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Mauro betting lendo a carta

And, what would be the consequences of that? A essential name in mumblecore, Swanberg takes his first mainstream leap using an A-list cast —Livinston, Kendrick, Johnson, and the dazzling Miss Olivia Wilde!

Drinking Buddies is a labor of love for me, combining my passion for craft beer with the desire to tell a story about complicated, interesting adults. I wanted to inject the formula with a dose of realism and spontaneity by working with my actors and having them improvise.

He has made several short films and online series, as well as such feature films as Nights and Weekends ; co-directed with Greta Gerwig and screened at the 23rd Festival , Alexander the Last ; 24th Festival , and Art History ; 26th Festival , among others. Setting out alone, their moments of wordless play along the way are interspersed with a camera that explores the city as if through the eyes of his youthful protagonists. Harkening back to some of the great masters who have mined this idea — Vigo, Truffaut, Fellini—, Rockwell finds, in these straightforward and uncomplicated exchanges, the magic of a lost world.

Told in stunning black and white photography, Little Feet shows a poetic side of Los Angeles one rarely sees and stands as an homage of sorts to the very first films shot in the town that was not long ago a desert that stood at the edge of the great Pacific Ocean. At the same time Little Feet is not a film just about children, it is a film whose light is the very light of childhood. Herzog often says film is the art of morons and animals and that its power does not come from the intellect but rather the spiritual and the physical.

I think he is right, I am sure there is something primal that comes from images found on the edge of what we understand in our conscious minds. For that reason it is important to loose oneself completely in the making of a film and only after it is completed look at it and articulate what you believe it is. Maybe it is better left to someone other than the director to decide what a film means to them personally.

Born in Boston in , he studied at the French Cinematheque. He currently teaches at the New York University. La segunda vuelta entre Sarkozy y Hollande promete disputarse voto a voto. The ballotage round between Sarkozy and Hollande promises to end up with a close call. Her ex, a scoundrel she claims named Vincent has promised to visit their two young daughters. And even Laetitia gave her male-nanny precise orders to keep him away at all cost Vincent will prove he has the will and resources to get his way.

Shot mostly during the actual election day, guerrilla-style, Age of Panic overprints its fictional plot on the documentary landscape of a hysterical and euphoric France in order to deliver a sweet-sour comedy that gracefully flows between the public and the private, from media to fears, from intimate stories to History.

I believe in some kind of organized mess in staging. Combining a very written structure with disturbing elements, which will put the actors in an uncomfortable situation, as it is uncontrollable. Her first narrative short, Two Ships , won a number of awards at various festivals. Age of Panic is her first narrative feature. A true s legend of Greek television, Antonis Paraskevas hosted a hugely popular show for twenty years, and now checks himself into a holiday hotel that closes during the winter.

That perfect portrait of contemporary loneliness and loss of fame featuring the only guest of a desert hotel making karaoke gets broken when he attempts to make up a strategy that would lead take him back to the media spotlight. Antonis Paraskevas has no identity. He is what others think of him. My country has no identity. It is what others think of it. My country is the servant of a castaway. Es socia en la productora Guanaco.

The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas es su primer largometraje. Born in Athens, Greece, in , she studied Filmmaking and Sociology in her city. She is a partner at the production company Guanaco. The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas is her first feature. In a story against time that triggers a direct-style urban road movie in the streets of Tehran, the film goes through different social conflicts starting off from the situation of women, who manage to stand as guarantors of social order despite an adverse context.

But above all —as usually happens with the finest Iranian films— the movie is a dense reflection on the meandrums of social justice. Apenas puedo respirar. Me preocupa el silencio que eligieron las personas. It is a very tough time. I can hardly breathe. It is hard to write and difficult to make films. I am concerned about the silence which people have chosen. Bright Day es su primer largometraje. Born in in Tabriz, Iran, he studied at the Tehran University.

Bright Day is his first feature film. Paloma is thirty-five years-old and has a son who is fifteen, Hector, with whom he maintains a close and very special relationship. During a summer holiday Hector meets Jazmin, a teenager who is a year younger than him and has the same overwhelming curiosity regarding sexual awakening.

Aware of their attraction, Paloma tries to keep his son next to her at all costs, while he grows distant as a consequence of his uncontrolable wish to grow. In the first treatment of Club Sandwich the main character was Hector, an adolescent who experiences his sexual awakening while on vacation with his mother —it was a coming of age story. Ultimately, Club Sandwich ended up being a coming of age story, only now its focus spanned a wider range in age. He was born in Mexico City in His first feature, Duck Season was shown at various festivals and won eleven Arieles the Mexican Academy of Film awards.

Juan, Sara and Samuel are three teenagers from the slums of Guatemala who travel to the US in search of a better life. Like hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are forced by circumstances to undertake this uncertain expedition —travelling together in cargo trains and walking on railroad tracks—, these newfound friends face danger while suffering fear, pain and injustice during their drastic experience.

