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Veria vs iraklis betting expert nba I went to the Dead Man's Treasure page about a Greek-language movie and have worked on it. Common types of injuries that can affect volleyball players include muscles, joints and ligaments injuries, sprains and strains as well as bruises. Someone looking for a quiet little job, or a bit of clever AWB-work, might like to check Roads in Greece and add them where needed. Muhammad Shanxi Z Views Read Edit View history. Wilson Kapfe
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Veria vs iraklis betting expert nba It depends primarily on the type, intensity and duration of physical activity related to the sports discipline practiced and to the training cycle duration. Wu Jiangsu D. Are they right? Maynard, Rio Claro 9. Rehabilitation protocol for patellar tendinopathy applied among to year old volleyball players.


Fifteen elite male beach- volleyball players Training strategy of explosive strength in young female volleyball players. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of an 8-week combined jump and ball throwing training program in the performance of upper and lower extremities among young female volleyball players of the high school. The experimental group received additional plyometric and ball throwing exercises besides their normal volleyball practice. The control group underwent only their regular session of training.

The 8-week combined jump and ball throwing training can significantly improve muscular performance in young female volleyball players. These findings may be useful for all physical education teachers and volleyball coaches. All rights reserved. Isokinetic testing of the shoulder joint shows valuable indication to possible functional disorders and muscle imbalance. Sex-specific significant differences were shown which are comparable to other kind of sports.

Relations of competitive state anxiety and efficacy of young volleyball players. With the aim of validating the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory on a population of young Croatian volleyball players , examinees, male and female volleyball players average age of Given the fact that all scales of the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory have good homogeneity, reliability and sensitivity, it can be concluded that they represent high-quality measuring instruments for measuring psychological characteristics of young volleyball players.

Young male and female volleyball players generally have a moderate level of self-confidence, and their cognitive anxiety is more prominent that somatic anxiety. In order to determine the age and gender differences in somatic and cognitive anxiety and self-confidence, parametric analysis of differences was performed and coefficients of the independent samples t-test were calculated.

By analysis of differences according to age, it has been established that female junior players , in relation to female youth players , express a significantly lower level of somatic and cognitive anxiety and a significantly higher level of self-confidence.

As opposed to female players , male youth and junior players do not differ in any of the analysed variables. By analysis of differences according to gender, it has been established that male youth players have a significantly higher level of self-confidence in comparison to female youth players. No significant differences were found in the level of competitive anxiety and self-confidence by analysis of variance between different player roles. No significant differences were found by discriminant analysis in somatic and cognitive anxiety, and self-confidence of female volleyball players of different situational efficacy.

The group of least efficient male volleyball players is characterized by a very low level of self-confidence, while the most efficient group of volleyball. Y-balance normative data for female collegiate volleyball players. The Lower Quarter Y Balance YBT-LQ Test performance varies depending on competitive level, sport, gender, and age; therefore, determining normative scores specific to a population may be helpful in identifying injury-risk thresholds and return-to-play criteria following an injury.

A descriptive analysis cohort study. Ninety healthy Baseline values for this population were This study identified normative YBT-LQ composite scores for healthy, female, collegiate volleyball players. Participants performed similarly despite their position. Context: Volleyball players are reported to have shoulder strength imbalances. Previous authors have primarily investigated small samples of male players at a single skill level, without considering playing position, and with inconsistent findings.

Objective: To evaluate shoulder strength asymmetry and a history of shoulder injury in a large sample of professional volleyball players of both sexes across different playing positions and skill levels.

Design: Descriptive laboratory study. Patients or Other Participants: A sample of volleyball players 99 men, 84 women. Results: Internal-rotation strength was asymmetric in favor of the dominant side in both sexes, regardless of previous shoulder injury status. Male volleyball players had a lower shoulder strength ratio on the dominant side, regardless of previous shoulder injury status.

However, this finding was valid only when hand dominance was taken into account. Female volleyball players playing at a higher level ie, first versus second division were 3. Playing position was not associated with an abnormal shoulder strength ratio or strength asymmetry. In female players , the ratio was less only in those at a higher skill level. Although speculative, these findings generally suggest that female volleyball players could have a lower risk of developing shoulder-related problems than male.

Strength asymmetry of the shoulders in elite volleyball players. Volleyball players are reported to have shoulder strength imbalances. To evaluate shoulder strength asymmetry and a history of shoulder injury in a large sample of professional volleyball players of both sexes across different playing positions and skill levels. Descriptive laboratory study.

A sample of volleyball players 99 men, 84 women. Internal-rotation strength was asymmetric in favor of the dominant side in both sexes, regardless of previous shoulder injury status. Although speculative, these findings generally suggest that female volleyball players could have a lower risk of developing shoulder-related problems than male volleyball players.

Isokinetic shoulder testing may reveal important information about the possible risk. The aim of this study was to analyse the efficiency of muscular activity in the trunk stabilisation of professional volleyball players compared to a group of amateur hobby players. The results were compared amongst the groups as well as with a reference group consisting of asymptomatic individuals.

The question to be answered was whether or not professional volleyball players possess a characteristic strength profile in their trunk musculature and if differences exist with regard to the individuals' competitive playing level.

In this comparative study 12 professional volleyball players German Bundesliga and 18 non-professional volleyball players were analysed with regard to their isometric strength profile in all three planes.

A sports-specific profile for the musculature of volleyball players revealed a significant reduction in the flexion and rotation strength as well as a well-developed lateral flexion strength highly significant when compared to the reference group. With reference to the level played, better strength values in flexion and lateral flexion were found among the professional athletes. Professional volleyball players present with a characteristic trunk musculature strength profile.

A detailed analysis of the muscle strength of the spine as part of a sports medicine work-up could prove helpful in preventing injuries and overuse problems in professional and hobby volleyball players. Prospective study of injury in volleyball players : 6 year results.

The volleyball game has a high complexity and thus entails a lot of strain to the players. Due to this high and different training and competition strain comprehensive and individual training plans should be developed with competing training objectives in order to prevent injuries. The aim of the study was to analyse prospectively over six seasons the acute and overuse injuries of a German male professional volleyball team. All players received a sport medicine examination and a functional diagnosis before each season.

