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Betting raja tamanna roashan

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Farnoosh Torabi answers listeners' questions related to retirement preparation, paying off student loans versus investing and dealing with a scarcity mindset that prevents you from spending money, even when it's a good idea. Plus, Farnoosh reflects on home ownership and the benefits to selling so that you can activate your home equity. Nitiya Walker is a social entrepreneur who's paying it forward.

Her foundation Seeds of Fortune helps minority teen girls apply for college scholarships, as well as teaches career and financial management skills. After personally benefiting from a full scholarship to college, Nitiya realized the power and freedom that comes with starting your adulthood debt-free. Upon graduating from Babson College, she was selected to participate in the competitive Viacom Summer Associates career, where she went on to launch her career working such prominent events such as the BET Awards.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities or how to contribute, visit www. The pandemic-recession continues to create bigger challenges for women. Today's guest Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, author of But First, Save 10 and founder of Aptus Financial, shares strategies that women can practice to protect their financial security today and in the future.

SC was recently recognized in the Investment News 40 under 40 class of investment advisors. In this week's Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh answers questions from listeners regarding ways create a will and trust affordably, how to build a financial plan when you've just graduated from college and ways to convince a sibling to be more financially supportive of aging parents.

I've been cooking a lot more over the last six months and have discovered some incredible recipes from the spectacular Yumna Jawad, founder of Feel Good Foodie — a blog dedicated to sharing modern healthy-ish recipes with feel good ingredients. Yumna has a business degree from the University of Michigan and a background in Marketing and branding.

She started micro-blogging on Instagram in July and eventually garnered over 2 million followers. She then launched the website to house hundreds of recipes, with a focus on healthy Mediterranean food. Yumna and I discuss the behind-the-scenes of running a wildly successful Instagram business, how she plans to continue growing and the lessons learned about money and negotiating at a young age. Plus, the mega brand deals she's passed on and WHY. Visit www. Ali Katz is a personal finance expert, seven-figure entrepreneur, and lawyer who as made over a million dollars of financial mistakes in her life.

Her experiences have helped her to establish a new way of thinking about money and steering one's financial life. She talks about the biggest mistakes we may be making with our money right now, why we need to change our thinking around debt, the pursuit of financial sovereignty and how to heal personal financial trauma in our lives.

To learn more about Ali, visit www. We are focusing on all-things credit today, thanks to our friends at FICO. Earlier, I asked you to submit your top credit-related questions and we've rounded up many of them for this episode. From how to boost your credit score to confusion around how credit scores get calculated and how marriage can impact your credit Joanne has more than 20 years of experience in banking and financial services.

She led efforts to address some of the most important topics impacting the mortgage market today: regulatory compliance, credit risk management, data security and e-mortgages. Now more than ever, FICO believes in empowering communities by way of financial education and is committed to providing consumers with tools to maintain their financial health.

Check your free credit report: www. But our guest today is trying to change that once and for all. Bola received an early lesson in money when her father became ill and had to stop working unexpectedly. Her company, Clever Girl Finance has helped thousands of women, over the years, receive coaching and financial education they need to advance their lives.

It will be available on June 25th. Can asking just three questions transform your relationship with money? Our guest today is called the father of financial life planning. George has been named one of the 35 most influential people in financial services. This week on Ask Farnoosh, listeners ask about how to accelerate net worth in the few, critical years before retirement, as well as how to ask for a raise if you work in a government job.

Plus: pensions and investing in the stock market. Is it a 'good' time to be investing? But none of these opportunities were handed to her. Moving to the U. How she persevered is a story of grit, determination and optimism. Daniela became a Dream Act student and took the opportunity to side-hustle her way through school to graduate on-time and debt-free. That drive continued as she entered the workforce. And this technique helped launch her business, The Budget Mom.

A few years ago Kumiko was struggling to pay down her debt. As a single mom, she knew that she needed to get out of the cycle of making minimum debt payments each month, but she had tried and failed to stick to a budget numerous times. So, she created a method that she could actually stick to. She calls this her Budget by Paycheck method and as she was using it to get out of debt, she started a blog to share her journey.

In this week's Ask Farnoosh, a discussion on the best places to store cash in a recession, collecting unemployment while on the Paycheck Protection Program how does that work? How to leverage video in today's world to grow your business, brand or career? How to stand out from the crowd and create compelling video on a budget? Kristian is a professional video content producer that teaches entrepreneurs how to incorporate video into their business and everyday life.

He believes video is still an underused tool that can help businesses thrive even in a pandemic. He started his career in TV commercial advertising. Soon after, he started his own business as a wedding videographer. His current projects include online course creation for clients and online consulting for people wanting to learn how to incorporate video into their business. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women in this country in terms of unemployment, stress and family care.

Guest Lacy Garcia, founder of financial startup Willow, discusses the challenges and the long-term impact of the toll. Women have been disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, the unemployment rate for women was lower than for men. Now, it is the opposite. Women are bearing more of the burden when it comes to childcare, homeschooling and taking care of aging parents.

It is no surprise that the financial stress combined with quarantine is pushing many marriages to a breaking point and an increase in divorces is expected. Lacy Garcia is the daughter of a Cuban refugee who says her money mindset was shaped early on. She combined her work in education and financial services to launch the virtual fintech company Willow and financially empower women throughout their life journeys including divorce, retirement and more.

Learn more about Willow and Lacy Garcia at www. How to invest in a rental property when you're in a different country? Should you just ignore your federal student loans while the automatic deferment is in place? Is there any benefit to paying them down? And what about cash-out refis?

Are they worth it? Farnoosh addresses the latest money questions from the So Money mailbag. America is drowning in paper. If you stacked all the paper the average family uses in just one year, the piles would be as tall as a two-story house. Now more than ever, with the pandemic upon us, the need to have our paperwork organized is paramount.

Lisa offers advice and free resources to help us all improve our relationship with paper. Check out www. As a mother with no savings and no college degree, she was laid off from her corporate job and vowed to never put herself in that position again. In our conversation, we discuss how, as a double minority, she overcame barriers to starting a thriving business in the field of tech, the inspiration born out of being a young, single mother and memories of her childhood classmate in Houston, Texas, George Floyd.

Prior to launching her own firm, Anjali spent over 6 years years working with Fortune clients at a top 4 accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and 2 years with a large, prestigious financial planning firm serving high net worth individuals. So, she decided she could make a bigger impact by starting her own firm. Anjali utilizes her expertise in tax and finance to empower her clients to discover and reach their life goals while building a stable financial future.

Anjali hosts Money Checkup podcast - a semi-monthly checkup that discusses the many facets of financial well-being. Learn more about www. What is the deal with the stock market? How to think about real estate and your portfolio now? They're here to share their perspectives and best advice on how to navigate the economy now. Scott has dedicated his career to helping ordinary Americans build wealth in part through real estate investing.

