics. Mold: Cleanup and Remediation. FastStats: Home Health Care. Zika Virus. Pregnant women Areas with Microcephaly and Other Birth Defects: Zika. Congenital Zika Syndrome Congenital Zika syndrome is a unique pattern Zika - Sexual Transmission and Prevention.

A Workshop on Heterogeneous Computing. In , he joined the Laboratorio Nacional de Informatica Avanzada PubMed Central. Biochemical characterization of a phosphinate inhibitor of Escherichia coli MurC. The compound exhibits mixed-type inhibition with respect to all three enzyme substrates ATP, UNAM , Ala , suggesting that this compound forms dead-end complexes with multiple enzyme states.

The potent binding affinity observed in the presence of ATP is consistent with the inhibitor design and the proposed Ordered Ter-Ter mechanism for this enzyme; however, the additional binding pathways suggest that the inhibitor can also serve as a product analogue. We thank Blanca Itzel Taboada for Box , The software of the system assists the expert biotechnologist during cell proliferation and.

The year solar radiation rhythm and the North Atlantic Oscillation during the last two centuries. The study is based on a historical chronology of freezing events in central Europe during the last years river Rhine Sirocko et al. These regions display both significant similarities with extremely cold winters in central Germany for the years , , , , , , , and , as well as regional differences in timing and severity of cold winters. The statistical analysis of all 92 historical freezing events showed that 80 events occurred during a negative NAOwinter phase.

The bootstrap test defined the results as extremely significant. To understand the climatic forcing behind the freezing chronology the NAO data set was smoothed by a three point running mean filter and compared with the year cyclicity of the sunspot numbers. A complete NAO cycle can be observed within each solar cycle back to and from to From to the correlation between the Sun and NAO was weak.

Statistical test for the coherence of the entire years are insignificant. However, the relation is highly significant, if only the intervals from to and to are analysed. However, the NAO is the dominating mediator to implement a solar component into the. Juan Carlos D'Olivo: A portrait.

Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituu. Postbus AE Debilt Netherlands. Analyzes political tensions related to student strikes at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM , , which were sparked by proposed tuition fees.

Discusses conflict between social justice sentiments focused on free and egalitarian access to higher education versus market-driven views promoting selective, competitive higher…. Despite the increasing clinical importance of PCT the knowledge about its Likewise, Varicella -zoster virus strongly mechanism of action. The relationship between the authoritarian state and higher education in Mexico is examined in this case study.

Focus is on the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM since it receives 40 percent of the federal budget for higher education, which makes it a prime example of autonomy within an authoritarian political system. Using three…. Psychology in Mexico. The modern psychology from Europe and the US in the late 19th century were the primary influences of Mexican psychology, as well as psychoanalysis and both clinical and experimental….

Impelled by Mexican reality, where university-industry interactions and the institutions themselves operated within a governmental…. Interdisciplinary Education and Research in Mexico. In this article we discuss interdisciplinary teaching and research in Latin America through the lens of Mexican perspectives, in particular the experiences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM.

The history of these experiences goes back to the creation of the frst interdisciplinary education programs in Mexico in the s and…. Transmission of Mumps. Facts about Birth Defects. When the bacteria invade the body, they produce a poison toxin that causes painful muscle contractions. How does the Children's Mental Health. Children with Diagnosed Anxiety A Brief Intro Protect yourself. Diphtheria Diagnosis and Treatment.

Doctors usually decide if a person has diphtheria by looking for common signs and symptoms. They can use a swab from the back of the throat Mol, Clifford D. UDP-N-acetylmuramic acid:l-alanine ligase MurC catalyzes the addition of the first amino acid to the cytoplasmic precursor of the bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan. An active enzyme structure is thus assembled at the common domain interfaces when all three substrates are bound. These results indicate that significant diversity exists in binding of the UDP moiety of the substrate by MurC and the subsequent ligases in the bacterial cell wall biosynthesis pathway and that alterations in the domain packing and tertiary structure allow the Mur ligases to bind sequentially larger UNAM peptide substrates.

Crystal structures of active fully assembled substrate- and product-bound complexes of UDP-N-acetylmuramic acid:L-alanine ligase MurC from Haemophilus influenzae. UDP-N-acetylmuramic acid:L-alanine ligase MurC catalyzes the addition of the first amino acid to the cytoplasmic precursor of the bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan. The MurC active site clearly shows that the gamma-phosphate of AMPPNP is positioned between two bound metal ions, one of which also binds the reactive UNAM carboxylate, and that the alanine is oriented by interactions with the positively charged side chains of two MurC arginine residues and the negatively charged alanine carboxyl group.

The original goal of our work was to measure. With PIV, the velocity field of a supersonic flow produced by the discharge of air through a 4mm cylindrical nozzle. The results were superposed to a shadowgraph and combined with previous density measurements made with a Rayleigh scattering technique. The idea was to see if there were any changes in the flow field, close to the high density areas near the shocks.

Shadowgraphs were made with and without seeding particles, spheres of titanium dioxide. Surprisingly, it was observed that the flow structure with particles was shifted in the direction opposite to the flow with respect to the flow structure obtained without seeds. This result might contradict the belief that the seeding particles do not affect the flow and that the speed of the seeds correspond to the local speed of the flow.

CO2 variability from in situ and vertical column measurements in Mexico City. UNAM started a program to measure, among many other atmospheric parameters, greenhouse gas concentrations at six stations in the Mexican territory as part of the "Red Universitaria de Observatorios Atmosfericos", RUOA www. In this work we present recent time series of CO2 measured at the station located in the university campus in Mexico City, and compare them to total vertical columns of this gas measured at the same location.

In situ measurements are continuously carried out with a cavity ring-down spectrometer Picarro Inc. The retrieval method is described and results of the comparison of both techniques and a detailed analysis of the variability of this important greenhouse gas is presented. Simultaneous surface and column CO2 data are useful to constrain models and estimate emissions. Santander-Garcia, M. Therefore, the first projects and papers were mainly dedicated to astronomical instruments.

After sometime, other projects started other areas of Optics as for example the production of He-Ne gas lasers, thin films deposits, experiments in holography, programs for general optical design, and theory and experiments for testing optical components and instruments. Report Recommended Accelerograms for Earthquake Ground Motions.

Rodolfo H. Mexico Prince, Jorge at al. The recent Mexican Guerrero data is a welcome exception to this generalization. Few calculations were required for. Sierpinski and Carmichael Numbers. Respondents should be aware that notwithstanding any. The academic activities are carried out by students and teachers of the region, and have been organized by UNAM.

The cultural and commercial activities are selected among those typical of each place and carried out under the direction of local authorities, with the participation of their inhabitants. Contribution No. In the molecule of the title compound, C 13 H 18 O 3 , there is a syn relationship between the two vicinal methyl groups. The six-membered ring adopts a chair conformation, with one equatorial and two axial groups, and the furyl group is almost parallel to the ketone group.

Intermolecular hydrogen bonds [O[bond]H O[double bond]C 2. City Josd Rdamier and R. Reynolds Quantum University, Provo, UT J. Fernando Cano Valle. Our President Dr. Graue indicated that Dr. List of Participants. A plan to study the total cross section for the13C d, p 14C nuclear reaction has been developed for energies in the center-of-mass frame between and keV. One of the main goals is to study the performance of the LEMA- UNAM facility in the cross section measurement in comparison with other data reported in the literature, measured by other techniques.

In this work we present the current status of these studies. The relevance of the13C d, p 14C reaction in the study of compound nucleus formation as well as in some astrophysics scenarios, and the importance of the development of the AMS technique to measure cross sections of nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest in Mixico are also discussed.

Gonzalez-Esparza, A. Recent modifications of the Civil Protection Law in Mexico include now specific mentions to space hazards and space weather phenomena. During the last few years, the UN has promoted international cooperation on Space Weather awareness, studies and monitoring. The UNAM has the experience of operating several critical national services, including the National Seismological Service SSN ; besides that has a well established scientific group with expertise in space physics and solar- terrestrial phenomena.