A harsh road movie, The Golden Cage sheds light on the broader context of illegal immigration while holds its own as a work of worthwhile filmmaking skills. Payan, L. Salinas, E. Lopez, R. This film is not a documentary, rather it is a fiction based on reality, reenacting it from a place of authenticity and integrity. We constructed the narrative and poetics of this odyssey from the testimony of hundreds of migrants and from the personal sentiments of those who participated in the creative process, in the hope of deconstructing the conventions that imprison us so we can reinvent our own reality.

My dream is that these boundaries that separate us dissolve, allowing us to board another train, one whose passengers all know our existences are interconnected. La jaula de oro es su primer largometraje. The Golden Cage is his first feature-length film. Y debe hacerlo antes de que le tomen la foto escolar. Un film sobre personajes lastimados y desamparados; sobre la identidad, la intolerancia, el rechazo y la resistencia.

Junior Samuel Lange, a revelation is nine years-old and has an obsession: to straighten his hair, to crush that unyieldingly curled black mane in order to have it the way pop stars do. And he must do it before they take the school photos. A film about wounded, helpless characters. About identity, intolerance, rejection, and resistance. A film with a hard heart and hair. Me interesa hablar de personajes desamparados, sin recursos para sobrevivir emocionalmente.

Desde un inicio, quise hablar de esta herida. La herida del amor causada por la intolerancia. A child who still plays, but who plays with everyday horror. Is it a matter of instinct or is it an unconditional duty?

Emotion is not duty. He was fatally wounded. From the beginning I wanted to talk about this wound. The wound of love caused by intolerance. She was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Romero Gonzalo Valenzuela is a volleyball player and a legend in his club who has had better seasons. When Romero finally gets the tremendous beating he was asking for, Nuri will be the one who takes care of him.

And, perhaps, in those days when they are forced to live together she will even manage to convince him —as Milewicz convinces us with his firm narrative pulse— that love can hurt a lot, yes, but sometimes…. Que hablen sus cuerpos.

Sus silencios. Los desencuentros. Un erotismo luminoso y quemado. An absent, omnipresent father, whose only legacy is a beautiful song and the deepest indifference. In their bodies talking. Their silences. The failed meetings. A luminous, burnt out eroticism. I let myself be pierced through by Nuri, a girl who interrogates me with all the innocence of her precociousness. And she asks me if it is possible to love here. A writer and teacher, he was founder and artistic advisor for the first Bafici, and read scripts for the Sundance Institute in the USA.

An eleven year-old boy tap-dances hard on the floor of his modest home, as if he was claiming his infinite desire of becoming a man. Raised by his father Sbaraglia but about to leave the small Patagonian town of Choele Choel to set on a new course with his mother, Coco faces an intense season of changes. Entonces me respondo que justamente para eso escribo y filmo, para nunca dejar de preguntarme. Lost in the unpaved streets of a neighborhood in Choele Choel, I discovered the protagonist of my new story: in the middle of a private malambo class, a boy would hit the ground with his feet, raising dust, claiming his wish, his infinite desire to stop being a kid, to turn into a man just like his teacher, his dad.

Sometimes I wonder when I will stop writing father-son stories. Sometimes I wonder when I started doing that. And then I answer to myself that that is exactly why I write and film, to never stop asking myself things. Es redactor creativo publicitario y tiene vasta experiencia en teatro. Born in , he graduated from the UBA as image and sound designer.

He studied Acting, Advertising, and Drama. He works as creative writer for advertisements and has an extensive career in theater. Dos mujeres empiezan a convivir en una casa que las atrapa, refugia y aparta del afuera. La tormenta llega y el ambiente queda limpio y fresco, pero el insecto ha entrado a la casa. Two women start living together in a house that captures them, shelters them, and keeps them away from the outside.

The house is only visited once and again by a lover that helps taking care of the garden. Holanda, one of the women, is a veteran underground theater actress who is preparing a monologue for the premiere of her latest play. The other one kills time looking for her lost Persian cat, watering plants, and attempting a restoration of the place that moves slowly, partly because it all reminds her of her late husband.

The storm arrives and the place is left clean and fresh, but the insect has entered the house. No podemos matar al grillo porque es yeta, mala suerte. We start off from a wish to make this film. We talk about times, fourteen days. We talk about emotions, about feelings, about falseness, about family, about love, about humor, about loss, about death, about drama, about that character that is not there, about space, about the lack of spaces.

A film we started building up by filming the limit of sorrow in order to no let it be and turn it into sarcasm, but not letting it be either. In the year , he presented his documentary feature Criada and codirected the documentary Buen Pastor, una fuga de mujeres the following year. The cricket is his first narrative feature. Un asalto. Una toma de rehenes brutal.