He stays active in the BiggerPockets forums and contributed hundreds of articles, market analyses, and files to BiggerPockets. In his new book, Die with Zero, Bill Perkins challenges the notion of passing down your wealth. After training on Wall Street, he made his fortune in Houston as an energy trader. Delyanne The Money Coach Barros joins Farnoosh to answer the latest money questions from the audience.

Questions include: Is it wise to use student loans to invest in the market? Why is one of my credit scores so different from the rest? Should I help my boyfriend with his credit card debt? How to become a professional investor without a college degree? You can find her at MasterMyFire.

Delyanne is Brazilian and the first in her family to accomplish many milestones including attending college, becoming an employment attorney, and conquering New York City. After living in NYC for 14 years, the mecca of the financial industry, Delyanne realized that her financial knowledge was limited to the outdated advice of her parents. Once she discovered the F. However, Delyanne quickly realized that the financial space was lacking the voices of people she could relate to, especially women and Latinas.

Delyanne is on a mission to educate and guide new investors to a life that is debt-free, abundant, and financially independent. We continue to take a closer look and have deeper conversations with some of the minority faces of the FIRE movement. They quit their federal government jobs, retired, and moved to Portugal with their two daughters ages 11 and In just over two years of starting their YouTube channel, their channel garnered more than , YouTube subscribers and over 13 million video views.

The mission is to intensely save and invest —over half your income—so you can retire sometime by 40 or sooner. The movement is often associated with white men who have high earning careers in software engineering or finance. She is the Founder of Afford Anything, a personal finance and financial independence website and host of the award-winning Afford Anything podcast. Paula survived Covid 19 earlier this spring so our conversation starts there…and we dive into her financial belief systems in this unusual time…have they changed?

Is it too risky to buy a home with someone you're not married to? What are some ways to protect yourself if you choose to be a co-borrower on the mortgage? In this week's Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi also addresses questions related to career pivots and how to transition to being a financial planner, as well as the best way to pay off high interest credit card debt. Does doing a balance-transfer make sense? Learn how one small business is transitioning to an all digital-only experience for its kid clientele and expanding its work force and creating job opportunities for more individuals at the same time.

Sarah Fazam, founder of Bilingual Birdies, began the business over 12 years ago to encourage cross-cultural awareness through foreign language and live music curriculum. Sarah is of Mexican and Iranian descent.

Her parents met in an ESL program, and as she says, "language is a part of my legacy. What is the LEAST amount of money you could spend each month, while staying current with bills and other financial responsibilities? She is also a Contributor to Next Advisor where she's provided a strategy for how to live on the smallest budget possible. You'll have to listen! More about Jully: She is a writer and producer and you can find her on Youtube where she creates videos to educate women about personal finances, investing, and entrepreneurship.

A teacher asks how she can make more money and another listener wants to know how to begin investing in Socially Responsible Investments, Plus: dividend investing and how to incorporate Black Lives Matter in our personal finance choices.

Farnoosh has answers! On today's show with guest Stacia Crawford, we're discussing life after a layoff, monetizing your skills, as well as the behind-the-scenes of producing for one of the country's top television stations. Her vast experience as a television news producer has positioned her to be a skilled communications specialist, media trainer, and PR strategist.

As a news producer, she understands what editors, producers and bookers want, and she knows what it takes to deliver. Stacia provides customized training to help clients better understand the media and deliver clear, concise key messages and provide useful content. Stacia is also an expert at developing story angles, story pitches, and marketing those pitches to get them on the air and in print.

Her network of long-standing relationships with the media and the business community offer a clear advantage for her clients. Stacia also hosts the popular More Than a Soundbite Podcast in which she interviews top media professionals all over the country and delivers powerful strategies to help listeners get booked on TV, on radio, in publications and on podcasts.

Stacia is also a teacher at heart and serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia College in Chicago where she teaches writing and reporting for TV news. Establishing a healthier mindset and management around money requires reconciling with the past, and facing any potential childhood money trauma head on. Some kids told me they couldn't play with me because their parents didn't feel like my family was safe.

It went deep and was classism at its worst. I'm still breaking through the shame of what I felt when I was young. Good idea? How to find meaningful work right now? How to be a true Ally in the workplace and how to reframe your career ambitions in the near future? It is an essential career resource for anyone feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and it will give every woman the courage to know themselves, where they are and where they want to be.

We discuss how a life-changing accident at the age of ten led Rodneyse to a career in public service, key initiatives she is working to pass to better the lives of the most vulnerable in New York City, and her economic predictions for the future of the Big Apple. What are the best credit cards for big purchases? Should I take out a student loan or pay for school in cash?

Should I tap my home equity line of credit to renovate my home? And much more. Plus, Farnoosh selects 3 iTunes reviewers to each receive a free minute money session. NextAdvisor is a brand new personal finance platform that just launched earlier this summer, in partnership with Time Magazine. I am a contributing editor for the platform and my first piece is about how we bought a house in the pandemic all the behind-the-scenes!

The site is full of timely and important content related to financial wellness and making smart money moves. Adam and I discuss: How NextAdvisor's point of view is slightly different in the world of personal finance content. How the platform is thinking about money in the context of race and class.

How Adam's personal views on money have shifted in the pandemic and recession. More about Adam: He is a personal finance journalist and the former editor-in-chief of Money magazine. Their algorithm matches circles of women who collaborate to meet their personal and professional goals. She also shares pivotal money memories from childhood She was a launch team member to Lean In and was Chief Leadership Officer to Levo, one of the fastest growing millennial professional networks.

He is the founder of OfColor, a digital financial wellness platform focused on providing content and banking tools built around how people of color save, spend, and build our legacies differently. We discuss the role financial services has played and continues to play in widening the racial wealth gap. How his startup OfColor will provide better access to financial tools and education to an underserved community. He writes and speaks extensively on the racial wealth gap, and his writings on the subject have been published in Black Enterprise, The Root, Blavity, and Money.

After beginning his career as a Capital Markets Intelligence Associate for Thomson Financial, he served as an Investor Relations Director for several top-tier financial communications agencies, before moving to in-house roles. He holds both a bachelor's and a Master's degree from Cornell University.

Yemi was born and raised in Jamaica, and now lives with his wife and two daughters in New Jersey. She shares her personal challenges with building wealth, all while building a multi-million dollar business. In , Tiffany transformed her commitment into legislation when she partnered with Assemblywoman Angela V. This law made it mandatory for financial education to be integrated into all middle schools in New Jersey.

To learn more check out thebudgetnista. Dominique Stapleton is not only a sports agent, she is a financial educator to her clients who desperately need literacy and guidance. After working with athletes on their money for a few years Dominique wanted to offer her clients more. This year, she became a Certified NBA sports agent and vows to be the bridge between athlete success off and on the field. We welcome entrepreneur Rachel Rodgers back to the show to talk about how business owners can go beyond the traditional lip service of "supporting" supporting Black Lives Matters and actually serving as Allies and practicing anti-racism within their companies.