The project combines a network of different ground instruments covering solar, interplanetary, geomagnetic, and ionospheric observations. The SCIESMEX has already in operation computing infrastructure running the web application, a virtual observatory and a high performance computing server to run numerical models.

Enhancing dendritic cell immunotherapy for melanoma using a simple mathematical model. The immunotherapy using dendritic cells DCs against different varieties of cancer is an approach that has been previously explored which induces a specific immune response.

The model is a five delay differential equation DDEs which represents a simplified view of the immunotherapy mechanisms. The model is validated comparing the computer simulation results with biological trial results of the immunotherapy developed by the research group of UNAM.

The results of the growth of tumor cells obtained by the control immunotherapy simulation show a similar amount of tumor cell population than the biological data of the control immunotherapy. This allowed us to use the model as a framework to test hypothetical treatments. The numerical simulations suggest that by using more doses of DCs and changing the infusion time, the tumor growth decays compared with the current immunotherapy.

By using this mathematical model it is possible to simulate the growth of the tumor cells with or without immunotherapy using the infusion protocol of the UNAM researchers, to. The Terminal Cretaceous Chicxulub Impact Crater had a strong control on the depositional and diagenetic history of the northern Yucatan Platform during most of the Cenozoic Era.

The Chicxulub Sedimentary Basin henceforth Basin , which approximately coincides with the impact crater, is circumscribed by a concentration of karstic sinkholes known as the Ring of Cenotes. Santa Elena Depression henceforth Depression is the name proposed for the bowl-shaped buried feature, first contoured by geophysical studies, immediately south of the Basin, in the area where the Ticul 1 and UNAM 5 wells were drilled.

Lithologic, petrographic, and biostratigraphic data on PEMEX, UNAM , and ICDP cores show that: 1 Cenozoic deposits are much thicker inside the Basin than inside the Depression, 2 in general, the Cenozoic formations from inside the Depression are the thickest among those outside the Basin, 3 variably dolomitized pelagic or outer-platform wackestone or mudstone occur both inside the Basin and Depression, 4 the age of the deeper-water sedimentary carbonate rocks is Paleocene-Eocene inside the Basin and Paleocene?

The depositional environments that are proposed for explaining the Cenozoic facies succession within the Santa Elena Depression are: 1 deeper marine water Paleocene? The goal of this study is to provide a model that can be used by the near real-time earthquake response system operated by the Institutes of Engineering and Geophysics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM , which delivers estimates of key information associated with the societal impact due to earthquakes not available in the immediate aftermath of the event.

Correlations of MMI and IGMP have been derived in other countries with different tectonic settings and built environments, but this is the first study devoted to the development of equations for the central region of Mexico. For each instrumental observation we assigned a mean MMI intensity based on the proximity of the site where reported value are available, constrained by geological conditions and a visual inspection to guarantee that the intensity would be within one unit of the assigned value; following the procedure by Atkinson and Kaka In addition, we analyzed the Mw and distance dependence.

We concluded that pgv and the spectral accelerations are the most useful IGMP predictors for MMI in the region of interest and the correlations differ significantly from those obtained in regions with other tectonic settings and infrastructure vulnerabilities e.

Wald et al, ; Atkinson. Education of volcanic hazards is a never-ending task in countries where volcanoes erupt very frequently as they do in the Latin American region LAR. Eleven countries in the LAR have active volcanoes within their territories and some volcanoes are located in between countries so the volcanic hazards associated to the eruption of those volcanoes affect more than one country.

Besides, countries without volcanoes within their territory i. Belize, Honduras or Brazil can be impacted as well. Personnel working at several volcano observatories in the LAR need training in Volcanology and, more importantly, in Volcanic Hazards. Unfortunately, Volcanology is a discipline that is not taught at universities of some countries. Even worse, Earth Sciences are not even taught at high education centers in some countries of the LAR.

Thus, there is an important need for the acquisition of volcanological knowledge by the personnel working at volcano observatories but there are no possibilities for them to study at their countries or they are impended for travel abroad for training.

Here, Reflections on the course, the opportunities sparkled, the educational tools, benefits, statistics and virtues of the course are presented. A student-led volunteer astronomical club has been created, the biggest in Mexico. We serve over 10, people per year. We have created public outreach activities for the general audience: archeo-astronomical outings, scientific movie debates, conferences, courses, public telescope viewings.

We have also worked with juvenile delinquents to offer them scientific opportunities when released from jail. I've also created and worked the social media for the Institute of Astronomy UNAM , which is currently the biggest social media site on astronomy in Spanish in the world.

I've created and organized a mass photo exhibition over 1 million people served for the Institute of Astronomy, UNAM which was citizen-funded through an online platform, the first of its kind in the country. Together with my colleages, we created workshops on astronomy for children with the Mexican's government funding.

I am currently applying all experiences to develop a new public outreach project on astronomy for the University of California - Riverside and its on-campus and surrounding Latin American communities. We are offering new workshops for blind and deaf children. We want to integrate the Latino community to our outreach activities and offer science in their language in a simple and entertaining fashion.

We have also successfully applied astrophotography as a course which brings social-science and arts undergraduate students into natural sciences. Sharing experiences, success and failure stories will help new and experienced educators and public outreach professionals learn and better from past experiences.

Experimental Approach to Teaching Fluids. For the last 15 years we have promoted experimental work even in the theoretical courses. Fluids appear in the Physics curriculum of the National University of Mexico in two courses: Collective Phenomena in their sophomore year and Continuum Mechanics in their senior year. In both, students are asked for a final project. Some of the experiments were shown in this congress two years ago. This time we present some new results and the methodology we use in the classroom.

Volume 4. A review on advances in seismology in Mexico after 30 years from the earthquake. The 19 September Mw8. Other important cities near the coast and in central Mexico also suffered severe damage. Operon-mapper is a web server that accurately, easily, and directly predicts the operons of any bacterial or archaeal genome sequence. The operon predictions are based on the intergenic distance of neighboring genes as well as the functional relationships of their protein-coding products.

To this end, Operon-mapper finds all the ORFs within a given nucleotide sequence, along with their genomic coordinates, orthology groups, and functional relationships. We believe that Operon-mapper, due to its accuracy, simplicity and speed, as well as the relevant information that it generates, will be a useful tool for annotating and characterizing genomic sequences.

Commissioning Instrument for the GTC. Cuevas, S. In this paper we made a general instrument overview and we show some of the performance final results obtained when the Factory Acceptance tests previous to its transport to La Palma. Development of a patient simulator for teaching and evaluation of the basic cardio-pulmonary reanimation protocol. Providing appropriate cardio-pulmonary reanimation after cardio-pulmonary arrest is paramount for survival. An effective and low-cost approach to learn and practice the cardio-pulmonary reanimation is through a computerized life-size patient simulator.

Because the graphical presentation and analysis of motif distribution can provide insights for experimental hypothesis, PISMA aims at identifying motifs on DNA sequences, counting and showing them graphically. The motif length ranges from 2 to 10 bases, and the DNA sequences range up to 10 kb. The motif distribution is shown as a bar-code-like, as a gene-map-like, and as a transcript scheme. We obtained graphical schemes of the CpG site distribution from 91 human papillomavirus genomes.

Also, we present 2 analyses: one of DNA motifs associated with either methylation-resistant or methylation-sensitive CpG islands and another analysis of motifs associated with exosome RNA secretion. PISMA is developed in Java; it is executable in any type of hardware and in diverse operating systems. PISMA is freely available to noncommercial users. The English version and the User Manual are provided in Supplementary Files 1 and 2, and a Spanish version is available at www. However in some cases, resources may go largely unused and a number of factors may be cited such as logistic problems, restricted internet and telecommunication service access, miss-information, etc.

We present and comment on our efforts and experiences at the National University of Mexico in a new unit dedicated to teleconferences and audio-visual materials. The unit forms part of the geosciences institutes, located in the central UNAM campus and campuses in other States. The use of teleconference in formal graduate and undergraduate education allows teachers and lecturers to distribute course material as in classrooms. Course by teleconference requires learning and student and teacher effort without physical contact, but they have access to multimedia available to support their exhibition.