Los vecinos claman justicia; los medios, sangre. Pero nada es del todo lo que parece. A night. A robbery. A brutal hostage situation. Neighbors demand justice, and the media wants blood. The police show their teeth and prepare their attack. All hell breaks lose in a big franchise drugstore, putting at risk the fate and lives of clients and employees.

Jesus, a humble man from the Villa 31 who just lost his job, has a 22 caliber and holds a diverse group of clients and employees prisoner with it. A savage criminal, a lost young man who is determined not to surrender and seeks to buy time at all costs to find a way out.

Marcelo, the forty-some store manager, is somewhat used to these situations, and tries to negotiate so no one would get hurt: a model employee, a model Argentine citizen. But none of them are entirely what they seem. This film dabbles as no other film in history with a novel, remarkable approach.

Seventeen GoPro cameras hidden in one location record the story as a security camera system, an omniscient, ruthless judge. Without music, without aesthetical artifices, only with the rawness of its story, the film seeks to move, providing an unexpected ending that will make every member of the audience question their deepest principles.

Tiro de gracia es su primer largometraje como director. Tiro de gracia is his first film as a director. In he was kidnapped by the Pinochet dictatorship, savagely tortured, and deprived of his freedom for more than six months. During the social uprising of , they both decide to run around the La Moneda Government Palace together with thousands of people demanding free and quality education, in one of the strongest citizen demonstrations against the neoliberal policies implanted by the dictatorship.

I decided that by telling a story about student protests I would maintain that spirit and concentrate on the intimate portrayal of our characters, which, in the midst of the confusion, join forces to run in a sign of protest. Patiently, we were able to find out what brought them together and what made them different. I told myself that if we were able to portray these lives with their everyday contradictions and dreams, then Chilean protests would be universal.

A man comes to his home after a day of work and finds her wife dead. Without saying a word, but broken inside, he puts the body in a suitcase, loads it in the back seat of his car, and drives out to the road heading for the ocean —he never left Brasilia, the city where he was born.

La estructura que permite vivir la rutina evidencia su fragilidad cuando se enfrenta a un colapso emocional. The Sun Against My Eyes has as thematic focus the unsustainability of standards that give value and meaning to things. This structure that allows living a routine presents fragility when confronted to an emotional collapse. By approaching these topics, we wish to raise a discussion about the conflict between living the life we desire and the incapacity of doing it.

And this difficulty is what determinates the accomplishment of the reverie itself. She studied film at the Fluminense Federal University. She directed the shorts Praia de Botafogo and Le Portrait. First as a rumor, bad news started to come and forced the three Quispe sisters to rethink their lives — marked by survival at any means in the rough landscape of the high Andean plateau, where they are more and more isolated with her goats.

The other families are short-selling their livestock and leaving. The film draws its expressive force from the brutal contrast between the preserved intimacy and contained emotions of its main characters, and the infinite, crushing natural setting that surrounds them, as well as from a certain communion between those chattered, rock-hard faces and the matter their world is made of. We filmed in the place where the sisters lived, four thousand kilometers high, in the arid Andean plateau, documenting their way of living: an ascetic, primitive world, totally out-of-step from the time Chile was through due to its distance and culture.

That space and those customs are unique. I think the topics the story develops femininity in an austere world, the end of a way of life are finally universal. The Quispe Girls is his first feature. El reclamo por la tierra de sus ancestros va mutando en deseo de cobrarse venganza por el siglo y medio de esclavitud, y la violencia contenida queda al borde del estallido. Manena is a very determined teenager, and the darling daughter of Pancho, a rich Chilean landowner who devotes his vacations to a single obsession: the extermination of carp fish that invade his lake.

As he resorts to ever more extreme methods over the course of the summer, Manena experiences her first deception in love and discovers a world that silently co-exists alongside her own: that of the Mapuche Indian workers who claim access to these lands, fighting against the Chilean and the international upper class that have acquired extended land holdings, denying further access to their ancestral territories.

As they claim the land of their ancestors, a desire to take revenge that, after a one-and-a-half century of servitude, drives them to a violence escalade on the verge to explode. I needed to find the right language to evoke this privileged, powerful class and the violence it uses to protect its interests and maintain the status quo. No, I wanted to film the tension, the atmosphere of restrained violence. And I needed the backbone of a narrative to convey all this through a sensual, physical approach.

She was born in Santiago in The Summer of Flying Fish is her first fiction film. David splits his time between his home and fixing the house of someone who travelled abroad, but a series of unexpected events prevent him from completing that task. I model a story through the plastic concepts and elements I use as a painter.

Stimulating the senses in order to live an aesthetic and human experience. And did you survive? With a raw and direct style —which nevertheless allows itself a few allegories, like rats in a cage— Gude invites us to spy and glimpse at the fragments of a colorful world that is yet submerged into the shadows.