Rachel is a woman of color, a mother of four and a seven-figure business owner — in that order. Rachel started her career working as a lawyer with nonprofits, federal judges and Hillary Clinton. Rachel is founder of Million Dollar Badass, a high-level Mastermind for women looking to take their businesses from 6 to 7 figures. Learn more about Rachel at HelloSeven. A new Northwestern University study based on data from the Federal Reserve estimates that on average for every dollar of accumulated wealth that white families have, many black families have just one cent.

We discuss: How and why they paid off their mortgage in 25 years. And should personal finance get political? What does that even mean? As a friend and accomplished journalist focusing on the topic of black identity, politics and patterns of power in America, I wanted to catch up with Donovan for my BlackWealthMatters series. Key takeaways from our interview: How Donovan's upcoming book, When Crack Was King, chronicles the 's and 'se pidemic, its misperceptions and the way policing changed during those years.

Donovan's own experiences with racial discrimination in graduate school and beyond. The truth about what publishing pays. Donovan and Farnoosh disclose their book advances. More about Donovan: He is called "an indispensable voice on issues of racial identity, politics, and patterns of power in America," by American culture critic Rich Benjamin.

Donovan served most recently as the commentary editor at The Marshall Project, a Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization dedicated to the U. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently completing his first book, a history of the crack cocaine epidemic for One World—an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House, the world's largest trade book publisher.

You can learn about Donovan on his website www. Stephanie Vaught, J. Her company specializes in teaching effective money management and helping people build a life they love. Stephanie was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She attended Detroit Public Schools and received a B. Cooley Law School. She has spent most of her professional career in law and community advocacy.

In , Stephanie developed a profound interest in personal finance — mostly based on the need to manage her own household and entrepreneurial endeavors. In , Stephanie made a career shift and became a certified financial counselor. She began working with a financial nonprofit counseling and educating thousands of people across the country about financial literacy and helping them to reach their personal financial goals.

In , Stephanie decided to take her financial knowledge coupled with her legal skills and experience back to a community of her peers and founded Social Money Finance, LLC. Her mission is to empower people to increase their financial literacy, challenge unproductive money habits, and improve their financial place for themselves and their family. I recently sat down with Queen during her press tour for The Queen Collective, her latest endeavor which provides opportunities for women of color in film to tell stories from their viewpoint.

The mentoring and development program, in collaboration with Tribeca Studios and Procter and Gamble, selected two winners this year and their projects will premiere on BET Networks, Saturday, June 13th at p. In our conversation, she shared some of the financial lessons experienced while growing up and building her business, as well as her ideas on how we can promote more equality in the workplace and close the racial wealth gap.

She is dedicated to creating financial breathing room for households of underrepresented communities. She has created wide-scale programs to empower others to change their financial trajectories, focused on legacy building and generational wealth. Together we explore some of the historical barriers to wealth that have continued to be road blocks for people in the Black community, as well as how the financial expert community can be more sensitive and mindful when offering advice.

To learn more about Dr. Scott, please visit www. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, she is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of workplace diversity and inclusion. In The Memo, Minda provides a roadmap for women to not only navigate but change the system that they are working within. And she makes it clear that yes, the discrimination you are feeling, those microaggressions, they are real — and we need to acknowledge them so we can change our reality.

Over the years many outstanding Black individuals who fought racism and oppression to achieve personal wealth and career success have graced my podcast. I announced this on Instagram earlier in the week. It is my small way of contributing to this human rights issue of racial equality.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my announcement with guest recommendations for Black Wealth Matters. Please keep the guest suggestions coming. Today -- We are revisiting my conversation with Myleik Teele from Myleik is the Atlanta-based founder and chief experience officer of Curlbox, the first exclusive monthly subscription box for naturally curly hair.

A teacher at heart, her wildly popular, MyTaughtYou podcast has become her global classroom where women from all walks of life tune in for guidance and a healthy dose of motivation to live life on their own terms.

You just heard at the top of this show - a moment from our conversation - when she candidly opens up about her relationship with money. Even as a wealthy woman, she is, as she says, cautious with her money, perhaps overly cautious. To learn more about Myleik visit: mytaughtyou.

From how to spend the stimulus check to mortgage forbearance and rent negotiations, Lauren Silbert, VP and General Manager of personal finance website TheBalance. It is home to experts who provide clear, practical advice on managing your money. This week's Ask Farnoosh covers more real estate ground, as well as questions about investing for retirement. Farnoosh also shares her homebuyer checklist for anyone interested in purchasing a home this year.

Sticking with the week's theme of real estate, Tracy Tutor, star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, joins the show with details of the behind-the-scenes housing activity in the Los Angeles area. Tracy is a mother, entrepreneur and Real Estate agent with over 15 years of experience. She can currently be seen on the 12th season of Million Dollar Listing LA - the first and only female in the cast!

In her new book, Fear is a Four-Letter Word, provides a go-to manual for women who struggle to convince people they're in charge. She shares intimate details from her early years struggling to break into the cut-throat industry and a recent success that helped seal a deal that nobody thought could be won.

Real estate expert Ilyce Glink answers all of our top questions about buying and selling in the current market. How has the pandemic impacted housing prices and is now a good time to buy? This episode originally aired on May 6, This week Farnoosh welcomes back financial advisor and founder of Modernist Financial Georgia Lee Hussey to answer listeners' questions including: Should I change my investments?

What's the right price for a pre-nup? Should I ask for a raise? How can I move up in my career right now? For many, will be characterized as the year of survival. Our guest Tom Corley, CFP, offers financial advice to help us keep head above water as we navigate all the uncertainties.

We are experiencing grief in all forms these days. Whether it's grieving the loss of a loved one, the loss of connection with others or the loss of a job and financial grief Navigating a tremendous loss is one of the hardest things in life. My guest Sarah Nannen helps us find our way through and offers a new way of thinking about grief that may leave us far more hopeful and at peace.

Sarah Nannen is a transformation teacher and guide as well as an author, speaker and podcast host. Her journey through grief informs her renegade work with those navigating painful life transitions who seek to live extraordinary lives. Sarah is the founder and co-owner of Renkon Yoga Studio, a community-focused studio rooted in the power of human connection.

Her expertise will be featured in two upcoming docu-series on the topics of trauma and conscious parenting; a collaborative production between Hay House, Well. Should I offer to voluntarily quit my job right now? Should I save more or invest? And what are some good personal finance resources for teens? Farnoosh addresses listeners top money questions.

What will the college experience look like and how much will it cost? What is the opportunity for Millennials right now, as they grapple with how to add value and become financially secure in the years to come? He is also the co-host of Pivot, a podcast produced by Recode and Vox Media. He received a B. Follow Scott on Twitter profgalloway.

The latest questions from listeners include how to manage finances post-divorce and during a pandemic , paying down student loans with varying interest rates and how to bring up the concept of a prenup to your partner. Plus, Farnoosh shares behind-the-scenes and insights into her latest experience buying a home and moving in these strange times. Is now a smart time to buy? What housing trends might we see in the wake of Covid 19? Real estate guru Ilyce Glink joins Farnoosh to share insights and reports from the latest real estate activity around the country.