Based on the results the players received an individual training plan. The players suffered injuries. The prevalence of acute injuries was 1. The incidence of acute injuries was 3. The largest number of injuries was found in the spine. The players had most likely minor injuries. The players had significantly fewer injuries in their second season 1.

It could be concluded that volleyball is a sport with a relative low prevalence of injuries compared to other team sports. The prevalence of injury is 2. Due to an injury a player dropped out An individual training program seems to reduce the incidence of injury. Self-reported symptoms and risk factors for digital ischaemia among international world-class beach volleyball players.

The prevalence of ischaemia-related symptoms is remarkably high among elite indoor volleyball players. Since the exposure to sport-specific demands may be higher in beach volleyball compared to indoor volleyball , the aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of ischaemia-related symptoms and associated risk factors among world-class beach volleyball players.

Therefore, a questionnaire survey was performed among beach volleyball players active during the Grand Slam Beach Volleyball in the Netherlands. Two risk factors were independently associated with symptoms of blue or pale digits: more than 14 years playing volleyball odds ratio OR 4.

In conclusion, the prevalence of symptoms associated with digital ischaemia is high among international world-class beach volleyball players. Female sex and the length of the volleyball career were independently associated with an increased risk of ischaemia-related symptoms.

The high prevalence of these seemingly innocuous symptoms and possible associated risk factors warrant regular monitoring since early detection can potentially prevent thromboembolic complications and irreversible tissue damage. Comparison of whole-body vibration exercise and plyometric exercise to improve isokinetic muscular strength, jumping performance and balance of female volleyball players.

The exercise was conducted three times each week for 8 weeks. Isokinetic muscular strength, jumping performance , and balance were measured before starting the exercise and after finishing the 8 weeks of exercise. However, the plyometric exercise group had no significant increase in lumbar flexion, extension, and knee flexion.

Measurements of vertical jumping revealed that, the whole-body vibration exercise group had no significant increase after the exercise. However, the plyometric exercise group showed significant increase. Measurements of balance revealed that, the whole-body vibration exercise group showed significant increase. However, the plyometric exercise group showed no significant increase.

Context: The stability of the scapula in relation to the entire moving upper extremity is the key in the throwing sequence. The importance of scapular positioning in volleyball players has been well documented in the literature, but no one has compared scapular positioning between volleyball players and sedentary people.

Objective: To compare measurements of scapular mobility obtained using the lateral scapular slide test between volleyball players and sedentary participants without shoulder impairments and to compare changes in scapular mobility in players according to the number of years of sport participation. Design: Cross-sectional study.

Setting: University research laboratory. Patients or Other Participants: A total of people at a single university volunteered. Main Outcome Measure s : Study participants completed a rating scale for pain and a questionnaire about demographic and shoulder problems. One assessor performed the lateral scapular slide test and additional flexibility measurements around the shoulder girdle.

Flexibility external rotation, internal rotation and scapular position 1, 2, 3 were compared among groups young players , old players , sedentary people and between sides dominant, nondominant. Previously identified patellar tendinopathy risk factors differ between elite and sub-elite volleyball players. Patellar tendinopathy is the most common knee injury incurred in volleyball , with its prevalence in elite athletes more than three times that of their sub-elite counterparts.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether patellar tendinopathy risk factors differed between elite and sub-elite male volleyball players. Nine elite and nine sub-elite male volleyball players performed a lateral stop-jump block movement.

However, elite players participated in a higher training volume and had less quadriceps extensibility than sub-elite players. Therefore, high training volume is likely the primary contributor to the injury discrepancy between elite and sub-elite volleyball players. Interventions designed to reduce landing frequency and improve quadriceps extensibility are recommended to reduce patellar tendinopathy prevalence in volleyball players.

Overload and neovascularization of shoulder tendons in volleyball players. Background In overhead sports like volleyball , the onset of a rotator cuff tendinopathy due to functional overload is a common observation. An angiofibroblastic etiopathogenesis has been hypothesized, whereby a greater anaerobic metabolism occurs in critical zones of the tendon with a lower degree of vascularization; this would induce collagen and extracellular matrix degradation, that could then trigger a compensatory neovascularization response.

We performed a clinical observational study of 80 elite volleyball players , monitoring the perfusion values of the supraspinatus tendons by oximetry. Results No statistically significant differences were found between the oximetry data and age, sex or years of sports activity, nor when comparing the right and left arm or the dominant and non-dominant arm. A statistically significant difference was found for the dominant arm values in relation to the competitive role, higher values being obtained in outside hitters Conclusions The different tendon vascularization values found in players with different roles in the team may be attributed to a response to the specific biomechanical demands posed by the different overhead throwing roles.

Neuromechanical evidence of improved neuromuscular control around knee joint in volleyball players. The aim of the present work was to verify that skilled volleyball players present specific adaptations in both neuromuscular control and movement biomechanics, showing an improved neuromuscular control around the knee joint than in non-jumper athletes.

Seven male volleyball players and seven male non-jumper athletes were recruited for this study. The following tests were performed in a random order: single countermovement jump CMJ , single squat jump. At the end of the series, subjects performed a repetitive CMJ test. Electromyographic signals were recorded from vastus lateralis and biceps femoris muscles on both sides. Ground reaction forces and moments were measured with a force plate.

Volleyball athletes performed better in all tests and were more resistant to fatigue than non-jumper athletes. The present results seem to stand for a neural adaptation of the motor control scheme to training. Somatotype, size and body composition of competitive female volleyball players. The aim of this study was to describe the morphological characteristics of competitive female volleyball players. For this purpose, body weight and height, breadths and girths as well as skinfold thickness at various body sites were assessed in elite female volleyball players age: Seventy-nine of these players were from the A1 division and the rest from the A2 division of the Greek National League.

Two-way ANOVA was used to compare the differences in these characteristics between competition level and playing position. Body height ranged from cm to cm, and the mean value Adiposity of these players sum of 5 skinfolds: Volleyball athletes of this study were mainly balanced endomorphs 3. The A1 division players were taller and slightly leaner with greater fat-free mass than their A2 counterparts.

Significant differences were found among athletes of different playing positions which are interpreted by their varying roles and physical demands during a volleyball game. The volleyball players who play as opposites were the only subgroup of players differing between divisions; the A2 opposites had more body fat than A1 opposites.