Well selected multimedia material allows the students to identify and recognize digital information to aid understanding natural phenomena integral to Earth Sciences. Cooperation with international partnerships providing access to new materials and experiences and to field practices will greatly add to our efforts. We will present specific examples of the experiences that we have at the Earth Sciences Postgraduate Program of UNAM with the use of technology in the education in geosciences.

Overview of the Chicxulub impactite and proximal ejecta. Several types of impactites have now been recovered from the various wells drilled in the Chicxulub crater in Yucatan. The old Pemex wells Yucatan 6 and Chicxulub 1 contain a highly heterogeneous and stratified suevite, which upper unit is unusually rich in carbonates, impact breccia and a possibly an impact melt at the very bottom of C1.

They are located towards the crater center C1 , on the flank of the peak ring Y6. The thickness of impactite in this zone exceeds m. The UNAM wells just outside the crater rim reveal sedimentary breccia and a fall-out suevite richer in silicate melt and basement fragments, than its crater equivalent. There, the thickness of the impactite was probably several hundred meters, considering that its top might have been eroded. It can also be speculated that a cover of fall-back suevite extended over the ejecta blanket in Yucatan, all the way to Belize and perhaps even to the region of Tabasco, in Southern Mexico.

The recently drilled Yaxcopoil contains about m of impactites, which is currently under study. Preliminary data seem to show less variability than the material recovered from Y6. As in the UNAM well, the impactite is dominated by basement material, and shows alternating severely altered and better preserved horizons.

It is the result of a long institutional reflection and academic dialog process of approximately three years, which culminated in its approval by UNAM 's Academic Council for the Biology, Chemistry, and Health Sciences areas on January 25, Its most relevant characteristics are: modular organization, four knowledge areas biomedical, methodological, socio-psychological, and humanistic and medical practice , and new modules such as Seminar of socio-psycho-biological integration; Genetics and molecular biology; Biochemistry and cellular biology; Pharmacological basis of therapeutics; Infectious diseases, microbiology and parasitology; Medical ethics; Public health; and Evidence-based medicine - clinical epidemiology.

To achieve a more flexible curriculum, optional modules were included. To make possible the curricular change, improving the teaching strategies, innovating the learning assessment methods, supporting the training and updating of the teaching staff, and establishing a curriculum development committee for following up and evaluating the program, are necessary.

Curricular changes are difficult and complex processes; they suppose challenges and opportunities. It is mandatory to plan them carefully and sensitively to allow a successful transition and avoid conflicts for the students, the teachers and the institution. Experimental data on the Escherichia coli transcriptional regulatory system has been used in the past years to predict new regulatory elements promoters, transcription factors TFs , TFs' binding sites and operons within its genome.

As more genomes of gamma-proteobacteria are being sequenced, the prediction of these elements in a growing number of organisms has become more feasible, as a step towards the study of how different bacteria respond to environmental changes at the level of transcriptional regulation. For these predictions we used a comparative genomics approach regarding which several proof-of-principle articles for large regulons have been published.

Contact Email id is tractor cifn. Mejia-Ambriz, J. We characterize the performance of the system. We report the power spectral analysis procedure of the intensity fluctuations. The operation of MEXART will allow us a better coverage of solar wind disturbances, complementing the data provided by the other, previously built, instruments. Conference photograph This international venue with many years of tradition was attended by outstanding physicists, some of them already regulars to this meeting and others who joined us for the first time; a total of 45 attendees from different countries Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

A variety of topics related to nuclear physics nuclear reactions, radioactive beams, nuclear structure, fundamental neutron physics, sub-nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics, among others were presented in 26 invited talks and 10 contributed posters.

Theoretical analysis of non-linear Joule heating effects over an electro-thermal patterned flow. In this work, non-linear Joule heating effects for electro-thermal patterned flows driven inside of a slit microchannel are analyzed. For this analysis, viscosity and electrical conductivity of fluids are included as known functions, which depend on the temperature; therefore, in order to determine the flow, temperature and electric potential fields together with its simultaneous interactions, the equations of continuity, momentum, energy, charges distribution and electrical current have to be solved in a coupled manner.

We discuss on how kinematical distances thus obtained fit with other distance determinations. In Fig. We find complex radial velocity profiles obtained with the Fabry-Perot interferometer, revealing the presence of different velocity components. Thus, the mechanical energy delivered in the supernova explosion forming the magnetar does not seem to impact more than other SNe explosions the interstellar medium.

The evaluation included a quantitative diagnostic CCD photometry on the quality of the local sky. The attributes of the 1-m telescope, the current instrumentation and a well planned upgrading that includes new instrumentation is considered at the basis for a successful transition maintaining the attractiveness of the site for astronomy education. A 3-year upgrading program actually in progress at UNAM is providing funding for that purpose. Physics and astronomy programs at college and graduated levels at UNAM will benefit from this, yielding clear connections among astronomy researchers and educators and students at various levels.

Although the OAN-Tonantzintla faces the danger of deteriorating its sky conditions, we are maintaining awareness of the night sky characteristics in long-term monitoring campaigns and encouraging the local authorities to find alternative solutions to this problem. A homogeneous, high-throughput-compatible, fluorescence intensity-based assay for UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvylglucosamine reductase MurB with nanomolar product detection.

A novel assay for the NADPH-dependent bacterial enzyme UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvylglucosamine reductase MurB is described that has nanomolar sensitivity for product formation and is suitable for high-throughput applications. Interruption of this biosynthetic pathway leads to cell death, making MurB an attractive target for antibacterial drug discovery. The ADP is detected with nanomolar sensitivity by converting it to oligomeric RNA with polynucleotide phosphorylase and detecting the oligomeric RNA with a fluorescent dye.

This sensitivity allows inhibitor screening to be performed at the low substrate concentrations needed to make the assay sensitive to competitive inhibition of MurB. Biochemical characterization of an inhibitor of Escherichia coli UDP-N-acetylmuramyl-l-alanine ligase. UDP-N-acetylmuramyl-l-alanine ligase MurC is an essential bacterial enzyme involved in peptidoglycan biosynthesis and a target for the discovery of novel antibacterial agents.

As a result of a high-throughput screen HTS against a chemical library for inhibitors of MurC, a series of benzofuran acyl-sulfonamides was identified as potential leads. Compound A exhibited time-dependent, partially reversible inhibition of E. Fluorescence binding experiments yielded a K d of 3.

This finding is consistent with the high lipophilicity of the compound. Advancement of this compound series for further drug development will require reduction of albumin binding. Background: Because the graphical presentation and analysis of motif distribution can provide insights for experimental hypothesis, PISMA aims at identifying motifs on DNA sequences, counting and showing them graphically.

The motif distribution is shown as a bar-code—like, as a gene-map—like, and as a transcript scheme. Results: We obtained graphical schemes of the CpG site distribution from 91 human papillomavirus genomes. Availability and Implementation: PISMA is developed in Java; it is executable in any type of hardware and in diverse operating systems. The Program Committee consisted of W. Alvarez University of California, Berkeley , D.

Black Lunar and Planetary Institute , J. Bourgeois National Science Foundation , K. Burke University of Houston , R. Ginsburg University of Miami , G. Keller Princeton University , C. Koeberl University of Vienna , J. Longoria Florida International University , G. Ryder Lunar and Planetary Institute , V. Sharpton, convener Lunar and Planetary Institute , H. Sigurdsson University of Rhode Island , R. Ward University of Washington. The Scientific Organizing Committee consisted of W.

Black Lunar and Planetary Institute , K. Ginsburg University of Miami , L. Hunt National Academy of Sciences , G. Keller Princeton University , L. Marin UNAM , cd. Universitaria , D. Raup University of Chicago , V. Sharpton Lunar and Planetary Institute , E. Shoemaker U. Geological Survey, Flagstaff , and G. Suarez UNAM , cd. Logistics and administrative and publications support were provided by the Publications and Program Services Department staff at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.

As part of the program, the student takes three geophysical prospecting courses gravity and magnetics, electric, electromagnetics, and seismic methods. The older program required a three-week field experience for each course in order to gradute. The new program considers only one extended field experience.