Mambo Cool is his directorial debut. A estas alturas de la vida Highs and Lows Dos amigos pasan sus fines de semana en la terraza del edificio donde viven, espiando a los vecinos con un telescopio. Two friends spend their weekends on the roof of the building they live in, spying on their neighbors with a telescope.

Daniel is an unstable womanizer with no clear goals in his life, but he has a gift for math. They stand —and understand— each other. Esos trabajos fueron nuestra escuela. This is a film inspired on friendship. For years, we had acted together in plays and short films. These works were our school.

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, he directed the shorts Aspirando , El origen de las pasiones , and Encuentros profundos It is well known that families come in every shape, form, and color. But only a few are as casual as the one of Claudia, a twenty-some girl from Guadalajara who is too used to live on her own. In a hospital bed due to appendicitis, a bag of fries smuggled between beds will lead her to meet her roommate Martha, matriarch of a huge family three daughters and a son from three different fathers and terminal HIV patient.

With very few questions and no scandal, Claudia will soon become the sixth member of that slightly eccentric and very loud group, helping out Martha when she gets tired yet never sad, because the pain in the body is enough and relating with her children in different ways.

In this life, we stand by ourselves. Some people look for a partner to share this journey; others remain with their family; others choose to be surrounded by friends; and others, to stay isolated. But even so, life is a continuous exchange of feelings, encounters with other people who feel just like you and when you open yourself and share it, they make it all seem more bearable, somehow.

The Amazing Cat Fish is a drama that the characters turn into an intimate bittersweet comedy. Claudia learns from each of them, understanding that the only way to bear life, is sharing it. She worked as an assistant director in several Mexican films. The Amazing Cat Fish is her first feature film. In the conflictive border that separates the states of Jalisco and Colima in a wild and savage Mexico —under the latent threat of the Fire Volcano, one of most active ones in the continent— Penumbra thoroughly depicts two people immersed in their everyday life, who face their own memories away from the city.

On one side, Adelelmo Jimenez walks through the forest hunting for wild animals and searching for medicinal plants —meanwhile, his wife Dolores stays home doing her everyday housework. What seems like a survival routine becomes the crystallization of a series of conflicts, including a son who tried to flee from the country.

In his second film, Eduardo Villanueva crosses the border between documentary and fiction, building a portrait where landscape, religion, and culture fuse together to create a journey that is both exterior and introspective, and challenges the limits of cinema as a narrative and poetic language.

The peculiar language of the frontier zone between the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima, along with their extreme, arid landscape, in addition to its inhabitants, who live between fantasy and ghostly worlds, has been immortalized by the great writer Juan Rulfo. I was somehow influenced by him to create Penumbra, an intent on describing with images that remote but still existing world that belongs to the Rulfian universe.

Penumbra es su segundo largometraje. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in Penumbra is his second film. Almost twenty years after the AMIA bombing there are still no fictions that make use of the narrative possibilities from this tragic and still open fragment of contemporary Argentine history. Partly motivated by this, Joel Novoa Schneider turned his first film into a tense thriller that follows in parallel two characters on both sides of the same plot —like some of the finest political films inspired in true events.

Ahmed Al Hassama is the sleeper cell, the bomb-man who was instructed to form a family and wait between Caracas and Buenos Aires for the right moment. David Goldberg is the bitter, cold, obsessive Mossad agent who was sent to Argentina after a attack alert.

In the year , due to having contracting dengue fever, I could not take a plane from Venezuela that would have taken me directly to the US and the fatal fate of the World Trade Center. He directed eight short subjects that were selected and won awards in more than thirty film festivals Cannes and Havana, among others. He also worked as assistant directors in four acclaimed features.

La Salle, Res. Pero luego aparece Erica, una vecina guapa, para cambiarlo todo Recently separated, Jorge is taking care of his little girl. He meets Tom in the pool of his building, and tells him that he is tired of women. But then, their beautiful neighbor Erica comes along and changes everything Actualmente trabaja en su propia comedia de TV.

Born in Brazil, he is a director of photography for advertisements, TV series, shorts, and feature films. He is currently working on his own sitcom. Hasta que decide salir de su encierro para ayudar a su vecina Julieta. Bibi is a widow who lives alone with her cat in a small apartment.

At age 70 and sheltered in her own world, she only interacts with her neighbors. In the midst of her loneliness, she decides to help her neighbor Juliet. They end up having a relationship that borders the limits of loneliness, as they identify with the common anguish of awaiting death. She was born in in Brazil. She studied Filmmaking at the FUC, where she made eleven short films. She directed the short film Abelardo Tras haber sufrido decepciones profesionales y amorosas en el Planeta Tierra, Julio y Clara deciden escapar juntos hacia el espacio exterior.