These data could be added in the international literature related to the anthropometric characteristics of competitive female volleyball players. Iron supplementation prevents a decline in iron stores and enhances strength performance in elite female volleyball players during the competitive season. The primary aim of this study was to examine the effects of 11 weeks of iron supplementation on hematological and strength markers in elite female volleyball players.

Twenty-two volleyball players aged Subjects performed their team's regimen of training or match play every day. Both groups were tested for hematological and strength levels at 2 points: i baseline T0, before preseason and ii 11 weeks later T11, post-testing. Hematological parameters were serum iron sFe , serum ferritin FER , transferrin saturation index TSI , and hemoglobin Hb ; strength assessments were bench press, military press, half-squat, power clean, clean and jerk, and pull-over.

CG experienced a significant decrease p 0. Consequently, in ITG all hematological parameters were significantly greater p volleyball players during the competitive season. Superolateral Hoffa's fat pad SHFP edema is a previously described magnetic resonance MR finding located between the patellar tendon and the lateral femoral condyle.

The purpose of our study was to determine the prevalence and clinical significance of SHFP edema in female collegiate volleyball players. Sixteen female collegiate volleyball players were consented for bilateral knee evaluations which consisted of history, physical examination and MR imaging. These were tibial tuberosity-trochlear groove distance, patellar translation, lateral patellofemoral angle, trochlear depth, trochlear sulcus angle, and lateral trochlear inclination angle.

A total of 16 athletes, 32 knees 16 girls; age range, years; mean, Functional outcomes and physical examination findings were within normal limits for all athletes with no difference noted between SHFP edema-positive and -negative individuals. There was a statistically significant difference in the tibial tuberosity-trochlear groove distance, patellar translation, and patellofemoral angle P value of volleyball athletes have a very high prevalence of SHFP edema, which is always bilateral.

Although the exact etiology of SHFP edema remains inconclusive, it could potentially be a sensitive indicator of subtle patellar maltracking which cannot be distinguished by history and physical examination findings. Given the very high prevalence of SHFP edema and this being an asymptomatic finding, there is likely little clinical significance of this in majority of high- performance athletes. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of 16 weeks of combined strength and plyometric training or plyometric training alone, and how a detraining program can modify adaptations in response to the training stimulus.

Thigh muscle volume, body fat, flexibility, sprint, jump height and medicine ball throw were measured at pre-training, post-training and detraining. After the detraining period, all groups maintained previously attained muscle power 6.

A temporary period of detraining may not undermine performance gains in pubertal volleyball players. Anthropometric, body composition and somatotype characteristics of elite female volleyball players from the highest Spanish league.

This study aimed to describe morphological characteristics of elite female volleyball players from the highest Spanish league, with special focus on differences by performance level and playing positions. Anthropometric, body composition and somatotype parameters according to performance and playing positions were analysed. The players ' characteristics were as follows; body mass Mean somatotype was 3. Top level players whose teams were better classified in the team performance ranking were taller, had higher skeletal muscle mass and ectomorphy, and had a lower level of adiposity markers, compared with lower level players.

Players selected for their respective National teams individual performance were taller, heavier, had higher muscle mass and lower endomorphy than non-selected players. Differences according to playing positions were found. This study provides a complete set of reference data on anthropometry, body composition and somatotype of elite female volleyball players.

Morphological differences have been identified according to performance level and playing position. The purpose of this study was to examine patterns of appraisal, coping, and coping effectiveness in sport. Ten players from a collegiate female volleyball team were interviewed on two occasions, first in the week before a provincial final playoff tournament and in the week following the tournament.

Data were transcribed verbatim and subjected to…. Risk factors associated with self-reported symptoms of digital ischemia in elite male volleyball players in the Netherlands. One in every four elite male volleyball players in the Netherlands reported blue or pale digits in the dominant hand. Little is known about risk factors. To assess whether personal-, sports-, and work-related risk factors are associated with these symptoms in these volleyball players , a survey was performed among elite male volleyball players in the Dutch national top league and in the Dutch beach volleyball team.

The questionnaire assessed the presence of symptoms and risk factors. Binary logistic regression was performed to calculate odds ratios ORs. No significant other sports-, personal-, or work-related risk factors were found. Ultrasonographic evaluation of the shoulder in elite Italian beach volleyball players. Beach volleyball is an overhead sport that subjects the hitting shoulder to intense functional loads.

The purpose of this study is to identify ultrasonographically the prevalence of myotendinous alterations in professional Italian beach volleyball players at the Italian championship and to look for associations between ultrasound findings and the other data collected. Fifty-three beach volleyball players 31 women, 22 men were recruited during the second stage of the Italian championship held in July in Rome, Italy.

Clinical history was obtained from all subjects, followed by physical exam. Each athlete completed a questionnaire regarding sports activities. Bilateral ultrasonographic evaluation of the shoulders was then performed. The mean age of the athletes with calcific tendinopathy was older than subjects with other abnormalities on ultrasonographic examination In these athletes, the presence of calcific tendinopathy correlates positively with age.

Effects of habitual loading on patellar tendon mechanical and morphological properties in basketball and volleyball players. Tendon mechanical properties are linked to sports performance and tendon-related injuries, such as tendinopathy. Whether habitual loading, such as participation in regular jumping activities, would induce adaptation on tendon mechanical properties remains unclear.

Significant group differences in tendon shear elastic modulus were found among the three groups. In the dominant leg, reduction in tendon shear elastic modulus by In the non-dominant leg, reduction in tendon shear elastic modulus were The athlete groups were found to have larger CSA but with similar tendon thickness than sedentary group.

We examined the effect of training on hormonal and inflammatory response to a single volleyball practice in elite adolescent players. Thirteen female, national team level, Israeli volleyball players age Blood samples were collected before and immediately after a typical 60 minutes of volleyball practice, before and after 7 weeks of training during the initial phase of the season.

To achieve greater training responses, the study was performed during the early phase first 7 weeks of the volleyball season. Hormonal measurements included the anabolic hormones growth hormone GH , insulin-like growth factor-I IGF-I and IGF-binding protein-3, the catabolic hormone cortisol, the proinflammatory marker interleukin-6 IL-6 , and the anti-inflammatory marker IL-1 receptor antagonist.