Ilyce is an award-winning, nationally-syndicated columnist, blogger, author, radio talk show host, TV reporter, and owner of Think Glink Media. Letting go of expectations - personal, professional and financial - is a great challenge for many of us right now. This podcast focuses on how to continue to create forward momentum for yourself, even as it may not feel like much is in our control right now.

Guest Erika Gerdes is an authenticity advocate speaker, coach and writer. She is the designer of The Art of Undoing, which helps people undo their limiting beliefs and reactive patterns to unlock greater confidence, joy and impact. Erika is a former global business executive at Google, where she worked for 12 years before leaving at the height of her career, as a single mom, to pursue her mission for helping people live into their full range and amplify their impact.

To download her free guide, visit erikagerdes. Host Farnoosh Torabi addresses listeners' questions about home buying, managing money in a relationship and safely rolling over a k into an IRA. Plus, exciting news: So Money has been nominated for a Webby Award! How has the pandemic influenced the influencer market? With the downturn in the economy many businesses have pressed PAUSE on marketing and our guest Katie Sturino, entrepreneur and social media influencer shares insights and personal experiences.

How is she managing her personal finances and business in this market and what is her advice for business owners and brands as they turn to the internet for more exposure and sales? Through her personal platforms, katiesturino and The12ishStyle. Her regular content series, SuperSizeTheLook and MakeMySize have gone viral, reaching millions of people and attracting global media attention. Katie is also the founder of MEGABABE, an innovative beauty brand offering non-toxic, solution-oriented products that allow people to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

On today's episode Shaun T shares his financial experiences from childhood, how he built his fitness empire and his advice for staying motivated and focused on health in these challenging times. Learn more about Shaun T on his website and be sure to check out Farnoosh's interview on his podcast, Trust and Believe, today. Listeners send in their most pressing financial questions amid the pandemic and economic slowdown. Can I negotiate my credit card payments? Should I continue plans to attend graduate school in the fall?

Should I put my start-up plans on hold? Ask your questions for the Friday episodes via Direct Message on Instagram or clicking on Ask Farnoosh on the website. Life throws us all curveballs - especially now. Guest Heather Chauvin shares how to handle them and emerge triumphant. Being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer was the kick in the pants that my guest today says she needed to prioritize her finances and build a richer life.

Within a few years of Heather's diagnosis, she became a multi-six figure business owner More about Heather Chauvin: She is a leadership coach and strategic parenting expert who helps ambitious women become leaders at work and home. Drawing from her professional experience as a social worker and her life experience raising three boys, Heather created a signature approach to focus her clients on sustainability, profitability and ease in business and life.

She is the host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast where she reveals her most vulnerable truths about womanhood, marriage, parenting, living through stage 4 cancer and running a successful business—without burning out. She has also appeared in Entrepreneur and Real Simple. Georgia is Founder and CEO of Modernist Financial, which is on a mission to build a world where progressive people feel permission to enjoy today, while also investing in our common future.

Act is starting to make an impact on society, as consumers and business owners struggle to make ends meet in the pandemic. What's in the plan, specifically, and what will it mean for our personal finances? We welcome Certified Financial Planner and wealth manager Hilary Hendershott to help us break it all down. Hilary is the host of the Profit Boss Radio Podcast. My guest today is a wealth manager who says despite the downturn in the market, his clients didn't lose any money.

How is that possible? Caleb Guilliams is the founder and CEO of BetterWealth, a company committed to showing people how to have more efficiency and control over their money today while maximizing their future wealth potential. At an early age, Caleb read every financial book he could get his hands on and was fascinated with the idea of ordinary people being able to achieve extraordinary wealth.

While still in college, he was promoted to take over the entire investment division at a local community bank where he committed to finding a better way to wealth for his clients. He traveled across the country for over two years learning from top financial experts. He eventually discovered proven strategies and principles that can empower anyone to create and protect real wealth. Learn more about BetterWealth.

Also what is the best way to support the economy and local small businesses if savings is low or your job isn't secure? Host Farnoosh Torabi answers your latest money questions. In The Audacity to Be Queen, DeVee invites modern-day women to take ourselves off the back-burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially—and step into our greatness.

Only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose, and in this pivotal moment, time is of the essence. The age of Queen, she says, is now. In uncertain times, we grow even more uncertain about our choices, our self-worth, and direction in life. I wanted to invite back one of my best friends and mentors Susie Moore to share her wisdom and reflections on how we all can feel more in control during of our lives right now.

Susie has a new book that is deeply relevant, considering all that we are experiencing right now. Visit StopCheckingYourLikes. Farnoosh address some of your latest money questions surrounding all the economic uncertainty and turmoil. From job loss to investing, refinancing a mortgage and more. What are the best money moves right now?

Now more than ever, couples are faced with tough financial circumstances. Are you ready and willing to work through this with your partner? It's her mission to teach all her couples how to stand in their power by including money in their relationship. She and I discuss how we develop ideas around money as children, the importance of reframing unhelpful thoughts about money and the importance of creating SMART goals and thinking forward with your finances.

Connect with Lindsay at www. We are in conversation with the one and only David Bach, financial expert and time New York Times Bestselling author. David has since become a friend, a mentor and a frequent guest on So Money. He has kindly stopped by this podcast a bunch of times and now more than ever, I'm excited to have him join to share his reflections on all that's happening amidst the Coronavirus.

Did you know that David's been living in Italy for the past year? We discuss his day-to-day life with the entire country in quarantine, and how to keep our mind and money healthy during these challenging times. To learn more about David and his 5-day challenge, visit DavidBach. How to continue to pay rent if I've lost my job?

Can I afford to continue investing? Where is the market headed and how might it impact my job security? Plus, hear who won a free minute money session with Farnoosh! Many of us started the new year with ambitions to get a raise or increase business revenue. Now, we may have lost hope. My guest today is staying optimistic and has some interesting perspectives on how to frame your mind around earning your worth this year and any time. In the last three years after pivoting from a legal career, she has grown her life coaching business from 0 to 7 figures.

Kara lives in New York City. Learn more at unfckyourbrain. Staying indoors is currently best for the public's health, but how can we be sure to take care of our personal health at the same time? Finding time to workout and eat healthy can feel especially challenging during these stressful and overwhelming times. And as the saying goes, health is wealth. She is a lifestyle and wellness coach that helps women lose weight and get fit without dumb diets or boring boot camp workouts or burpees.

Her YouTube channel has over 20 million views. Farnoosh has been giving some counterintuitive advice lately related to our finances amidst the health crisis. And she's not apologizing! This week she answers more of your top questions including: Should I invest or pay down debt? Should I take money out of my house downpayment fund and place it in the stock market?

How can I make money from home right now? Many families will be home for weeks and months to come, attempting to work and parent under one roof. Our guest Pamela Pekerman is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Hustle Like a Mom, and a regular on local morning shows. She's been working from home for many years -- but the past week she's also been parenting at the same time.