After suffering professional and amorous disappointments on Planet Earth, Julio and Clara decide to run away together into the outer space. A sci-fi musical about love. Filosof, J. Integran el colectivo de cine Filmes do Caixote. They directed seven shorts that include Um ramo ; awarded at Cannes , and the feature Hard Labor ; 26th Festival.

They are part of the film collective Filmes do Caixote. Amidst desolation and faith, a noble and hard-working peasant named Primitivo waits for the miracle of rain to come so corn will rise from the arid and infertile land. He was born in Colombia thirty-nine years ago. He has won many scholarships in artistic creation, with which he produced and shot, among other works, the documentary Danzaria and the short Love Story Basilio, un humilde zapatero, busca ayuda de sus vecinos para salvar a su hijo de una grave enfermedad.

Humble shoemaker Basilio seeks the help of his neighbors to save his son from a serious illness. But they reject him, and that triggers a tragedy that will transform his life. He worked as assistant director, editor, producer, cinematographer, and stop-motion animator in many short films. He directed the short Perros libertinos The staging will reveal that this seemingly quiet couple still has some unresolved issues.

She was born in Santander, Spain, in She directed the shorts Sensibilidad and Kike. La actitud de Luis es resultado de un evento inesperado. An experience in a mountain of the State of Nuevo Leon will make him reflect on the slow death we can suffer by poisoning, for which we must find an antidote that will allow us to keep on living. Su primer cortometraje es Algo diferente Her first short film was Algo diferente She also wrote and directed another short, Semper, currently in post-production.

Miranda Fracc. The memory of a trip to the other side of the world and an unexpected neighborhood procession join together an audiovisual essay on gods, views, and recordings; about the human condition and its connection with the divine. En un medio donde todo parece estar en su contra, los personajes se resisten a un futuro que parece inevitable. In an environment where everything seems to be set against them, the characters resist a future that seems inevitable.

The lonely challenge that unites them is the wish to restore threads of a wiped-out dignity. Even if it only makes. He later took film courses in New York. In search of that mythical place, and after a long season working on a remote village in the North, Manuel Echegaray co-star of Rastrojero sets on a spiritual journey following the trace of Latin American and mestizo legends that have been preserved by four centuries of oral history —and stubbornly ignored by literature and cinema.

Along with Manuel Echegaray, we have wanted to poetically cover these seven steps of initiation to the culture of northern Argentina, recording the quechua oral tradition around the idea of spirituality and transcendence. My quest is to make films of the present with completely unexpected material. A film of contemporary conception and languages with a perennial, universal subject matter.

Es montajista, director, productor y docente de cine. Summer in Buenos Aires. He meets Malena by accident at a fast food joint where she spends her time, when she should be preparing for an exam. What they both first assume to be a casual encounter is followed by other successive encounters, and this leads them to decide they are destined to be together, to accompany each other in whatever they do until the following morning.

Actually, none of them seem to have anything else to do. Made with these fragments of young, urban lives —and pretty much just that— the film is a sincere, independently-produced portrayal of an aimless generation, that promises to surprise those who thought this dimly narrative area of New Argentine Cinema had nothing new to offer.

Siempre observados por la ciudad. Una ciudad violenta, sucia, se respira inquietud. Saltan de un tema a otro como si nada. En mano como buscando el anti-encuadre. Nos la tenemos que dar contra la pared y no nos puede doler. Always observed by the city. We are above them; harassing them. Two fragile persons in a hostile environment. A violent, dirty city; uneasy can be breathed.

Lots of dialogue in order to fill a void. They jump from one subject to another just like that. I want to shoot it on dirty, broken video, never hiding what format it is. Hand-held, searching for the antiframing. He worked in the camera department for multiple advertisements, features and documentaries. He is currently an assistant director. The Air is his first film. Asimismo, la experimento como un cuento de nuestro tiempo que asume el punto de vista de los chicos protagonistas.

De Souza, N. Meza, S. Toro Pollicino, C. Fagundes, P. Cabreira, M. I think of this film as a comedy that hides a slight melancholy in the apparently trivial. Additionally, I experience it as a tale of our time that takes the point of view of the child protagonists. Born in the province of Mendoza in , he is a sociologist and filmmaker specializing in writing and directing. We meet this boy in a key moment in his life: the transition from infancy to puberty.

Raised in a fishing village where time seats still, Ezequiel leads quite a lonely existence in the sole company of his mother and sisters, in a humble yet affectionate home environment. He observes the adults and learns how to be a fisherman, a craft that is tough in nature but pollution turned into something even harder for the younger generations.

Diamante feeds from resources of both fiction and a documentary view that observes without interfering —capturing an essence in local faces, making us feel the heat and cold humidity of the Litoral, submerging us in its vegetation and surrounding us with its animals and pests—, and traces a testimony on time, the Diamantine identity and all the things we leave behind in order to find our place in the world.