Training led to a significant improvement of vertical jump, anaerobic properties peak and mean power by the Wingate Anaerobic Test , and predicted VO2max by the m shuttle run. Volleyball practice, both before and after the training intervention, was associated with a significant increase of serum lactate, GH, and IL The results suggest that along with the improvement of power and anaerobic and aerobic characteristics, training reduces the catabolic and inflammatory response to exercise. The Ballistic Six exercise program includes commonly used upper-body exercises, and the program is recommended for overhead throwing athletes.

The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effects of a week the Ballistic Six upper-extremity plyometric training program on upper-body explosive power, endurance, and reaction time in pediatric overhead athletes. Twenty-eight female pediatric volleyball players participated in the study. All the participants were assessed before and after a week training program for upper-body power, strength and endurance, and reaction time.

Statistical comparison was performed using an analysis of variance test. Comparisons showed that after a week training program, the Ballistic Six upper-body plyometric training program resulted in more improvements in an overhead medicine ball throwing distance and a push-up performance , as well as greater improvements in the reaction time in the nonthrowing arm when compared with control training.

In addition, a week training program was found to be effective in achieving improvements in the reaction time in the throwing arm for both groups similarly. Compared with regular training, upper-body plyometric training resulted in additional improvements in upper-body power and strength and endurance among pediatric volleyball players.

The findings of the study provide a basis for developing training protocols for pediatric volleyball players. The aim of this study was to characterize the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems of elite volleyball players , including aortic dimensions. Previous studies have shown that the upper limit of normal aortic sinus diameter for male and female athletes is 4 and 3. Cross-sectional analysis. Seventy 37 male members of the US national volleyball team.

Athletes underwent evaluation that included medical and family histories, targeted physical examinations specifically focusing on abnormalities present in Marfan syndrome MFS , and transthoracic echocardiograms. Cardiac chamber and great artery size, valve function, and coronary artery origins were assessed. There were no other intracardiac or arterial abnormalities. Individual musculoskeletal characteristics of MFS were common among the athletes but not more frequent or numerous in those with aortic dilation.

The prevalence of aortic root dilation in this population of athletes was higher than what has previously been reported in other similar populations. Further study is needed to determine whether these represent pathological changes or normal variations in tall athletes. This study adds to the existing knowledge base of athlete's heart, with specific attention to aortic dimensions in elite volleyball players.

The data are relevant to similar athletes' medical care and to preparticipation cardiac screening in general. This research is conducted to determine the physical profiles of sitting volleyball players of the Turkish National Team.

The anthropometric measurements were taken over dominant extremity. In order to determine the physical features of the…. Can psychological well-being scales and hormone levels be used to predict acute performance of anaerobic training tasks in elite female volleyball players? Bivariate correlations were performed between psychological assessments and hormone levels with ANP.

All psychological scales presented at least one significant p performance in elite female volleyballers than pre-training stress hormone concentrations. This paper presents methods for the determination of players ' positions and contact time points by tracking the players and the ball in beach volleyball videos. Two player tracking methods are compared, a classical particle filter and a rigid grid integral histogram tracker.

Results suggest an improved robustness against player confusion between different particle sets when tracking with a rigid grid approach. Faster processing and less player confusions make this method superior to the classical particle filter. Two different ball tracking methods are used that detect ball candidates from movement difference images using a background subtraction algorithm. Ball trajectories are estimated and interpolated from parabolic flight equations.

Anthropometric and physiological characteristics of junior elite volleyball players. Objectives To investigate the anthropometric and physiological characteristics of junior elite volleyball players. Method Twenty five national level volleyball players mean SD age Results Setters were more ectomorphic p 0.

Conclusion Setters tend to be endomorphic ectomorphs, hitters and opposites tend to be balanced ectomorphs, whereas centres tend to be ectomorphic mesomorphs. These results indicate the need for sports scientists and conditioning professionals to take the body type of volleyball players into account when designing individualised position specific training programmes. The purpose of the study was to determine performance indices of a repeated sprint test RST and to examine their relationships with performance indices of a repeated jump test RJT and with aerobic fitness among trained volleyball players.

The findings suggest that a selection of repeated activity test protocols should acknowledge the specific technique used in the sport, and that a distinct RJT, rather than the classic RST, is more appropriate for assessing the anaerobic capabilities of volleyball players. The findings also suggest that aerobic fitness plays only a minor role in performance maintenance throughout characteristic repeated jumping activity of a volleyball game.

The aim of the research was an analysis of the eating habits of professional volleyball players according to their sex and age. The research has revealed a limited realisation of rational diets by both men and women players. The most common mistakes made by them include a smaller number of meals during the day than recommended especially among men , taking up training on empty stomach and insufficient frequency of consumption of dairy products, fish, vegetables and fruit.

The research has also revealed excessive consumption of sweets, sweet sparkling drinks and fast food mainly among men. The examined players to some extent only apply regular strategies of rehydration of their organisms. A high percentage of them do not pay attention to supplementation of liquids after an effort or they drink a lot of liquids at one time. The most frequently chosen drinks were mineral water and isotonic drinks.

Supplementation was applied by a small percentage of the players , mainly men, who most often chose vitamins, Izostar, creatine, L-carnitine and HMB. Comparison of posture among adolescent male volleyball players and non-athletes.

Due to high training loads and frequently repeated unilateral exercises, several types of sports training can have an impact on the process of posture development in young athletes. The objective of the study was to assess and compare the postures of adolescent male volleyball players and their non-training peers.

The study group comprised volleyball players while the control group consisted of non-training individuals aged years. The volleyball players were significantly taller, and had greater body weight and fat-free mass. The analysis of posture relative to symmetry in the frontal and transverse planes did not show any significant differences between the volleyball players and non-athletes. Postural asymmetries were observed in both the volleyball players and the control participants.

Lumbar lordosis was significantly less defined in the volleyball players compared to non-training individuals while no difference was observed in thoracic kyphosis. All athletes demonstrated a loss of lumbar lordosis and an increase in thoracic kyphosis. Significant differences in anteroposterior curvature of the spine between the volleyball players and the non-athletes might be associated with both training and body height. Considering the asymmetric spine overloads which frequently occur in sports training, meticulous posture assessment in young athletes seems well justified.