Hear her advice on how to create structure and sanity at home and how many workers can pivot to making money on the internet. Degree-trained in psychology, she previously directed and tripled the growth of a woman-focused non-profit. One of the focal topics of the episode is how small business owners can attempt to earn more money this year with all the economic uncertainty right now.

While it may not feel all that appropriate to talk about money at a time when human lives are at stake, the coronavirus is taking a toll on our finances The stock market suffered one of its worst declines this week and many of you have been writing in asking about how to manage your investments, as well as how to prepare for the likelihood of a recession.

This episode is dedicated to answering some of your top concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on our finances. With nearly a quarter century of experience in personal finance, Greg is a subject matter expert that has the unique ability to provide both in-depth commentary and practical advice to consumers.

Through Bankrate. Our guest today is Nicole Symcox, a highly sought-after licensed psychotherapist who helps her clients deal with trauma and - in many cases - put them on the road to recovery to a happier, healthier financial relationship and financial life. It is true that psychological trauma impacts our finances. It impairs our ability to make healthy financial decisions and to feel connected to our money. This is where we start with Nicole.

We go right at it to discover the root of this and how, if you have experienced trauma in your life, how that may be linked to your money struggles and how you can begin the journey to recovery. Learn more about Nicole at www. Joy Lere is a psychologist who focuses on money and mindset. Through her work she has seen that lack of money knowledge combined with discomfort talking about money create a perfect storm for relational discord, underearning, overspending, lost investment opportunity, and crippling financial stress.

We begin today's Ask Farnoosh with a page out of Farnoosh's money journal where she shares personal thoughts and honest advice regarding the Coronavirus and its impact on our personal finances. A listener also asks whether or not it's wise to refinance a mortgage to a year term, especially if the higher payments will prevent her from investing in the market.

Kari Clark founded Uplift out of her own experience. She has two kids ages 6 and 4 who both made her better at her job and life. Post-kids, she made a significant career shift, saw improved performance reviews, lost 45 pounds and gave away half of her possessions.

Life changes like having a baby are proven to be great times to adopt new habits. She wants to rewrite the script on what being a working mom means. What kind of impact can we expect from the global spread of the Coronavirus on our personal finances? Guest Caleb Silver shares his perspectives.

Caleb is the Editor in Chief of Investopedia, the world's leading source of financial content on the web, ranging from market news to retirement strategies to investing education. His career in business news began at Bloomberg, where he worked as a senior television producer and was nominated for a Emmy Award. He also serves as the treasurer of the executive board of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing.

On this week's Ask Farnoosh listeners want to know the cost-benefit of storing furniture and other household items. Also: the benefits of working with a financial planner. Guest Blessing Adesiyan is the founder of Mother Honestly, a platform that inspires, encourages and guides the modern ambitious woman to thrive in and beyond motherhood. Through online content, and offline activations, Mother Honestly empowers and elevates mothers to lead bigger, better and deeper lives.

Tapping has become a fast-growing, simple way to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to add stress to our lives. On the podcast, Nick describes Tapping as a mix between the ancient practice of acupuncture and modern psychology. He takes listeners through a tapping exercise on the podcast and claims this can provide us with financial clarity.

Learn more about Nick at TheTappingSolution. Have you ever wondered how people become professional speakers and get paid to speak? He has spoken at over events to over , people and teaches everyday people on how to build a speaking business from scratch - and rake in thousands doing what they love.

More about Grant: He is a nationally known speaker, podcaster, and author who has helped thousands of people start and build their own speaking businesses through his Booked and Paid to Speak Training Course. Learn more about Grant on his website GrantBaldwin. On her blog and popular Instagram account, Inspired Budget, Allison Baggerly teaches her budgeting method to thousands of followers.

Learn more about Allison on her website, www. And connect with her on Instagram InspiredBudget. This week's Ask Farnoosh plucks questions from Farnoosh's Instagram followers related to managing a cash windfall, understanding how the new FICO score works and real estate investing for starters. When we think of design We think of designing a website. But what about your life? Your business? Tobi is passionate about her full-service interior design company and her consulting firm which are focused on helping clients design their homes, their businesses, and their lives, with a special interest in promoting wellness and balance for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and creatives.

Tobi established her firm more than 19 years ago and her projects have spanned the nation and beyond. In , Tobi was a columnist for Traditional Home magazine with a feature in each issue chronicling her own home renovation and reveal. Learn more about Tobi on her website TobiFairley.

Like many I was really scared about a war erupting Subsequent to this, Iran admitted to accidentally taking down the the Ukrainian jetliner that killed all people on board. In its aftermath, as this is a financial podcast, I thought, what could I share here that was of relevance to us? In the NPR interview she described a great secret that she and her family kept after a terrifying incident in their home in She shares this in our conversation, too, but the bigger takeaways from our discussion are her immigrant experiences - lessons both unique and universal, as well as her life today as a financially independent Millennial living in New York City.

She was born in Iran and immigrated to the U. Farnoush has reported from across the country and in Puerto Rico, where she covered the intensive aftermath of Hurricane Maria. She currently serves on the board of the South Asian Journalists Association. In the latest installment of Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh answers listeners questions related to helping pay down a significant other's student loans.

Is it recommended? Also: renting versus buying and leaving your job before bonus season. Is there a way to make up for it? Today marks five years, 12 million downloads and 1, episodes. Farnoosh Torabi celebrates this major So Money milestone with a tribute to her dedicated listeners, reflections on some of the craziest never-before-told stories of producing the show and special cameos from her children who help answer listeners' questions.

Plus, we hear from So Money fans from around the world and their financial triumphs. Prizes and charitable donations to boot! Many of you have expressed interest in attending graduate school, so today's episode is all about how to go for FREE. My guest today is a listener who reached out and suggested that we focus on this topic. Clearly, Danielle is passionate about education. She's even more passionate about helping others get to school affordably within their means, possibly even for free.

Michelle Bosch first became interested in real estate investing when her father suddenly passed away. She witnessed how a modest investment in real estate was able to keep her family afloat and provide her with some financial support in adulthood.

With that appreciation for how powerful real estate investing can be, Michelle went on to build an eight-figure land investment and auction company. She started by flipping dirt, as she describes. She has bought and sold over 4, pieces of real estate and built the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the US. Learn more about Michelle on her website, www. How can you get the obstacles and adversities that are working against you My guest today is Laura Huang, a professor at Harvard Business School who has spent her career studying implicit bias in entrepreneurship and in the workplace.

Her new book is called Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage. Laura describes EDGE as that elusive quality that gives you an upper hand and attracts attention and support. Some people seem to naturally have it. But the rest of us can create our own from the challenges and biases we think hold us back, and turning them to work in our favor This Friday's Ask Farnoosh addresses some of the recent questions that have come through the pipelines from listeners.