Ezequiel es el inicio y la respuesta a todas esas preguntas. El reto de Diamante es buscar la esencia de lo humano. What motivates a person to follow such a harsh trade as fishing? Ezequiel is the beggining and the answer to all those questions.

Our connection was direct and sincere, and that was my motivation to follow him for years. With the humbleness and simplicty of just observing, sharing, and being there in family moments without the camera intervening in everyday life. The challenge of Diamante is to search for the essence of humanity. He is currently post-producing his first narrative feature, La huella en la niebla. We see her with them in the classroom, but also in a country-retreat, or a barbecue.

We witness her meetings with Juan, a referent in the Argentine deaf community, who travels around the world teaching Sign Language. They have long conversations after dinner about essential topics like the advantages and disadvantages of the cochlear implant, or the importance of the effort parents are willing to make in order to communicate with their deaf children —and how that effort determines their chance of an intellectual and emotional development.

Ale is one of my friends; we went to high school together. She wanted to teach the blind, but because on that very year the major was shut down, she went to the one for the deaf. She only wanted to teach and help. She is the teacher, the friend, the mother… One could say that she is the protector of the deaf in Bell Ville, the city where I was born and raised. With this documentary, my aim is to show her work, her dedication.

And I also wish it would serve, among other things, for the school she founded with a group of parents more than twenty years ago to be officially acknowledged. Escuela de sordos es su primer largo documental. She worked as camera and cinematographer for Jorge Polaco and Javier Torre, among others. In , she made the short subject Paisaje 23rd Festival. School of Deafs is her first documentary feature.

The thing is, something happened when Miguel was a kid, a very close tragic event that left an indelible mark. Later, Miguel would spend twenty years living in a secret sect, a community settled in the mountains, with his whole family. Now, having left the sect and abandoned his projects of changing the world, he is confronted with his relatives and looks for his mother Ana and Mehir, his abusive guru, both of them fugitives from justice; while he tries to understand his father, his past marked by tragedy, and his present.

Who is crazier? I Am Mad is a voyage, the chance of entering another world, another reality, of moving the assemblage point and appreciating things another way. Which is reality? What is madness? It is also the life story of a man; a man who dared to mark his back with blood and ink forever.

All of this was possible due to the unique nature of this detention center, which differentiated it from other extermination centers of the repressive forces because many survivors were able to provide countless and irrefutable proof of the actions perpetrated by this horror machine.

Imprescriptible also covers the importance of settling the debt justice has had in these thirty years of democracy, in order to solve the complicated trials that would end the impunity of the direct perpetrators of these crimes, as well as its planners who benefited from their politics of destruction. Through a handful of the hundreds of witnesses that provided testimony during that trial, we could achieve this voyage through time.

NOA, un viaje en subdesarrollo documenta parte de esa experiencia. In the late Nineties, he and a group of friends created Cineambulante, which travelled to small province towns screening films. NOA, un viaje en subdesarrollo documents part of that experience. Imprescriptible is his directorial debut. These are two girls constantly running away from a world they feel is hostile, grotesque, and apathetic, just like their homes each of them broken in its own way.

They might seek the same thing without knowing exactly what it is and find refuge in their very close friendship, an almost flawless understanding of each other, and a shared obsession with death. En definitiva: el miedo. Las actrices, Manu y Luna, se vieron reflejadas en esas inquietudes. Y yo me vi reflejada en ellas. Y creo que, jugando, todos perdimos un poco el miedo. With Debbie Martin, a childhood friend and colleague, we worked on some ideas on wandering, on projecting on nothingness, denial as strategy, game playing as an escape… In short: fear.

The actresses, Manu and Luna, saw themselves reflected in those concerns. And I saw myself reflected in them. Once we knew what to tell and how to tell it, everything started flowing. A great work group was formed; glorious shootings filled with laughter in which we ran through the streets, climbed roofs, broke into parks, wandered through the city.

And I believe that, by playing, we all lost some of the fear. She was born in Buenos Aires in She studied Image and Sound Design at the UBA and directed the documentary short Puertas adentro , along with a number of music videos. She was part of the photography and camera department in many shorts, as well as the feature Sin retorno. Since , she makes projection set designs for plays. Free Garcia is her first feature. Some sportsmen have a career that not only takes them to the peak of their specialty, but also reveals the complexities of the sports world.

How does a true champion regain his honor? How does he defend his dignity against a professional sport scene marked by corrupt mercantilism? This is a classic story of a struggle against the powers to be by a protagonist whose resources depend on his human quality, sacrifice, and the efforts of those who stood by him throughout his career. Dodgy negotiations out of the ring can bury any dream in the US, the Mecca of international boxing where rules are dictated by money and TV ratings over sportsmanship.