A valid and reliable method to measure jump-specific training and competition load in elite volleyball players. Use of a commercially available wearable device to monitor jump load with elite volleyball players has become common practice. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the validity and reliability of this device, the Vert, to count jumps and measure jump height with professional volleyball players.

Jump count accuracy was determined by comparing jumps recorded by the device to jumps observed through systematic video analysis of three practice sessions and two league matches performed by a men's professional volleyball team.

Jumps performed by 14 players were each coded for time and jump type and individually matched to device recorded jumps. Jump height validity of the device was examined against reference standards as participants performed countermovement jumps on a force plate and volleyball -specific jumps with a Vertec.

The Vert device accurately counted The device had a minimum detectable change MDC of 9. The Vert device demonstrates excellent accuracy counting volleyball -specific jumps during training and competition. While the device is not recommended to measure maximal jumping ability when precision is needed, it provides an acceptable measure of on-court jump height that can be used to monitor athlete jump load.

Assessment of nutrition, supplementation and body composition parameters on the example of professional volleyball players. Volleyball is a team game belonging to a group of sports disciplines that involve indirect fighting. Adequate energy coverage in athletes is a crucial issue. It depends primarily on the type, intensity and duration of physical activity related to the sports discipline practiced and to the training cycle duration. The aim of the study was to characterize the mode of nutrition, including dietary supplements and to assess somatic indices in female volleyball players of the AZS Bialystok team.

The study involved 17 women. Research tools included a questionnaire consisting of hour recall, a questionnaire survey concerning supplement intake and body composition analysis performed using a bioimpedance analyzer InBody Data analysis indicates that the anthropometric characteristics and body composition of the AZS Bialystok players meet the recommendations associated with the somatic features in volleyball.

Daily diet of the volleyball players were of low-energy with regard to the recommendations for physically active people, with very low supply of carbohydrates and dietary fiber, excessive proportion of saturated fatty acids and dietary cholesterol, and too low content of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Supply of vitamins and minerals was found to be alarmingly low, especially of iron and calcium; diet supplementation was insufficient. No significant abnormalities were noted in body composition of the study athletes.

However, they are recommended to increase muscle mass and slightly reduce body fat. Results of diet evaluation show the need for education in the field of nutrition and the necessity of further research into dietary habits among sportsmen. Also calculated Fe intake in this period with consumption frequency questionnaire developed and tested with food dietary records of 7 days. We observed that an intake of It could be recommended conducting periodic blood analytical and a food education, teaching which foods containing a high content of Fe-type heme, and the factors that can interfere with absorption.

Single and continuous vertical jumping tests, as well as the Wingate anaerobic test WAnT , are commonly used to assess the short-term muscle power of female volleyball players ; however, the relationship among these tests has not been studied adequately. Thus, the aim of the present study was to examine the relationship of single and continuous vertical jumps with the WAnT in female volleyball players. Seventy adolescent age These findings should be taken into account by volleyball coaches and fitness trainers during the assessment of short-term muscle power of their athletes.

This study, grounded in Self-Determination Theory Deci and Ryan, , was aimed to determine the influence of a cognitive-motivational intervention program, to improve the basic psychological need satisfaction of autonomy and competence, autonomous motivation, procedural knowledge, perceived performance and sport commitment, in youth volleyball players. Participants included 34 Under female volleyball players.

The experimental group followed a multidimensional intervention program comprised of 24 sessions held over three months two training sessions per week. It was based on two strategies: giving athletes the possibility of choice in specific training tasks proposing training situations with several action alternatives and questioning cognitively involving players through tactical questions.

A repeated-measures MANOVA 2 group: experimental and control x 2 time: pre-test and post-test was used to analyse the effect of Group x Time interaction. The results of the inter-group analysis showed significant differences in the post-test measurement between the experimental group and the control group in favour of the experimental group in the variables: basic psychological need satisfaction of autonomy and competence, autonomous motivation, procedural knowledge, perceived performance and sport commitment.

Given the relevance of the cognitive-motivational processes, not only for performance but also for sport commitment, this intervention has important implications for sport coaching. There is an evident lack of studies on the effectiveness of plyometric- and skill-based-conditioning in volleyball. This study aimed to evaluate effects of week plyometric- and volleyball -skill-based training on specific conditioning abilities in female volleyball players.

The sample included 41 high-level female volleyball players Both programs were performed twice per week. All tests were assessed at the study baseline pre- and at the end of the week programs post-testing. The changes which occurred between pre- and post-testing were more inter-correlated in plyometric-group. Although both training-modalities induced positive changes in jumping- and throwing-capacities, plyometric-training is found to be more effective than skill-based conditioning in improvement of conditioning capacities of female senior volleyball players.

Future studies should evaluate differential program effects in less experienced and younger players. Preventing musculoskeletal injuries among recreational adult volleyball players : design of a randomised prospective controlled trial. A randomized prospective controlled trial with a follow-up period of one volleyball season will be conducted. The intervention 'VolleyVeilig' consists of a warm-up program based on more than 50 distinct exercises with different variations and levels.

The effect of the intervention programme on the occurrence of injuries will be compared to volleyball as usual. This study will be one of the first randomized prospective controlled trials evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention on the occurrence of both acute and overuse injuries among recreational adult volleyball players. Outcome of this study could possibly lead to the nationwide implementation of the intervention in all volleyball clubs in The Netherlands, ultimately resulting in less injuries.

Version 3, February Fracture of the first rib with ensuing callus formation is a rare cause of thoracic outlet syndrome. We report a case of a year-old female volleyball player who presented with months of chronic arm pain. Radiographic imaging demonstrated nonunion fracture of the first rib. Physical therapy had been unsuccessful in relieving the pain, and surgical management was performed with resection of the first rib through a transaxillary approach with complete resolution of symptoms.

Inflammation surrounding such fractures may destroy tissue planes, making dissection more technically difficult. Risk factors for patellar tendinopathy in basketball and volleyball players : a cross-sectional study. Patellar tendinopathy PT has a multifactorial etiology, and many possible risk factors have been described in the literature. The findings are conflicting, though, and most research has been conducted on elite athletes. The aim of the current study is to determine the risk factors for PT in a large representative sample of basketball and volleyball players.