Questions related to whether or not to sell a home now or later, dealing with a tricky financial proposal from in-laws and ways to make money in college. But what if we've been communicating it all wrong? What if, instead, we should be seeking Power not Empowerment? My guest Lindsay Goldwert is a freelance writer, podcaster and stand-up comedian who is tackling the topic of financial dominance in her new book, Bow Down She traveled the country shadowing women who are part of the BDSM subculture bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism to learn the best ways to get what you want - and have your money serve you.

Learn more about Lindsay on her website: SpentPodcast. But how about Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies? In his new book, The Man Who Solved the Market, author Gregory Zuckerman looks into the world of Simons, who is now 81 years-old, and how his data-driven, algorithmic approach to investing has had unexpected, and far reaching implications on our world.

Learn more about Zuckerman on his website GregoryZuckerman. Special co-host Georgia Lee Hussey, financial planner and founder of Modernist Financial joins Farnoosh to answer your money questions related to saving, investing for retirement and managing credit card debt. Our guest today shares an unexpected story about how a childhood growing up on a family ranch inspired her to get outside of her comfort zone and strike out on her own.

It's a compelling and relatable story about trusting nobody but yourself to create financial security in your life. AMP'D was developed with Shanna's 15 years of business development experience, including five years as a brand strategy agency owner.

She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, often learning business strategy at the dinner table as a child. She contributes regularly to Business Insider, is an influencer on Mogul. To access Shanna's free resources for small business owners, ampdnow. Zainab Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International. It is a grassroots organization that helps women in the most devastatingly damaged communities in the world. To fund this, the concept is simple: one woman here can sponsor one woman there to help her receive the business and life skills that will transform her family and community.

For her work creating Women for Women and her global journalism, Zainab was recently awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Award. Today, Zainab's work in journalism and media has led to the creation of several shows including: MeToo, Now What? You can learn more about Zainab on her website ZainabSalbi.

Connect with Women for Women on Instagram womenforwomen, Facebook womenforwomen, and Twitter womenforwomen. Want to earn more money in ? Host Farnoosh Torabi provides answers to listeners top money questions Iceland was the first country to have a female president, a democratically-elected female president who served for 16 years. Our guest today, Sigrun, remembers vividly what it felt like to grow up in Iceland and have that be her reality.

And she says it is - no doubt- why she grew up to be the sort of woman who believes that anything is possible. As we kick off a new important year, , Sigrun, a female advocate and business coach, stops by the show to lend us her vision so that we can get closer to achieving whatever we want this year. A little bit more about Sigrun:. For much of her career, she ran companies as the CEO. The rest is logistics. Minda Harts is the author of The Memo, a roadmap for women of color to not only navigate but change the system they are working within.

The top-selling book is packed with strategic and tactical wisdom, including a chapter devoted to white readers and what they can do to actively create inclusive work environments. Learn more about Mind at MindaHarts. Special co-host Jamila Souffrant, founder of Journey to Launch, is back on the show, this time co-hosting and helping answer a wide range of questions from So Money listeners.

Today's questions: Is it better to make an additional principal payment on a mortgage each month or invest in an index fund? What to do when you're in your 60s with no savings or retirement? What can a professional woman in her late 20's - who wants children one day - do to prepare best for the time and money constraints of parenthood? To learn more about Jamila, visit JourneytoLaunch. You can also follow her on Instagram. This episode aired originally on Sept 28, Son of Sardar is the only movie in November except Talaash for which audience is eagerly waiting.

Pranav Pande: Kisine sahi bola tha waise bhi yahan sab mootne aur thukne ke liye aate hai Dude get a life.. Daleep Jangir: aamir khan is great. Hasina Sheikh: joshhaiaarush ek namard hai jo apni namardangi chupane ke liye internet par sher banta firta hai 05gucci: Ah like salman n Srk, aamir also acts the same way over n over again.. If not his movie.. Khud SRGay fans yahan akar uska naam le rahe hai gandu. Hume koi interest nai uss diaster chutiyeking me. Arun Hegde: RIP gaymir.

Memnto suna hai?? Ghajini uski remake thi regulator Hey hindu. Speak english desi!!!!! Rip jthj Ajay devgan is the real winner Alladin Baba: Aamir ke gali ke jamaadaar me bhi srgay se jaada class hai kabir khan: greatness of SRK 1 8 time best actor filmfare 2 most popular actor in the world BBC 3 great anchor 4 among 50most powerfull manin the world,in india only 2nd to sania gandhi 5 great family man,great dad,great hasband 6 since 11 times highest worldwide grosser ,,,,,,,,,, others sallu ,, amir , AMIR fan Swades is a disaster movie at BoxOffice and a minnow in fromt of Aamir Khan clasics parmar girdhar: rocking Shovinam Anurag: Aamir khan god bollywood.

Rocinol: U r r Sher ki ilaka me bakri ki nam mat lo One was a super hit. Fuck off haters But how can u understand direction without understanding a single dialogue!!!???? I mean seriously How dumb people could be??? Srk has givn 48 hits Hasina Sheikh: dont accept srk fan girls without shudhikaran or purification Riderism: nice joke.

SRK is not like gaymir who cheats and steals credit. MI is the worst team in IPL. MI is the worst. So where our cinema is heading with top-3 grossers Rowdy, Tiger, and a remake low quality wise. Yeh saal acha hai Kahaani, PST jaise filmo ne acha kamaya but still Hollywood is far perfect in this direction. Aamir's videos attract everyone,Aamir rocks. Aamir is one of d best versatile Indian actors ever. If u cant see that it's ur problem. Manish Malhotra: 1.

Suresh Gaikwad: Awesommmmeeeeeee!!!! Rocinol: ha ha lol Bol Bacchan I dont care what BO it breaks. Talaash is one of d best movies of this yr. Keep chasing us SRGAY ke trailer ke 2. This video will overtake Jab Tab Hai Jhaant in next 5 days. SRK ki faad ke rakh di mehran khan: nw this one is better Moshimoshi dude, is that video on youtube? Rocinol: Ohh here comes our film expert!!???? Ghar ja baccha Has not delivered a single flop since Mela That's 12 yrs back Teri srGay toh aj bhi flop pe flop dhal raha hai Billu, ra.

Aur kiya height ki gaar mar rakha hai Aamir ki 5' 6". Ja kar check karle. Bhag bhag dkbose Pranav Pande: Jab tak hai jaan, isi tarah sannata chaye rahe yaha. Like his fans he's a pussyooooo Awais Ali: Wao0o0o0o0o!! Great Suspense. Awesome Trailer. Aamir will deliver it for sure.

Psychological thrillers are rare in Bollywood. This movie will do it. Rocinol: Kiya hua bhaisaab Ap ki king-kong kitne sare flop de chuka hai Pranav Pande: Gali gali me shor he aamir khan chut ka chor he. Johnny Gaddarr: SRK is not a dog he came with his own hard work Yashji selected him bcoz he saw SRK more suitable for all and so what SRK is one of the worlds biggest movie star ever now just cope with the facts the real facts are like this SRK - The Best actor among the Khan's Aamir - The Best creative actor among the khans Salman - The worst actor among the khans but found his own unique style of making hits by copying south indian films Just cope with the facts buddy as i said dont be fool for being a fan oWaIs kHuRsHeEd dAr: just hate this cheap actor gaymir.