Born in , he studied Filmmaking at the UBA. Maravilla is his first film as a director and producer. A blend in styles and narrative formats that include some very inspired cartoon sequences, somewhat similar to anime. A blend of genres: what starts as an urban drama with some notes on the labor exploitation of Asian immigrants turns into a mafia thriller, a sci-fi horror narrative with some rabid mutant rabbits, that leads to a Pampas setting as humid as apt for a western showdown.

An entertainingly bizarre cocktail as well as a very current reflection on the world of labor, science, and social integration: a provocatively unusual artifact in Argentine cinema. Las parejas mixtas son muy pocas interracial es para el porno. Estrada, D. Estrada P: L. Molina, V. I wanted to make a film that would visually show the contrasts and conflicts of a young woman of mixed origin.

Mixed couples are scarce interracial is for porn. The story of a girl with an identity problem, confused and not knowing where she belongs, is one of the oldest themes when telling a story. This is my vision of my country and my people today, with a few extras.

Es miembro de la Academia de Cine Argentina. She is a member of the Argentine Film Academy. Tienen dos bolsos llenos de dinero, armas, mucho tiempo libre y la costumbre de alborotarlo todo. A gang of professional thieves pulls off their great hit: they rob millions from a downtown financial company. They escape. They must hide, find refuge, and wait a while until a forger provides them with passports to leave the country. They must remain in that peaceful place for a little more than a day.

They have two bags filled with money, some guns, lots of free time, and a habit for messing things up. Shootings, barbecues, soccer matches, and melancholia. An urban crime story, a contemporary western, a comedy of artifice. Cinephile mythology traveling through plains and nearby skies. Genre cinema and universal forms poured into Argentine geography. That, and much more, is what Polvareda is about. Cinefilia y sentimiento.

Papatino, Cutuli, H. Camadulle Luna, L. Coccaro, J. Polvareda intends to move a universally recognizable film genre to one unique space: the Argentine Pampas. Cinephilia and feeling. A directorial debut made from IDs from others, but with its own identity. Graduated as image and sound designer at the UBA, he has worked as video store clerk, in film societies, and as film critic.

His current profession is editing and doing camerawork in diverse contents that range from TV shows to Evangelical conferences. In the meantime, he is finishing the documentary Los monstruos, which will be his second film. Nada sabemos de ellos ni del muerto. Una vez instalados en una estancia familiar en Santa Teresa, dejan pasar las horas entre el ocio y el tedio, para luego dedicarse a manipular en la oscuridad un arma larga mientras intercambian vagas declaraciones morales sobre la caza de animales.

Three friends bury a corpse in the middle of the countryside. We know nothing about them or about the deceased. A few hours before that they were getting kicked out of a party, and impulsively driving off to the countryside. They have trivial, vaguely idiosyncratic conversations while on the road. They express some artistic curiosity and display an alternately infantile, aggressive, quarrelsome, and paranoid behavior.

Once they have settled in a family ranch in Santa Teresa, they spend their hours between leisure and tedium, and later start handling a rifle in the dark, while exchanging vague moral statements on animal hunting. All the banality of the previous day reveals its darkest side the morning after. Navarrete, C. We wanted to make a road movie filmed against traffic, to work on a film genre getting rid of the modes in which it is usually filmed.

The trip of the characters happens in the interstices; what we presence are the ellipses, the moments that would have been avoided in any other movie of the genre. We favored static moments and decided to make a radical use of the out of field and fixed shots in order to make movement the dramatic displacement come from editing, from an idea prearranged by the genre on the audience, almost like a Kuleshovian experiment.

He was assistant director and producer in many short films. Both that starting point and the rest of the story is shot from a single perspective developed in a single shot: the film is narrated in real time in order to play with the progression of the plot through dialogue and the use of space, in a mirrored dialogue with theater. Featuring single time and space units, simulation, sex crudely oral and not suitable for children , acting, different forms of representation that go from miniature to drawing, from home video to mimicry, and a plot that goes back and forth between realism and artifice: a metalinguistic dimension that performs duplicities in order to blur fiction from the reality of the story.

This film emerges as a narrative and audiovisual experiment. I sought to renounce important cinematic tools, with the idea that renouncing them was a way of using them. I wanted to tell a story without manipulating time through editing, without telling the audience where to look, resorting exclusively to what the characters say and do. Desde , se he dedicado al sonido en cine, participando en varios largometrajes.

La utilidad de un revistero es su primer largometraje como guionista y director. He was born in Buenos Aires in In he took a film course and in he enrolled in the brand new FUC, where he worked as a sound engineer in several short films. Since he works in sound for films, and worked in several feature films. The Use of a Magazine Rack is his first film as a scriptwriter and director. Un evento en una sinagoga.