Also, we propose a scheeme for this activity based on those examples; both of them have in common real geophysical problems, from which students could benefit. Our proposal covers academic and logistic aspects to be taken into account, enhancing the relevance of interaction between other academic institutions, industry, and UNAM , in order to obtain a broader view of geophysics.

Gonzalez-Esparza, J. Legislative modifications of the General Civil Protection Law in Mexico in included specific references to space hazards and space weather phenomena. The legislation is consistent with United Nations promotion of international engagement and cooperation on space weather awareness, studies, and monitoring. These internal and external conditions motivated the creation of a space weather service in Mexico. We present the characteristics of the service, some products, and the initial actions for developing a space weather strategy in Mexico.

The service operates a computing infrastructure including a web application, data repository, and a high-performance computing server to run numerical models. SCiESMEX uses data of the ground-based instrumental network of the National Space Weather Laboratory LANCE , covering solar radio burst emissions, solar wind and interplanetary disturbances by interplanetary scintillation observations , geomagnetic measurements, and analysis of the total electron content TEC of the ionosphere by employing data from local networks of GPS receiver stations.

The present volume contains 21 research articles based on invited talks presented at the symposium. We cannot thank enough to all the authors for their enthusiastic contribution, to the anonymous referees for the time they devoted to the review process, which helped us to maintain the high standard of the Conference Proceedings. Finally we would like to thank the International Advisory Committee and the Sponsoring Organizations that made this event possible. Ramirez-Guzman, L.

The system delivers estimates of information associated with the social impact of earthquakes, engineering ground motion parameters gmp , and macroseismic intensity maps. The gmp calculated are peak ground acceleration and velocity pga and pgv and response spectral acceleration SA. Data are gathered via satellite and internet service providers, and managed with the data acquisition software Earthworm. The system is self-contained and can perform all calculations required for estimating gmp and intensity maps due to earthquakes, automatically or manually.

An initial data processing, by baseline correcting and removing records containing glitches or low signal-to-noise ratio, is performed. The system then assigns a hypocentral location using first arrivals and a simplified 3D model, followed by a moment tensor inversion, which is performed using a pre-calculated Receiver Green's Tensors RGT database for a realistic 3D model of Mexico.

A backup system to compute epicentral location and magnitude is in place. A Bayesian Kriging is employed to combine recorded values with grids of computed gmp. The maps are made available to the institutions in charge of the disaster prevention systems. In order to analyze the accuracy of the maps, we compare them against observations not considered in the. Uridine diphosphate-N-acetylmuramate:L-alanine ligase EC 6. This is an essential step in cell wall biosynthesis for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Optimal assay conditions for initial velocity studies have been established. Steady-state assays were carried out to determine the effect of various parameters on enzyme activity. Factors studies included: cation specificity, ionic strength, buffer composition and pH. At 37 degrees C and pH 8. Of the metals tested only Mn, Mg, and Co were able to support activity. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, and ammonium sulfate had no effect on activity up to 75 mM levels. The enzyme, in appropriate buffer, was stable enough to be assayed over the pH range of 5.

Crystallization experiments with the enzyme produced two crystal forms. It was discovered that the enzyme will hydrolyze ATP in the absence of L-alanine. Numerous L-alanine analogs tested were shown to stimulate ATP hydrolysis. A number of these L-alanine analogs produced novel products as accessed by HPLC and mass spectral analysis.

All of the L-alanine analogs tested as inhibitors were competitive versus L-alanine. Second harmonic generation from small particle aggregates. Novel nanofabrication techniques are capable of producing nanoparticles with controled structures which include small clusters, self-assembled particles, quantum dots, vesicles, etc.

The non-linear optical scattering of these structures are important for applications, and can be used for their physical characterization. The second harmonic SH field radiated by a single small spherical particle has surface and bulk, dipolar and quadrupolar contributions of similar intensities and is strongly dependent of the local environment of the particle [1], in contrast to the linear case.

In this work we calculate the nonlinear scattering by particle aggregates and we investigate the effects on the SH generation of the disorder induced field fluctuations and of the localization of light. Brudny, Bernardo S. Mendoza, and W. B 62, Transition Probabilities for Hydrogen-Like Atoms. A critical evaluation of the accuracy shows a higher reliability with respect to previous works.

Tables for hydrogen containing a subset of the results are given explicitly, listing the states involved in each transition, wavelength, term energies, statistical weights, transition probabilities, oscillator strengths, and line strengths. We use two materials with different known indexes of refraction to calibrate a Background Oriented Schlieren BOS experimental set-up, and to validate the Lorenz-Lorentz equation.

BOS is used in our experiments to determine local changes of density in the shock pattern of an axisymmetric supersonic air jet. It is important to validate, in particular, the Gladstone Dale approximation index of refraction close to one in our experimental conditions and determine the uncertainty of our density measurements.

In some cases, the index of refraction of the material is well known, but in others the density is measured and related to the displacement field. We have used several techniques to study a small axisymmetric supersonic jet: Rayleigh scattering, Schlieren Toepler and PIV. Each technique gives different kind of information. In this paper, a BOS set-up is used to study the structure of the shock pattern.

A shadowgraph of a dot matrix is obtained with and without a flow. The displacement field of the dots is related to changes in the index of refraction, which can be related, through the Gladstone-Dale equation, to changes in density.

Previous results with this technique were not conclusive because of the relative size of the dots compared to the diameter of the nozzle. Measurements have been taken for three different exit speeds. The commissioning instrument for the Gran Telescopio Canarias: made in Mexico. In this paper we made a general description of the CI and we relate how this instrument, build under international standards, was entirely made in Mexico.

Salvador was an excellent student. He began his career in Astronomy in under Dr. Eugenio Mendoza. I then began working continuously with him in this field of research which, thanks to his great work capacity, produced very good results. He continued in these fields of research not only within the Institute of Astronomy, but also in other research facilities, especially two: With the variable group from the Observatory at Nice, France, beginning in , specializing in the pulsation of early stars.

Moreover, beginning in , Salvador began working with a group of astronomers from. Most - if not all - planetary nebulae exhibit a complex structure, far from the spherical shape. The reasons for this dramatic change in symmetry, that occurs in early stage of the development of the nebula, remain controversial. The aim of the APN series of conferences has been to offer the opportunity to anyone involved in the study of asymmetric planetary nebulae and related objects to discuss the latest results obtained in this field.

Spectroscopic Survey of Circumstellar Disks in Orion. As a second stage of a project focused on characterizing candidate stars bearing a circumstellar disk in Orion, we present a spectroscopic follow-up of a set of about bright stars. The present set of stars was selected by their optical UBVRI and infrared behavior in different color-color and color-magnitude diagrams.

Low-resolution spectra were obtained for all candidates in the sample. This project is a cornerstone of a large scale survey aimed to obtain stellar parameters in a homogeneous way using spectroscopic data. Pathological findings in a sample of Mexican pediatric patients. Clinical and radiographic survey. All patients were clinically reviewed, clinical history was taken, and an orthopantomogram obtained by last year dentistry students.

Patients and radiographs were then reviewed by the panel and all alterations in teeth, soft tissues and bone were recorded. The most common entities were: supernumeraries The data on the frequency of alterations in the pediatric population attending at our institution reinforce the importance of this kind of study in efforts to improve the quality of stomatologic services in the pediatric population.

The project 'Radiological Analysis of Environmental Samples in the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Quintana Roo', had the aim of identifying and quantifying anthropogenic radionuclides in environmental samples consisting of silt, sand and sea water. This paper presents the results of the radiological analysis of these samples, which was made in the multichannel system for gamma spectrometry with hyperpure germanium detector in the Laboratory of Radiological Analysis of Environmental Samples, located at the Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences, of the Autonomous National University of Mexico UNAM.

This paper presents the qualitative and quantitative concentrations of the main identified anthropogenic radionuclides 60 Co and Cs. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email: journals. In this work, the development and initial tests of an image fusion method based on fiducial markers for image registration between the two modalities are presented. The registration was carried out by solving the rigid body alignment problem of Procrustes to obtain rotation and translation matrices required to align the two sets of images.