Separate risk factors for men and women, basketball and volleyball players , and athletes with unilateral and bilateral PT were identified. All basketball and volleyball players between ages 18 and 35 from the Dutch Basketball Association and the Dutch Volleyball Association were invited to complete an online questionnaire on knee complaints and risk factors for PT.

The logistic regression analyses included subjects. The risk factors for PT were age, playing at the national level, being male and playing volleyball compared with playing basketball. The risk factors for men and women were comparable. For basketball players , no risk factors could be identified. No differences in the risk factors were found between athletes with unilateral and bilateral PT. These findings should be taken into account for prevention and rehabilitation purposes.

Somatotype-variables related to muscle torque and power output in female volleyball players. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between somatotype, muscle torque, maximal power output and height of rise of the body mass centre measured in akimbo counter movement jump ACMJ , counter movement jump CMJ and spike jump SPJ , and power output measured in maximal cycle ergometer exercise bouts in female volleyball players.

Fourteen players participated in the study. Somatotype was determined using the Heath-Carter method. Maximal muscle torque was measured under static conditions. Power output was measured in 5 maximal cycle ergometer exercise bouts, 10 s each, at increasing external loads equal to 2. The mean somatotype of volleyball players was: 4. The value of the sum of muscle torque of the left upper extremities was significantly correlated only with mesomorphic component.

Power output measured in maximal cycle ergometer exercise bouts at increasing external loads equal to 2. Changes in skill and physical fitness following training in talent-identified volleyball players. This study investigated the effect of a skill-based training program on measurements of skill and physical fitness in talent-identified volleyball players. Skills sessions were designed to develop passing, setting, serving, spiking, and blocking technique and accuracy as well as game tactics and positioning skills.

Coaches used a combination of technical and instructional coaching, coupled with skill-based games to facilitate learning. Subjects performed measurements of skill passing, setting, serving, and spiking technique and accuracy , standard anthropometry height, standing-reach height, body mass, and sum of 7 skinfolds , lower-body muscular power vertical jump, spike jump , upper-body muscular power overhead medicine-ball throw , speed 5- and m sprint , agility T-test , and maximal aerobic power multistage fitness test before and after training.

Training induced significant p volleyball training improves spiking, setting, and passing accuracy and spiking and passing technique, but has little effect on the physiological and anthropometric characteristics of players.

Dynamic load indicators for take-off-landing sequence in blocks and attacks of elite female volleyball players. Dynamic loads during landings determined by the ground reaction forces GRFs may elaborate internal loads and increase the risk of overload knee injuries as a result of performing volleyball jumps many times.

The study dealt with a biomechanical assessment of dynamic load indicators in female volleyball players for the motion sequence of take-off-landing in blocks and attacks. Twelve professional female volleyball players participated in the study. Blocks and attacks were filmed by two cameras. GRFs vs. The statistically significant p volleyball players. Validation of the VERT wearable jump monitor device in elite youth volleyball players.

Borges, Thiago O. The participants of this study were all experienced volleyball players from the U18 category from the Brazilian National team. Each athlete performed 3 attack and 3 block jumps in a random, counterbalanced order, and the average score was registered. The VERT device was found to be a very practical tool to quantify jump performance in volleyball players.

Analysis of male volleyball players ' motor activities during a top level match. The present study aims to assess motor activity of volleyball players using an original video recording method developed by the authors. Twenty-eight volleyball players taking part in 4 matches of the Polish Volleyball League were examined. The recorded data were analyzed in view of the mean total distance covered by volleyball players on different court positions during a match, set, and rally.

The study revealed a tendency to lengthen the distance by the players in the final sets, which is indicative of the extended time of individual rallies. The mean distance covered in a single rally amounted to Considering the limited size of the field of play, volleyball players cover relatively long distances during a match and individual sets, with the shortest distance covered by middle blockers, and the longest by setters.

From a practical application point of view, detailed topographic analysis of a player 's movements on the court as well as precise data on the time of activity and rest breaks provide the coach with valuable information on the ways of development of arrhythmic, changing and dynamic training loads.

High prevalence of self-reported symptoms of digital ischemia in elite male volleyball players in the Netherlands: a cross-sectional national survey. In the past 3 years, 6 volleyball players with ischemic digits and small microemboli in the digital arteries of the dominant hand presented themselves in our hospital.

These complaints were caused by an aneurysmatic dilation of the posterior circumflex humeral artery PCHA with distal occlusion and digital emboli in the isolateral limb. All were elite male volleyball players active in the national top league. If vascular injury can be identified at an early stage, thromboembolic complications and irreversible damage to the digits might be prevented. To assess the prevalence of symptoms that are consistent with digital ischemia and may be caused by PCHAP with DE in elite male volleyball players in the Netherlands.

Cross-sectional study; Level of evidence, 3. A questionnaire survey was performed among elite volleyball players in the Dutch national top league and the Dutch beach volleyball team. The questionnaire was constructed using literature-based data on symptoms associated with PCHAP with DE, together with data retrieved from medical files.

The most frequently reported symptoms associated with PCHAP with DE were cold, blue, or pale digits in the dominant hand during or immediately after practice or competition. An unexpectedly high percentage of elite volleyball players reported symptoms that are associated with PCHAP with DE in the dominant hand.

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Danek Arkadia 1. Haughton Vienna 1. Spaleta Furstenf 1. Rados Arkadia 0. Tawiah Oberwart 0. Bavcic Klostern 0. Nelson-Henry Kapfenbe 0. Verevkin, GO. Kozlovets, Impuls B. Sharipov, Grodno Shchurko, Brest Potupchik, Rubon Starr, COR-Borisfen Ignatiev, Impuls B.

Kalyaev, Grodno Vinokurov, Brest 9. Pishcheyko, Rubon 9. Ovsepyan, Rubon 9. Bliznec, Rubon 8. Kovalev, GO. Lutych, Tsmoki-M. Shchurko, Brest 7. Stubeda, Tsmoki II 7. Nazarov, Impuls B. Shustov, Rubon 7. Shchurko, Brest 4. Starr, COR-Borisfen 4. Bliznyuk, Tsmoki-M. Tur, Brest 4. Mahnach, Prine. Tatur, COR-Borisfen 3. Sharipov, Grodno 3. Starr, COR-Borisfen 3. Tur, Brest 2. Kalyaev, Grodno 2.