Sudhir Jadon: achha suspense create kiya Rocinol: Right right They are both comedian Rocinol: U better ponder over Ghajini MrSamay Creditchor aamir babli bebo: aamir spits on those unethical bullshit awards you nincompoop. Riderism: gaymir is a risk taker but what's the point of taking the risk when the movie fails miserably?

Kalakaar made more money than Dhobi Ghat. Aamir takes one hour to answer one question Srk gives lakhs of interviews,best anchor in india, face of india in world cinema and u say he stammers.. I appreciate that! Rahul Dravid: Srgay's fans cannot make fun of Aamir's incredible talent. That's why they make of Aamir's height which is God-given. Pradeep CDI: By the way this trailer is curretly the most popular video.

Click on browse at the top and see most popular video section. Ditz Jose: lowda he is a role model Johnny Gaddarr: except protected SRK's and many other thing are protected like tom cruise brad pitt johnny depp jim carrey and all Rocinol: wtf Are u here for a toe to toe slang fight??

What's ur problem retard I give a rat's ass abt what u think. I've seen more great films than u'll ever see in ur entire life. I'm not a super-audience like u who judges films without understanding a single word spoken in d movie. Karan singh: Aamir is Fuc"king" gay actors who consider thmselves badshah!

Rocinol: 1st of all Mr If u r so much sure of ur srk then what r u doing in dis page 24 hrs constantly?? Yes Mela was flop And Aamir did that movie for his brother Faisal. Mangal Pandey did lower business than expected bcoz it has huge expectation.

But d movie was not flop. Better put these baseless comments on srk page. U'll get lots of free likes frm many lunatics like u. Sachin Tendulkar: SRK is one incompetent bastard who can only give flps and disasters like don 2 ra. Dhruv Soni: abe srk ke ki movie ka trailer nahi hai woh Why is everyone giving me a thumbs up? Dabangg 2 is also going to smash The Laash.

Taushif Shaikh: go and learn how to troll kid Midget and oscar? Biggest joke of the year! And crore? Hahahaha 5 crore bhi nai milega is kahani k remake ko! Chutiya aamir! Snehit Pande: me 2 saqlain aqif: i am a huge fan of akshay but i amit that aamir is the greatest actor india have ever produced. Piyush Mahajan: ye aamir insaan hai ya khuda Brian Djokovic: ye to Aamir God Khan ka video hai Uss khoon chusne vaale khatmal srgay ka nahi Johnny Gaddarr: satyameva jayathe is a nice one but sotop insulting srk i never insulted aamir also Johnny Gaddarr: it said he is the movie star whom u have not much heard off check Movie Star in wiki also look completely SRK's name is included and even in celebrity in wiki Johnny Gaddarr: bollywood is not at all gud like hollywood we all agree but why saying bollywood as bad what is your problem did u got insulted by kids as an indian earlier in canada??

Aamir Khan power. SRgay cheecj hi kya hai ,jhaant ka baal hai Srgay Rahul Srivastava: srgay se kaho permanent chakka bankar doosro ki shaadi me dance kare , ye bollywood me kachra failane ki koi zaroorat nahi Moshimoshi ab sri lankan kohn hai? Daleep Jangir: Nice Rocinol: lol You're seriously suggesting that people went to theatres to see Madhavan and Joshi?

Ghajini - first cr movie. They like crap only abhisekh ranjan: Although I am a fan of Salman Khan and I also like Aamir Khan movies and I generally avoid Shahrukh's movies except a few, I would like to say something. All the three great Khans have their own style and all are great. The trio is the real king trio of bollywood giving blockbuster after blockbuster. Instead of abusing them which obviously they don't care, why not just enjoy good entertaining Bollywood movies..

I am going to watch Talaash, Dabangg 2 and Jab tak hain jaan this Winter Rocinol: Who cares abt Jthj??? Also add d sympathy wave of Yash Chopra's death Aamir doesn't He has set d BO std SRK hollywood fans r far greater thn aamir's See the budget, Ra one promotions started from world cup Gyanu Lama: Yeah, i've also noticed that otherwise that trailer wouldnot get such likes Johnny Gaddarr: gr8 yaar Arun Hegde: rocinol it's the truth.

Go on Aamir U hv set them I want u to take up Anurag's Bombay Velvet. It'd be awesome The two geniuses working together. Mir Shahid: times i asked a question when the trailer is coming on tv. Nobody is replying why? Chak de was first offered to salman!

Jab tak hai gaand was nowher, srgay fans are hallucinating John A: Making fun of Aamir Khan fans is like making fun of a group which doesn't exist. Yet Dabangg 2,Talaash and Ek tha tiger will be the winner by the end of As,,Ek tha tiger has already become all time blockbuster Koi aur story dimaag me nahi aayi? Prakrut Chauhan: u too have short term memory loss.. Arun Prasath: Aamir sir rocks again Riderism: gaymir can't even act.

SRK is far better than that flop star gaymir. I dont understand.. In which context you take movie as a hit.. Harshita Katiyar: wat a trailer.!! Script is a good excuse to defend Srk. Remember, Ra one had rajinikanth, priyanka, sanjay, akon etc Nd Still it is a flop!. MNIK Also had a good script and we all know what happened. Ra one mein uday chopra bhi hit deta srgay ne kuch apne dum par to kia nahi sameer sharma: i think aamir fans desperately need "aamir khan fan club" i donno how to make a website as i m frm medical field sumone plz make it so dat evry aamir fan shud get evry info related to aamir wat say guys?

Riderism: blockbuster my foot! Devdas got an oscar nomintion u dumb.. U better check out Dilip kumar never said aamir is better actor.. Legend amitabh said SRK is best actor among khans.. Neetu singh said SRK is god.. Rocinol: Ha ha Kirsten Stewart Twillight stars wont be suffice for you. Better luck next time. Jaise chakke aa jaate hain khushi ke mauke par, vaise ye SRK ke chakke fans bhi yahan aa gaye , Hijde hain SRK fans, zara naach kar dikha do Hasina Sheikh: tumhari baato se naapunsakta aur hijdapan tapak raha hai tum sirf srgay fan hi ho sakte ho aceaamirkhan: Few seconds or minutes, Does that make any difference?

In word,Outstanding, Johnny Gaddarr: listen brother just understand this fact the difference between aamir and ssrk is not acting cant u see not acting they are equally talented in terms of acting the difference is their talent and that is srk is not creative and not have the perfection and ability to choose script and all like aamir several class stars select aamir bcoz of these facts not just acting aamir was born family of film makers srk was an orphan lost parents earlier that too from a middle class filmy there is a vairation Ammar Patel: waiting for dis one..