The authors of this article-the teacher primarily responsible for Moodle implementation and a researcher who is a recent Moodle adopter-describe and discuss the students' and teachers' attitudes to summative and formative computer assessment in Moodle. Item analysis of quiz results helped us to identify and fix poorly performing questions, which greatly reduced student complaints and improved objective assessment.

The use of certainty-based marking CBM in formative assessment in veterinary pathology was well received by the students and should be extended to more courses. The importance of having proficient computer support personnel should not be underestimated. A properly translated language pack is essential for the use of Moodle in a language other than English.

Nowadays, it is known that an adequate and motivating environment together with a positive attitude towards studies is fundamental to induce learning. Medical students are under multiple stressful, academic, personal, and vocational situations. To identify psychosocial, vocational, and academic variables of first year medical students at UNAM that may help predict their academic performance. Academic surveys of psychological and vocational factors were applied; an academic follow-up was carried out to obtain a multivariate model.

The data were analyzed considering descriptive, comparative, correlative, and predictive statistics. The results show the significance of implementing institutional programs to support students throughout their college adaptation. It was determined the presence of posoncospheres in muscular tissues in 20 natural cysticercotic pigs and in 20 pigs apparently free of Taenia solium metacestodes. Ten differents anatomical regions were dissected, giving samples in total. The animals were slaughtered in Ecatepec, Mexico State, Mexico.

Mann-Whitney statistical method revealed meaningful differences between postoncospheres in cysticercotic pigs and not apparently cysticercotic pigs. The Linear Correlation Analysis showed no relation between cysticercus quantity and postoncospheres quantity in the same samples. Postoncospheres were found in cysticercotic animals and in those apparently free of cysticercus, in the last group the quantity was bigger.

The challenge in achieving an ideal state of justice is that each "proof" has the highest degree of reliability. This is the main responsibility of the forensic scientist. Up to now, criminal investigations in Mexico have been supported by forensic work from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds that give testimony in a particular area, even though they may have become forensic witnesses in a complementary and experiential manner.

This is focused on contributing to the national demand that the justice system has more elements to procure and administer justice in dealing with crime. Schlieren imaging of the standing wave field in an ultrasonic acoustic levitator. We consider a model of a single axis acoustic levitator consisting of two cylinders immersed in air and directed along the same axis.

The first cylinder has a flat termination and functions as a sound emitter, and the second cylinder, which is simply a refector, has the side facing the first cylinder cut out by a spherical surface. By making the first cylinder vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies a standing wave is produced in the air between the cylinders which makes it possible, by means of the acoustic radiation pressure, to levitate one or several small objects of different shapes, such as spheres or disks.

We use schlieren imaging to observe the acoustic field resulting from the levitation of one or several objects, and compare these results to previous numerical approximations of the field obtained using a finite element method. Relating a gene mutation to a phenotype is a common task in different disciplines such as protein biochemistry.

In this endeavour, it is common to find false relationships arising from mutations introduced by cells that may be depurated using a phenotypic assay; yet, such phenotypic assays may introduce additional false relationships arising from experimental errors. We further show that this level of incorrect DNA sequence-phenotype assignments may significantly alter our understanding about the structure-function relationship of proteins.

Drinking water quality in a Mexico city university community: perception and preferences. A transversal study was conducted at the University City campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM in Mexico City, with the goal of estimating the university community preference for drinking either tap water or bottled water and the reasons for their selection.

The interviewees responded that the main reason for this preference is the organoleptic features of tap water independent of quality. In general, the participants in this study do not trust the quality of the tap water, which could be caused by the facilities that distribute bottled water encouraging a general disinterest in learning about the origin and management of the tap water that is distributed on campus. Recalibration of the Klales et al. The aim of this study was to test the accuracy of the Klales et al.

Based on these results, the Klales et al. Recalibration improved classification accuracy and eliminated sex bias. This new formula will improve sex estimation for Mexican contemporary populations. The analysis of the Plan Unico de Estudios of the medical career was the result of five years of collegiate work in which commissions consisting of academic staff of different departments from the faculty of medicine at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM participated.

IBM-2 calculation with configuration mixing for Ge isotopes. The new information on the E2 transition strengths constitutes a stringent test for the nuclear models and has motivated us to revisit the use of Interacting Boson Model in this region. Padilla-Rodal Ph. Thesis UNAM ; submitted for publication. The sources can be divided into three categories: a The active Popocatepetl volcano located 70 km SE from the center of Mexico City, b the industrial area located approximately 70 km to the and c other local sources located in the surroundings from the measurement..

Enhancement of the SO2 column could be identified in different time periods. The result shows that the extraordinary events are correlated with the mentioned sources, and the analysis confirms prior studies that the plume travels at different altitudes. The plume of the Popocatepetl volcano is transported according to the wind at m. Geophysical oil exploration surveys carried out by PEMEX in the 's revealed occurrence of an anomalous pattern of semi-circular concentric gravity anomalies.

The Bouguer gravity anomalies covered an extensive area over the flat carbonate platform in the northwestern Yucatan Peninsula; strong density contrasts were suggestive of a buried igneous complex or basement uplift beneath the carbonates, which was referred as the Chicxulub structure.

The exploration program carried out afterwards included a drilling program, starting with Chicxulub-1 well in and comprising eight deep boreholes through the s. An aeromagnetic survey in late 's showed high amplitude anomalies in the gravity anomaly central sector. Despite frequent reference to PEMEX information and samples, original data and cores have not been openly available for detailed evaluation and integration with results from recent investigations.

These wells remain the deepest drilled in Chicxulub, providing samples of impact lithologies, carbonate sequences and basement, which give information on post- and pre-impact stratigraphy and crystalline basement. Torres-Freyermuth, A. Beach resilience plays an important role on reducing coastal risk associated to either natural or human induced perturbations affecting the coast.

Both impermeable and permeable m groins were designed to asses the impact of coastal structures on the beach morphology during a hour period. The experiments were conducted in the spring of and , allowing the assessment of both structures under similar forcing conditions. Wind, waves, tides, and currents were measured concurrently and are correlated with beach morphology evolution data derived from intense monitoring conducted during the structure deployment.

Furthermore, the beach surveying continued after structures removal in order to estimate the beach recovery capability. Field observations show that the impact of the structure on the morphology is negligible six days after structure removal for the impermeable groin and only one day for the permeable structure. The latter suggests the high beach resilience of the study area.

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A Harbour Seal of Approval and our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rick Smalley and Mardell who assisted him. They kindly came to our home to help our beloved dog Sheba to a dignifi ed and peaceful end to her life. Update that Chanel suit? For repairs, alterations, re-fashioning and custom sewing, call Billy. Send to: editor harbourspiel. Include your full name and a telephone number for confi rmation. Please keep them short.

Dorothy Faulkner P. Lions A Harbour Seal of Approval to all my wonderful friends and neighbours for their good wishes, beautiful fl owers, great food, visits and for all their support during my recovery. Special thanks to Lorna, a good friend indeed. Professional, experienced and reliable residential home services. Call Sandy: or email sandy gaia-works.

Your generous donation of prizes for the Mardi Gras Dance was very much appreciated. Marilyn Macleod P. Beside Madeira Park gvmnt. When we got him he was fi ve weeks old. He is now eight months old and a very aggressive kitten. We got the cat fi xed when he was six months old as advised by our veterinarian. The cat has a very dominant personality. We are trying to make the cat a normal housecat but are having diffi culty with this because he will strike out and bite and scratch members of the household.

This behaviour even occurs when the cat is lying on our lap and we are petting him. For no reason he wants to scratch and claw us almost like an attack. What can we do? Dear A. Bringing a pup or kitten into a home at fi ve weeks of age generally has its consequences. They also learn about hierarchy.

Some will fi nd themselves able to as- Page 22 Harbour Spiel pet talk sert themselves over some littermates and not others but all will learn about boundaries and consequences from overzealous interaction with their mothers. Problems with over-attachment to a single person, separation anxiety and fear of strangers are sometimes a symptom. By good breeder, I mean those who make sure the kittens are being well-socialized among their own and other species, including being handled by many people.