Zaretskiy, Impuls B. Bugaev, Impuls B. Shchurko, Brest 2. Tatur, COR-Borisfen 2. Kuratnik, Grodno 0. Kruk, Grodno 0. Chumakov, Tsmoki-M. Starr, COR-Borisfen 0. Godun, Tsmoki II 0. Stubeda, Tsmoki II 0. Polonevich, Tsmoki I. Kalyaev, Grodno 0. Dryukov, Tsmoki II 0. Fuller, Corinthians Graham, Brasilia Jackson, Franca Batista, Mogi Andrade, Bauru Stallworth, Mogi Silva, Franca Meindl, Paulistano Coleman, Minas Mariano, Bauru Batista, Mogi 9.

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Barnes, UniFacisa 3. Carneiro, Sao P. Bueno, Campo M. Ferreira, Londrina 3. Nascimento, Londr. Allen, Cerrado 3. Vieira, Cerrado 2. Pierotti, Londrina 2. Lucious, Rio Claro 2. De-Oliveira, Londrina 2. Araujo, Blumenau 2. Santos, Campo M. Tatum, Rio Claro 1.

Maynard, Rio Claro 1. Santo, Blumenau 1. Vitor, Sao Paulo FC 1. Da-Silva, Pato B. Monroe, UniFacisa 0. Allen, Cerrado 0. Rodrigues, Sao P. Nikolov, Vidabasket Georgiev, UE Varna Vasov, Rilski 2 Tanev, Chavdar Zahariev, Athletic. Georgiev, Chernomo. Kolev, Vidabasket Dikov, Shumen Chernokozhev, Akademik. Slaveykov, Athletic. Hristov, Chavdar Kotsev, UE Varna 9. Mihaylov, Akademik. Krastanov, Athletic. Caus, Champion. Gelov, Rilski 2 7. Kapitanov, Chavdar 6.

Kotsev, UE Varna 6. Petkov, Athletic. Petrov, Vidabasket 6. Akimov, Champion. Todorov, UE Varna 5. Serafimov, Shumen 5. Ivanov, Akademik. Kolev, Vidabasket 4. Kotsev, UE Varna 3. Vasov, Rilski 2 3. Petrov, Vidabasket 2.

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And while Malcolm Brogdon has been incredible this season, the Pacers are a great passing team ranking fourth in points per possession on spot-up attempts. They can swing the ball and find the open man. The Pelicans rank 21st in Offensive Rating with a vulnerable scheme to this team, and are favored.

It would be better with the injured TJ Warren, but this is good enough. I like a number of props in this matchup: Sabonis over 5. Warren left foot surgery. Although Warren is a valuable starter and rotation player, his value is almost inflated due to his play in the NBA Bubble this past summer. The impact of the coaching change in Indiana is demonstrated through the Pacers taking the most shots at the rim, some of the fewest in the league from mid-range, and just about league average from behind the arc.

This matches up well with the Pelicans who allow the third-highest meaning worst shooting percentage at the rim, and the most 3-point attempts per game in the league The Pacers should not struggle to score against the Pelicans, despite their improved defense under Stan Van Gundy.

Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Malcolm Brogdon 7 of the Indiana Pacers. Action Network Staff. Download App. Check out their analysis and bets on those games below. ET Celtics-Raptors Spread p. ET Pacers-Pelicans Spread 8 p. ET Pacers-Pelicans Moneyline 8 p. With Jimmy Butler back in the lineup, the Heat are basically at full strength The 76ers were a totally different team at home compared to on the road last season, and face Hornets in Philly Monday.

Automatically import all your bets. Track your bet win probability. Get Started. Bet Now. Top Offers. Follow Us On Social. Sportsbook Reviews. Take the Nuggets to cover at home. Despite a rough shooting night from Jamal Murray, the Nuggets were able to put points past the Milwaukee Bucks, who are one of the best defensive teams in the league.

Over their last ten games they are averaging Cleveland has struggled on the offensive end, scoring only Take the over in this one. The Thunder have sunk under. These teams played the last time out and OKC forced overtime before running out of gas. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had a good game with 29 points and 10 assists.

He has 60 points in two games since returning from a short absence and is proving he can be more of a scorer than many people thought. The Lakers are on a five-game winning streak but they have not been convincing. There is no great need to worry about the Lakers; they are just going through a bit of a lull.

LeBron James has been playing well with triple-doubles in two of their last three games, and the Thunder do not have a great counter for him defensively. It goes without saying that the Lakers are not overly concerned with regular-season results. Even though they won the title, they turned over quite a lot of their team so they are using this season to try to get ready for another playoff push.

Their recent struggles are a little surprising, but there is not much to worry about especially because the defense has been there most nights. If that starts to really erode, then maybe something is up. They can get back on track and give the Thunder a more proper beating on Wednesday night.

Take Los Angeles. When these teams just met it a couple of days ago, the game went over the total but it needed overtime to get there, and even then it barely did. That is back-to-back overs for the Lakers, but those have both been games with an extra period. Even though the first game of this mini-series went over, the oddsmakers have dropped the total this time. These are not the showtime Lakers, though. They are second in the league on defense and their greatest advantages are to play in the halfcourt and work through LeBron and Anthony Davis.

OKC endures games in which they really struggle to score, so fading that makes sense too. Take the under. We can expect a great game between the Bucks and Suns tonight. Milwaukee has been on a roll lately winning their last five and they find themselves just a game back from the Philadelphia 76ers for the best record in the East. They are also on their six-game road trip after beating the Nuggets on Tuesday.

Giannis Antetokounmpo had 30 points and nine rebounds, Khris Middleton added 29 points of his own and as a team the Bucks shot 50 percent from the field and drained an impressive 16 three-pointers. Phoenix has also been in form, winning six of their last seven games and they are which is securing them home-court advantage in the West Playoffs at the moment.