Una exclusiva lista de invitados. An exclusive guest list. He assisted the Talent Campus at Berlinale Baklava aims to reflect on the irruption of eroticism in the moment when Valentina and Clara —a long-time couple— are dining in an Eastern restaurant. She wrote and directed four shorts, including Estructurada. She was assistant director and editor in many features, and has worked as series editor and director for Canal Encuentro since What would happen if you buy some LPs online to the wrong person?

A dreadful story that takes us back to the past: more precisely, to horror films from the Seventies. She was born in La Plata in She directed fiction and animated short films. Born in in Buenos Aires, he studied at Universidad del Cine. His short film Estamos bien was selected for Historias breves V and his short El juego was screened in Cannes.

Alberto has a routinary life, until some unfortunate events make him take the decision of changing his life and follow his dream, that same morning. La noche. Una noche. Una mujer. Un hombre. Un hombre y una mujer. La mesa. Una mesa. No, jazz. Actuar, pretender. La risa. Los besos. La decadencia. The night. One night. Perhaps any night, anywhere. It rains. A woman. A man.

A man and a woman. A man, a woman, and someone else. The table. A table. A table immersed in alcohol, singing, playing music. The music. The seduction, the crossing. Acting, pretending. One night, a woman, a man, and someone else, on a table. The void. Two years later, he produced Dignidad secuestrada, about human trafficking. Hicimos un experimento. We did an experiment. We placed two characters with the same emotional goal but neither of them has the heart to tell the other.

But… we can hear what he thinks, and what she thinks. Una familia desintegrada hereda la casa de un padre al que no conocieron. A disintegrated family inherits the house of a father they never met. Tiene que pasar la prueba, conduce en silencio hacia el puerto de Buenos Aires. He has to pass the test, and he drives silently towards the Buenos Aires harbor. El Topo will give him a chance. Trabaja en cine y en publicidad, y ha dirigido varios cortos universitarios. He was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Film University.

He works in film and advertising, and has directed many shorts at university. Diego, en cambio, ni siquiera sabe que hay un conflicto. Actualmente escribe su primer largometraje. He studied Filmmaking at the Universidad del Cine and made many shorts, advertisements and music videos. He is currently writing his first feature. Un auto flota en el medio de la piscina de una casa. Del interior logra salir una mujer, trepa el borde y se sienta, rodeada por algunos ladrillos destruidos.

A car floats in the middle of a house pool. A woman manages to get out from it, climbs on to the border, and seats down surrounded by some broken bricks. She stays there, silent. The only witness watches the scene from one of the windows in the back of the garden, very still. Until she decides to leave the hospital, and goes back to the house where it all started.

Daniel conoce a Carolina, una mujer deslumbrante que lo cautiva. Todo va bien hasta que Daniel descubre un regalo que el ex novio le hizo a ella. Daniel se obsesiona con superar ese regalo. Daniel meets Carolina, a dazzling woman who captivates him. Everything goes well, until Daniel finds a gift from her ex-boyfriend.

Daniel becomes obsessed with topping that gift. He directed several shorts, including Pies best Argentine short at the 25th Festival and Puertas adentro ; 27th Festival and the featurelength film Furtivo Mariano Luque Un muchacho que estudia cine y filma fiestas de casamientos.

Un hombre que ha montado su productora en el garaje de su casa. A young man who studies Filmmaking and shoots weddings. A man who set up a production company in his garage. A girl who plans to play a self-tribute video in her 15th birthday party. Sus cortos han participado en festivales nacionales e internacionales. Actualmente trabaja en Otra madre, su segundo largometraje.

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Segnati in totale. Ecco la lista dei bookmakers che non bloccano i conti se vinci. Quale e' il bookmaker che non limita le puntate. Risultati Vincenti - dicembre. Selezione e recensione dei nuovi bookmakers AAMS con i relativi bonus entrati nel mercato italiano.

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Selezione professionale dei migliori bookmakers che offrono scommesse boxe, Risultati basati sui seguenti criteri: Offrono realmente scommesse. Citeste mai departe. Bookmaker Austria Vienna-Milan: la svolta dei rossoneri riparte dall'Europa, al via con il Risultati Vincenti - gennaio 5, io mi sono semplicemente limitato a consigliarvi uno dei pochi bookmakers realmente affidabile.

La guida alle scommesse live di tutti gli sport per giocare meglio e con i migliori bookmakers, accedi al sito e usufruisci dei bonus di benvenuto. Guida al mondo del Live Betting, con articoli informativi e anteprime illustrate dei migliori bookmakers per scommettere. Leggi delle recensioni dettagliate dei bookmaker italiani online.

Ottieni un bonus alla prima scommessa. Una completa carrellata dei bookmakers e dei bonus. Italia - Serie B Risultati ultima giornata, classifica, calendario, analisi partite prossimo turno e statistiche sul campionato. We provide customers. Blog do Mauro Beting Esse Arthur.

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