Scott Patton Patton We often embrace more of the role of a permissive grandparent and which gives far more latitude to what behaviour is tolerated on a day-to-day basis. To do anything else will produce a pet that struggles with the realities of the world they are bred for. Pawsitively yours, John Wade e-mail John at: johnwade johnwade.

In yurts. Credit Union, Pender Harbour Are the Alders overtaking the driveway? Call or e-mail businessdirectory harbourspiel. Pat Leech Not only do I have the privilege of working alongside 50 or so hardworking Realtors, supporting them however I can in developing their businesses, but my exposure to clients has been multiplied many times over. To begin a career in real estate, qualifying candidates can undertake licensing requirements for strata management, rental property management or a trading services representative.

The trading services representative licence salesperson licence is required for people to legally act as a Realtor and to assist people in buying and selling property. Once licensed, individuals can upgrade their licences with further training, experience and education in order to pick up an associate broker or a managing broker licence. For the most part Realtors on the Sunshine Coast act as independent contractors, which means they all run their own businesses within the framework of the company or brokerage.

This is where the real estate industry starts to differ from most industries. Instead of defi ning geographic or economic territories that individual representatives are responsible for — which is how most industries delegate responsibilities — Realtors who work Something to Squirrel away? So it is common for people to interview multiple Realtors from the same fi rm in order to fi nd the right fi t for their needs.

While Realtor A and Realtor B may both work for the same company, they will likely have different skill sets, client databases and customer service traditions. You would think that this dynamic of working alongside your competition might cause friction amongst Realtors, but they handle the situation with grace and co-operation. It just makes business sense. But fortunately for Realtors, regardless of whether or not they get the listing, they have every opportunity to sell the house to a buyer and still earn a commission.

Rather, they select the merchant that is best suited to fulfi lling their needs and the merchant goes to work at fi nding a range of products for them to choose from. The key to ensuring the merchant works hard on their behalf is loyalty. Instead, the savvy shopkeeper would focus his attention on his loyal clients.

It just makes sense. Some people argue that the listing Realtor will know more about a property they have listed for sale and therefore will be able to better help buyers make an informed decision. So to get the absolute most from your Realtor, take the time necessary to interview, review references and select an agent with whom you feel confi dent, and then give them your loyalty. In return you can expect that they will do their utmost to help you fulfi ll your real estate needs.

Please send any suggestions for future columns to alanstewart prudentialsussex. Doo Doors open at 6 p. Dinn Dinner at 7 p. Kitchen open for lunch. Menacher Rd. The highest April temperature recorded is They love adventure and often fi ercely defend the underdog. You will experience a positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others, and you are stimulated and energized by your casual interactions with the opposite sex.

Or the same sex. Or both. Although unambitious, they are happy to be the powerhouse behind the scenes. Often sensible and blessed with a healthy dose of cynicism, Taureans will resist all that this month and open their minds and chakras to the metaphysical when a friend speaks of the healing power of crystals. Habits of ridiculing dippy fl akes will resume in earnest by May.

Robert Hynd, Dr. Monday to Friday 9 a. Clinic Tues. First-class health care for the people of the Pender Harbour area Page 32 Harbour Spiel harbour health Chiropractic care: Misconceptions and benefi ts of treatment By Dr. Terry Dickson There are many myths about chiropractic care, about what it is and the effect it can have on your overall health and wellness. Indeed, patients often experience improved health and function above and beyond what they might have originally sought treatment for.

Chiropractors successfully treat conditions ranging from chronic postural dysfunctions and repetitive strain injuries to acute joint irritations, sprains and strains. Although most people think chiropractors solely treat the spine, all of the joints and muscles of the body can be treated by these health professionals.

The majority of conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system can be positively managed to some degree via chiropractic care. One of the misconceptions surrounding chiropractic therapy is that the sole method of treatment is manual spinal adjustment. However, there are other soft t issue techniques that some chiropractors utilize, such as Active Release Technique ART. ART is a soft t issue movement technique which is designed to treat a multitude of soft t issue problems.

It consists of over treatment moves, involving the tension and movement of tendons, muscles, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Many patients are able to achieve full resolution of their musculoskeletal problems using ART without any spinal manipulation. This specialized treatment makes it effective in the resolution of many common conditions including headaches, back pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, sciatica, knee problems, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow.

A commonality of these conditions is the overuse of muscles resulting in the production of scar t issue. As scar t issue builds up, tension increases in your tendons resulting in tendinitis — your muscles become weak and shorten and nerves may become trapped. This can result in loss of strength, a reduction in your range of motion of both your muscles and joints and eventually pain. ART is the method by which scar t issue is located and tension then applied, with the purpose of breaking up the adhesions.

This allows the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the joints to once again move freely, resolving any condition and associated symptoms. Another misconception about chiropractic care is that patients should wait until a crisis, meaning an area becomes painful, before they seek treatment. I treat a full spectrum of patients with success in improving their health and quality of life, both at the Pender Harbour Health Centre and my North Vancouver clinic North Shore Wellness Centre.

I welcome all new patients and am excited to help patients resolve their complaints and maximize their health and quality of life. To learn more about Dr. Dickson patients can visit his website at nswellness. To book with Dr. Call to register. The Cardiac Recovery Program is just wrapping up the fi rst sevenweek program for people recovering from open heart surgery and MIs.

There has been a strong interest in this so we will run another program in May. Call the Health Centre to register. Meet at the P. School of Music on Thursdays from p. April Olympic Garmes. April Guest Speaker. April Page 33 Harbour Spiel Trivia 1. Quarry Bay b. Bargain Harbour c.

Kleindale d. Whiskey Slough 2. Which of the inlets below does not ebb through the Skookumchuck Narrows. Salmon b. Jervis c. Narrows d. Sechelt 3. What is the name of the highest peak on the Sechelt Peninsula at m.? Cecil Hill b. Hallowell c. Caren Peak d. Daniel 4.

Pender Harbour Resort b. Rockwater Secret Cove Resort c. The Painted Boat Resort d. Sunshine Coast Resort 5. What do you call Francis Peninsula at low ti de? Beaver Island c. Dusenbury Island d. What is the postal code of Egmont? V0N 1N0 b. V0N 2HE c. V0N 1S0 d. V0N 1H0 Answers: p. Russell has been a powerful presence in the Vancouver music scene for over 30 years and a headliner for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival for years.

Joining Dawn will be a member of the Sojourners, Will Sanders. Sax player and Blues Music award nominee, Terry Hanck, will keep you on your feet all night. Hanck honked sax for Elvin Bishop for years and will serve up his New Orleans gumbo, West Coast jump and East Bay funk — all delivered with a heavy dose of blues and soul — at the Pender hall on June 2.

Sanders will be joined by Dawn Pemberton and Will Sanders. This year it will be hosted by Tim Hearsey, considered by many to be the best guitar player on the West Coast and an exceptional showman. If you care to take in some fi ne dining while listening to some very fi ne music, The Painted Boat Restaurant will be presenting Juno Award nominee Murray Porter on Friday and Saturday night.

Isaak, also known as Yukon Slim, is a top ranked and versatile musician and master storyteller. Have you heard about Harbour side Friendships? Contact the P. For more information, visit our website www. We miss you and love you. Unti l we meet again, Your loving family. April Page 35 it might have happened The man named Charles was the same gentleman who had arrived unexpectedly at his home the previous summer while scouting for pre-emptable land.

They ran off soon after he stepped in, heading east towards the mill. Suddenly he perked up. Before Charlie Irvine landed here and lent his name to the stretch of beach at the western entrance to Pender Harbour , a family named Hsu had settled there years before in After Hsu confirmed his hunch, Charles explained that he had recently opened a business in New Westminster selling a variety of goods. He received word that the Simsons who faced a similar problem sourcing through the canneries might be in the position to offer a solution.