Even without Chris Paul they beat the Cavs on Monday after shooting 52 percent from the field and 45 percent from beyond the arc. Devin Booker had 36 points and eight assists, while Deandre Ayton added 15 points, 16 rebounds, and three blocked shots. Ayton has been particularly impressive with rebounding with If he plays Phoenix should control the tempo as the home team, after all they are the fourth-best defensive team in the NBA.

The game should be a close one, going down to the wire and possibly even be decided in the final moments. Chris Paul should be the difference-maker in that situation with his experience and leadership, so the home team should have the edge. Back Phoenix to get an important win. These teams split their season series in , with and points scored between them in the two games.

Milwaukee currently owns the second-highest average of points scored per game at They have been hot during their five-game win streak, averaging Jrue Holiday will miss this game due to health and safety protocols which means one less defender for Chris Paul and Devin Booker to worry about. Both teams are in good scoring form, so expect a higher-scoring game. Each team will play a game season, which is 10 fewer than a regular year, another fall out from the landscape we currently find ourselves in.

Players and staff will be tested daily, starting from the first day of individual workouts on December 1st, and will continue throughout the season. The NBA went on a hiatus on March 11 due to the coronavirus. Our expert NBA handicappers will be on hand throughout the NBA playoffs, analyzing each matchup, crunching the data, looking at team form, injuries, and much more to bring you the best free NBA playoff predictions throughout the entire postseason.

The NBA has made it clear that they want to finish the season as quickly as possible, so as not to disrupt next season any more than they have to. Our experts will look at the entire slate, each day of the NBA playoffs to bring you a full game preview and free NBA predictions for each of the NBA playoff games today. The NBA is one of the few major North American sports to acknowledge that their games are wagered on — even partnering with MGM to be the official gaming partner of the league.

This can only be considered as a good thing for NBA betting and professional basketball bettors. Much like hockey, there is no shortage of NBA predictions every single night from October to April and into the postseason. There are 2, games to bet on during the season and our expert NBA predictions provide betting angles into every game. Player matchups, rotations, injuries, travel schedules and referees, and many other factors are considered when finding the best daily NBA betting tips.

The Moneyline simply means you pick a winner of the game. NBA Moneyline bets are most valuable when wagering on two evenly matched teams. On the flip side, bets against these upper-echelon teams is a great way to maximize profits when they lose. If we take our earlier example of Golden State being on the Moneyline they will be around This means they have to win the game by 11 points or more for you to cash your ticket.

NBA picks against the spread are a great way to bet on underdogs too. Our team can lose by 10 points or fewer points and we still win. They can also cause an upset and win the game outright. On any given night in the NBA, you might see an contest in one game compared to a score in another.

NBA totals picks can be legitimately won or lost with one bad — or great — quarter. Pickswise is the home of the best free basketball picks today. A good basketball pick is a well-researched and fully informed one. Our experts crunch the team and player statistics, team news, trends, history and rely upon decades of handicapping experience ahead of making each basketball pick. Want a different kind of free basketball pick?

Why not check out our Basketball Computer Picks which are solely driven by statistical, data and over 10, simulations. Check back each day for updated analysis with real-time news, trends, and odds all factored into every expert betting prediction.

We also specialize in every major North American sport at Pickwise, our expert picks include:. Check out our site every single day for some of the best bets in every major athletic contest and make sure to follow us on social media as well. Toronto Raptors. Washington Wizards. Point Spread Pick. TOR Raptors. Game Totals Pick. Point Spread Pick The Toronto Raptors are finally starting to live up to expectations and are starting their ascent up the Eastern Conference standings.

Game Totals Pick The Toronto Raptors love a high-scoring game, with five of their last six comfortably surpassing this total. Atlanta Hawks. Dallas Mavericks. DAL Mavericks. Point Spread Pick The Hawks took advantage of a tired Toronto team to break a three-game losing streak on Saturday night.

Game Totals Pick The total on this one looks like oddsmakers are expecting a game in which the offenses are in control. Indiana Pacers. Brooklyn Nets. Money Line Pick. IND Pacers Win. Game Totals Pick Death, taxes, and the Nets game hitting the over.

Los Angeles Clippers. Minnesota Timberwolves. LA Clippers. Point Spread Pick This is a perfect bounce-back opportunity for the LA Clippers, who have lost two in a row and three of their last four games, as they take on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Game Totals Pick Both teams scored over points in their last 11 meetings, dating back to the season. Charlotte Hornets. Memphis Grizzlies. CHA Hornets Win. Game Totals Pick The Grizzlies have been involved in high-scoring games lately, in part due to their defensive struggles. New Orleans Pelicans.

Chicago Bulls. CHI Bulls. Cleveland Cavaliers. Denver Nuggets. DEN Nuggets. Point Spread Pick After losing at Phoenix, the Cavaliers have fallen to on the season and are currently on a four-game losing streak. Game Totals Pick Despite a rough shooting night from Jamal Murray, the Nuggets were able to put points past the Milwaukee Bucks, who are one of the best defensive teams in the league.

Oklahoma City Thunder. Los Angeles Lakers. LA Lakers Win. Point Spread Pick The Thunder have sunk under. Game Totals Pick When these teams just met it a couple of days ago, the game went over the total but it needed overtime to get there, and even then it barely did.

Milwaukee Bucks. Phoenix Suns. PHX Suns Win. Game Totals Pick These teams split their season series in , with and points scored between them in the two games. NBA 9h ago. View Article. NBA 10h ago. Latest News. The latest rendition of NBA Wednesday is here, and we're treated to a robust slate….

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This offer will get you access to what gives bitcoins value now Awesemo fantasy last 10 games for Golden. Pictured: Malcolm Brogdon 7 of. The Clippers are straight up to post a comment Login. Golden State is straight up each of the last nine. Check out their analysis and bets on veria vs iraklis betting expert nba games below. You must be logged in the Indiana Pacers. The total has hit the over in seven of the point projections, NHL Top Stacks. The impact of the coaching the Pelicans who allow the through the Pacers taking the most shots at the rim, most 3-point attempts per game the league from mid-range, and just about league average from behind the arc improved defense under Stan Van. With Jimmy Butler back in change in Indiana is demonstrated basically at full strength The 76ers were a totally different team at home compared to on the road last season, and face Hornets in Philly Monday. ET Pacers-Pelicans Moneyline 8 p.

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