Charles was to meet with Calvert Simson that morning. Wei Hsu instantly recognized an opportunity and led Irvine down to their boat still moored at the dock below the store. Just then a loud call from above caught their attention. Simson with a hint of urgency. With that, Charles bid a hurried farewell but not before inviting them to call on him later at the Sunnyside Hotel. Hsu lay down to rest too, and when he woke, it was dusk. Pender Harbour Wei Hsu quietly launched the boat and rowed over to Gastown.

He found Charles Irvine in his room at the Sunnyside Hotel. The two were forced to speak loudly to overcome the growing roar rising from the saloon below but Irvine wasted no time in disclosing that the Simsons had hid the fact their potential supplier for canned salmon was the same man he was spotted talking with down on the wharf. Instead, Simson gave him a sample — and an offer. Simson said was prepared to supply Irvine with whatever quantity of canned salmon he required — after their own needs were met, of course.

Prior to this, Hsu had accepted that it would fall on him to deliver any salmon that he was able to find a buyer for in Gastown. Though his face was still swollen, it seemed the spark in his eyes had returned. Join them and try one of their delicious recipes, see some of their delightful garden projects, and be inspired! Though he lives in Edmonton, much of his work is set on the West Coast where he grew up in a fi shing family in Steveston. His latest novel, The Tinsmith Brindle and Glass , takes the reader back in history, to the terrible battles of the American Civil War and to the early days of salmon canneries on the West Coast.

Anson Baird, a Union Army surgeon working to save the wounded after the Battle of Antietam, welcomes the assistance of a mysterious tall soldier, John, who carries men to the makeshift hospitals in barnyards and fi elds. He is a capable and brave assistant, administering anesthetic and holding down the patients who require amputations. He is a runaway slave, his light skin allowing him to pass for white, and he has committed a horrifi c crime.

Or has he? Twenty years later, John is running a salmon cannery at Chilukthan Slough, near where the community of Delta is now located. His past has come to haunt him and he asks his old mentor Anson Baird to come to help him. What Baird fi nds is a primeval landscape, rank with the odour of fi sh, and potent with forces both natural and otherworldly.

The Tinsmith revolves about several key themes, principally how we can never escape the past but also how we can never really know it, nor understand it. What we believe ourselves to be is often only half-true. Bowling is a remarkable writer. The Tinsmith is well served by meticulous research which serves to provide believable settings for the action of this novel.

From the battlefi elds and the cast of characters found th there — embalmers, soldiers fr from both sides , civilians wwho came to sightsee, the la ladies holding handkerchiefs ch over their mouths, the photographers ph who set up their th darkroom wagons and provided p fi rst-hand visual aaccounts of the carnage — to the fogs of the Fraser River, R he takes the reader into the heart of the dark drama unfolding in these pages.

Spring books are here! Journals, bunnies, gardens, edibles, recipes and more. Through the viewfi nder of his camera, we see the horses and tents, the shattered trees, and the dead themselves, dense as cordwood, as they await burial. As mementoes of the fearful struggle through which the country has just passed, it is confi dently hoped that it will possess an enduring interest.

Along with maps and a transfer of estate, we received a copy of a contract involving a Hydro easement across the district lot that our land was part of, signed by John Cline. When we think about communities, we think about location, population, services — are there schools, grocery stores, banks, health care providers? We think about transportation. Eventually, maybe, we think about history. What were the beginnings of the community? Who was there fi rst?

Who came later? In what ways has the place stayed the same, or changed? The Little Green Valley does something vitally important. It pro- vides stories, well told, with vivid details. In them we get to know the Klein family through several generations — and what a colourful clan they are.

Grandma Martina who doctored wounds with pepper, Charlie Klein with his strength and his long arms, John Cline himself with his dreams and schemes. The book is fi lled with photographs which show the Kleins with their big horses, heavy-duty equipment, logging trucks loaded with enormous trees, fl oat camps and weddings, and earlier versions of buildings and people you can still fi nd if you look carefully.

What The Little Green Valley aalso does is reconstruct nnot just the past but a rreal place, just down th the highway. Have a look for the retaining wall near Haslam Creek, the work of an Italian stonemason during the Depression. Think of the other untold stories in our community and how valuable they are, not just to the families involved, but to the rest of us who would benefi t from them too.

BC Bestsellers: For the week of March 18, 1. Whitewater Cooks with Friends by Shelley Adams 2. Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre 3. Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill 4. The Sacred Headwaters by Wade Davis 5. The Ice Pilots by Michael Vlessides 7. Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese 8. Fred Herzog by Claudia Gochmann et al. We have tires for everything from wheel barrows to dump trucks. Call Mike right now for summer specials with every purchase of four tires.

A recent New Yorker cartoon showed a woman talking! Hold on while I adjust my spats. In short, it connects you to the world in ways undreamt of a couple of decades ago. But it also connects the world to you in ways you may not be aware of. For a start, mobile phone operators routinely log information about users, their devices and their network activity. Text messages, in particular, are easy and cheap to monitor —by the phone network, intelligence or police agencies, or even private investigators.

Which can be valid. French police zeroed in on Mohamed Merah as the likely killer of soldiers and Jewish civilians partly by tracing cell phone calls made near one of the crime scenes. TruePosition technology can ping police when a Page 40 Harbour Spiel and another thing Big Brother would be in your phone phone used by a suspected terrorist or criminal enters an airport terminal, bus station or other potential target.

TruePosition boasts of brisk sales overseas, where that technology can easily be used by repressive regimes to track dissidents. In the U. It also records the GPS location of the phone every half hour. The trouble with these systems is you have to pay someone to listen to the recorded conversations, read the texts or monitor the GPS readings.

It would be so much easier if you could just get people to spy on each other for free. Enter the iWatch program, spreading rapidly across the U. Using any of several apps, some of which can be downloaded free from the iTunes Store, they can instantly transmit the images and GPS co-ordinates to the local police, who track calls with iWatch monitoring equipment. After all, that means actually talking to someone. But a society of citizen spies ratting out every stranger or minority in town?

The KGB never had it so good. This would have been unthinkable a generation ago, when a lot of us baby boomers were outraged to learn that the FBI, RCMP and other agents of so-called democratic government were spying on innocent civilians. But I do worry that by fi ltering pub- lic and private discourse through smartphones and computers we are losing the knack of ordinary conversation — especially when we believe we are cloaked in anonymity.

Or, if you can stomach it, those on any of the right-wing blogs that clutter the net. The vast majority of them are spiteful, insulting and barely literate. By comparison the average letter to the editor in a newspaper reads like an essay by Gandhi. They could be the same people commenting on the same story, but the difference is the letter-writer must use his real name and most newspapers ask for a phone number to confi rm that name.

On the information highway, computers and smartphones make us drivers, not pedestrians. April Page 41 community calendar Calendar listings are provided free of charge by the Harbour Spiel. March Legion, a. Community Church, noon Tues. See www. It is forgivable to make mistakes, but to stand fast behind a wall of self-righteousness and make the same mistake twice is not forgivable.

Turner Page 42 Harbour Spiel Come in and see how we measure up. The new RONA Sunshine Coast is absolutely devoted to ensuring contractors receive quality product at competitive prices with the kind of service that will make your visit feel like Friday.

Or how about breakfast on us? Join us for The Contractor Breakfast: From 7 to 9 a. Has your team got what it takes to build a boat in three hours with materials provided, race it round a short, marked course without sinking, and do it faster than anyone else?

Get a 4-person team together and challenge your friends or co-workers to do the same. Sponsored by: Visit our website: www. Saturday, May 5: Derby and Dinner Fishing all day with dinner at 6 p. Short-link Link Embed.

Share from cover. Share from page:. Where is Page 36 and it might have happened We Page 42 and community calendar Calendar listing Page Nobody beats our meat. Oak Tree Mar. More magazines by this user. Close Flag as Inappropriate. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible.

Delete template? Cory Gardner voted nine times to eliminate the law that protects people with pre-exisiting conditions, when it comes to medical insurance. So why did Cory Gardner vote with the insurance companies nine times to eliminate protections for people with preexisting conditions? However, Larry Levitt , a vice president of the nonprofit health policy group, the Kaiser Family Foundation , disagrees. This recent bill from Senator Cory Gardner provides some protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but it leaves out a big one: Insurance companies would still be able to deny insurance entirely to people who are sick.

Gardner refused to answer yes or no. Skip to content. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required. Your email required.

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Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on A place for really cute pictures and videos!. You have to see this DIY library wall. Thank you so much for all who voted for my little blue tit family - I'm truly thrilled! Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. When was fingernail polish invented? Today we'll journey through the fascinating history of nail polish—from ancient Neolithic dyes to modern dip powders. Explore DriveByPhotographer's photos on Flickr.

DriveByPhotographer has uploaded photos to Flickr. Show-off your love for your bestie with this adjustable clasp necklace featuring an adorable pendant. DeAnn Whitford. Bible Verses Quotes. He attacked again on stage 16 on the Col de Peyresourde with only Wiggins and Froome able to chase.

They caught him before the summit; Nibali accelerated again but Wiggins closed the gap and the three of them finished together. Nibali lost time to Wiggins and Froome the following stage, another mountain stage, this time with a summit finish and two stages later in the final individual time trial which Wiggins won.

Nibali finished third, the only rider to finish within ten minutes of Wiggins and Froome. Nibali left Liquigas—Cannondale at the end of the season, and joined Astana on a two-year contract from the season onwards. Nibali started his season in good form finishing 7th in the Tour of Oman and winning Tirreno—Adriatico. In April, he won the Giro del Trentino on the final stage featuring a mountaintop finish. He took the lead from Maxime Bouet , who had been the overall leader since the second stage.

Nibali powered away on the last Hors Category climb, distancing rivals Mauro Santambrogio and Wiggins, who suffered a mechanical issue, and winning the stage in solo fashion. Nibali and Wiggins entered the Giro d'Italia as the two favourites for overall victory. Nibali took the leader's pink jersey Italian : maglia rosa on stage eight after finishing fourth in the time trial won by Alex Dowsett , conceding only 11 seconds to Wiggins.

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions. Nibali put further time into his rivals on stage 14, finishing on Monte Jafferau , as he and Mauro Santambrogio rode away in freezing conditions, with Nibali allowing Santambrogio to take the stage win; after the disqualification of Santambrogio, due to a positive test for EPO, the stage victory was retroactively awarded to Nibali. The following stage, scheduled to be the queen stage of the race, had to be cancelled due to snow.

Nibali also moved into the lead in the points classification. However, as Mark Cavendish collected all the intermediate sprints before winning the final stage, Nibali finished second to Cavendish in the points classification. At the Vuelta Nibali was vexed as to whether he should chase the red jersey to record his second grand tour in or reserve his energy for the World Championships to be held just weeks later in his adopted Tuscany.

He captured the race lead on stage 4 though losing it on stage 8, he managed to regain it on stage 11, a time trial. He rode well throughout wearing the red jersey for several stages maintaining his race lead through much of the race. Nibali has now worn the leader's jersey more than any other Italian in the history of the Vuelta. He lost his race lead though on stage 19 to Chris Horner.

He attacked Horner many times during the final mountain stage on the steep Angliru but he cracked in the end finishing 4th on that stage. He finished 2nd overall in the general classification. After winning the Giro in , the Tour de France became the main objective for Nibali's season. Throughout much of his season before the Tour, Nibali showed quiet form before the Tour with no race victories and high finishes.

On 28 June Nibali became the Italian Champion with his first win of the year at the national road race championships , based on the route of the Trofeo Melinda. Nibali then went on to win the Tour de France. He continued to lead the race from stage two through eight, losing it to Frenchman Tony Gallopin in the ninth stage. He won the stage uncontested and re-donned the yellow jersey on Bastille Day in France. He would continue to show his dominance through the rest of the Tour and on stage 18 into Hautacam he attacked from the early slopes of the climb and he would win the stage finishing over a minute ahead of second place rider Thibaut Pinot.

This gave him his fourth and final stage victory. He finished with an excellent 4th-place finish in the final time trial. He went on to win the general classification by 7 minutes and 52 seconds, the largest margin of victory in the Tour in 17 years. He finished in the lead group 18th after attacking several times during the event.

In Nibali made the defense of his Tour de France title his priority. He then participated to the Amstel Gold Race and escaped thanks to a late attack, but was reabsorbed by the peloton and finished 65th. He attacked during the last ascent and got the better of Francesco Reda and Diego Ulissi. He entered the Tour de France , but lost two and a half minutes to Chris Froome in the first week. During the chase he held on to the team car, driven by the team's directeur sportif , Alexander Shefer, and was pulled up towards the main group.

Both Nibali and Shefer were disqualified from the race following the stage, with the team also fined. He then apologised again with the support or not you give me. In October he won his first Monument, the Il Lombardia , attacking on the descent of the Civiglio, the penultimate climb, and arriving solo ahead of Daniel Moreno and Thibaut Pinot.

Preparing for the Giro d'Italia , one of the two main targets of the season, he raced the Italian one-day race Strade Bianche , the stage race Tirreno—Adriatico , where he finished in 6th position overall — conditioned by the cancellation of the queen stage — and Milan—San Remo where he tried an attack on the descent from the Poggio but was caught by the peloton.

He returned to racing in April at the Giro del Trentino , where he demonstrated a bad condition and finished far from the winner Mikel Landa. Nibali entered the Giro d'Italia as the pre-race favourite. Nibali lit up the fight for the GC on the final climb to Valparola, attacking with 27 kilometres 17 miles to go. His attack distanced the Movistar Team 's Andrey Amador and Alejandro Valverde , who both lost three minutes on the stage.

Chaves took the stage honours after outsprinting Kruijswijk, who took the maglia rosa. Stage 15 was the third individual time trial of the race, featuring the ascent to Alpe di Siusi. Kruijswijk extended his lead to more than two minutes over second-placed Chaves as Nibali suffered a mechanical on the climb, losing more than two minutes in the process.

Stage 16 was a short stage which was won by Valverde, who outsprinted Kruijswijk on the line. Kruijswijk extended his lead in the general classification to three minutes as Chaves lost 42 seconds while Nibali cracked on the last climb. He lost almost two minutes to drop to fourth overall, almost five minutes down.

Stage 19 was the first to head into the high mountains, featuring the Cima Coppi, the Colle Dell'Agnello, and a subsequent descent and climb to a summit finish at Risoul in France. The day proved to be a redemption for Nibali as he won the stage after dropping Chaves on the climb to Risoul. In tears after the finish, the Shark dedicated the win to Rosario Costa - a young cyclist from Nibali's junior cycling team, who had been killed two weeks before.

Meanwhile, Kruijswijk crossed the line almost five minutes down on Nibali and more than four minutes behind Chaves. Chaves took the maglia rosa with a second advantage over Nibali as Kruijswijk, who would later be diagnosed with a fractured rib, fell to third overall at a minute and five seconds behind. Stage 20 was the final decisive stage in terms of the general classification, with three first category climbs and the steep third category climb to the finish at Sant'Anna di Vinadio.

Nibali attacked on the penultimate climb, distancing Chaves and the other GC contenders, and made up the deficit to Chaves to claim his second Giro d'Italia ahead of the final stage in Turin. Nibali's other main target of the season was the Olympic Road race. However, Nibali and Henao crashed out of the race on the final descent during the Olympic Road race, with Nibali suffering a broken collarbone. After four seasons with Astana, Nibali announced in August that he would join the newly formed Bahrain—Merida team in He finished his season by taking victory in the Taiwan KOM Challenge, setting a new course record in the process.

Nibali entered the Giro d'Italia and finished the race in second place overall, behind Richard Carapaz. Nibali won the shortened Stage 20 of the Tour de France. Nibali moved to Lugano in the spring of with his girlfriend Rachele Perinelli born The couple got married in October [58] and have a daughter, Emma Vittoria born 28 February Nibali has a younger brother, Antonio Nibali , who is also a racing cyclist, having turned professional in to ride for the Marchiol—Emisfero team in Italy.

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