He won't coz he is scared! Otherwise who is interested in SRK who ddnt give a single clean hit for past 5 years? Daleep Jangir: Jaja Rohan Tambe: ya i mean koi apni beti ki umr vali heroine k sath kaise romance kar sakta hai??????? Johnny Gaddarr: did u judge acting of penelope cruz by knowing spanish language AamirGod SrkSucks: SRgay fans dont realize that they thmselves never visit jthj page they r still on Talaash page!

Rocinol: jthj Hasina Sheikh: Meri najayaz aulaad aryan jo bhi ho tu rahega mera beta hi mera lund pakad kar chalna seekha hai tune bhool gaya? Sachin Tendulkar: SRK ke mooh par peshab karegi Talaash on 30th November regulator doesnt matter if he produced it. He was aware of the fact and still lied. He is still a liar. Ghajini is a movie released with less than prints. Sachin Tendulkar: DON 2 was cult movie? That was worst movie last year, even that puke Ra. One was better than Don 2 Vivek Mahajan: This is amazing response.

I still remember Don2 trailer after first 10 days got only 2. Riderism: it's you who's living in denial after seeing all your fellow gaymir fans getting bitch slapped publicly by me. ALGfunk: I like the movie , 3 idiots Rahul Bhardwaj: aceaamirkhan U have forgotten to mention jor ka jhatka which was a huge disaster MrSamay Srk rejected lagaan,rang de basanti,3 idiots so tht aamir is exist..

Die Brian Djokovic: First day first show first day 2nd show first day 3rd show He has told this is a never - before - heard script :. So stop guessing Riderism: gaymir is a disgrace to indians. SRK is a better human being than gaymir. Thumbs up if u r watching too Noone sees srk's movie His ra. Salman and Aamir have been proved not only the king of movies bt also the king of television,Srk can't even fit in television properly..

He is rejected evertime he tries to get into a television show,Ra. I've already apologized. No need to mock Aamir! Johnny Gaddarr: its by los angels times which said srk as perhaps the worlds biggest movie star check in wiki the rest all r videos buffoon not arcticles shahrukh khan is god is said by hugh jackman babli bebo: no one gives a shit arun King: aamir is looking like grandpa Riderism: look at this monkey calling everyone a monkey.

Riderism: keep this wishful thought to yourself gay boy. Johnny Gaddarr: from whwere the hell are you coming from Abhinav Gupta: Hmmm.. Tu bhi jamaadar hi hoga uski gali ka.. ShahRock Khan: Theek hai apne baap ka naam batade.. Haraami suvvar ki aulad ohitsmerenz: I am stoked! Aamir Khan surely made Filipinos want to watch his movies. It's been a while since he made one. Sher ki guha me bakri ki baat mat kar.

Akshay Jaiswal: even i m srk fan but will say what a trailer Anshuman Thakur: Ra. Aamir fans are so fucked up dat dey stop writting comments in trailer Youtube per toh kutee ki tarah har gaye Boxoffice per tumara chamdi utarega SRK Hasina Sheikh: Jab Tak hai jaan never trended These liar bastard srgay fans are total shamelss retards. Must be hallucination.

Vijay Dhama: U seem like biggest Chutiya here Rocinol: Now after sunny deol it's akki ko Aamir ki saath panga lena hoga Nehi toh har saal ghajini aur 3i jaisa gangraped hona parta hai. Pehle sach bolna sikhna chahiye phir dusro se jawab mangna Khud ki koi credibility nehi aur dusro se jawab mangta hai Aamir rules a man who gave greater flops than hits rules..

U must be watching and admiring aamir after ghajini didnt u..? A moron has already spoilt India's 1st 3D with a shit named Ra. It's time to rectify it wid Aamir by Dhoom 3. One thing i am sure - Talaash vl b d blockbuster of this year not jab tak hai gaand They will be the first one to watch this movie That is exactly what Bollywood needs now a days. A good crime thriller movie. Lost around 5 crore and was biggest lossmaker of its time.

Rahul Srivastava: srk can give only chavanni athanni small hits aamir and salman are box office forces who give biggest hits of decades,record breakers and atbb Sachin Tendulkar: Aamir Khan popat Asshole, Who the F is Pattison??? Brad Pitt's Favorite movie is 3 idiots.. He liked Aamir Khan.. Prakrut Chauhan: my stomach is aching laughing Taushif Shaikh: sorry i meant irfan khan, while aamir has used his popularity of bollywood to bring indian cinema into bollywood..

But bollywood will never appreciate a talent like irfan nawaz manoj tigmanshu and so many Riderism: i think you're confusing RNBDJ with Ghajini. Johnny Gaddarr: he should deserve more worse Hasina Sheikh: I think Oscar jury has to introduce 1 dozen new oscars to justify Talaash brilliance lukeerambo: hmmm.. Moshimoshi when the last time srk's movie won best movie? LOL Rocky Silva: all three khans tum apni films festival me release karo tabhi badi hit hogi ur not akshay kumar jo ipl aur non holiday pe crore ka business kare Fayaz Khan: I am sure this filim wil shakes the bollywood again!!

This is what you call high quality cinema! SRK has nothing flop devsad and useless romances. Rocinol: ha ha now u proved that ur comment was ridiculous more You like Aamir Khan movie means you understand cinema popat Bill Gates is a drop out.. Albert Einstein. Steve Jobs all drop outs :D marmik karandikar: hahahahhaaaaa Deepak Aggarwal: I work at Google, so getting this information is not a big deal for me.

Does the story not complete without sex scene? Does it define the modernity of bollywood? Does it attract more youths? There was no any high brand Let me talk to him rightnow I know ur father often used to visit prostitutes Ur comment suggests that It's not abt award, it's abt class.

Their evaluation matters,not ur shits.. Rocinol: That's ur idea of S. How many S. Ray films hv u seen till date?? Talking abt films!!!???? Like idol, like fans. Talaash will find place in this category. Riderism: delhi belly was the worst film of SRK's romantic movies are far better than delhi belly. SRK's Ra. One was way better than Gaandu Ghat which was the biggest disaster of the year.

Aamir can make amovie hit without even acting in2 it So this time Amir Bull dog movie gonna rock through k and r and its fact. Taushif Shaikh: but dont u think just its very premature and desperate attempt to sabotage an unreleased film by saying that this film could be a copy of some other movie just by watching a two minute trailer, it doesnt show ur intention are in the right direction javid mangera: wow this nov aamir is going 2 b rocks with talaash himanshub2: Nawaz is better actor than Aamir.

Search Bypass movie uploaded by me. Andrew Paris: "Showgirls" poster at ??? Is this movie set in ? Alekhya Das: I knew now that the threatical trailer released. SRK Is thats y the king! Nitin Kumar: worst Riderism: because i'm not gay like you. Pranav Pande: Srk's appearance 14sec That is why everyone call Aamir as god of Bollywood.

SRK is considered as Dog by everyone except his handful of illiterate fans. Lol that midget? Haha ranbir kapoor is better that aamir man! That guy just needs good dates for his movies! Even nawazuddin sidiquee acts better that that midget pooja and what about filfare awards that he got in his career Prakrut Chauhan: talaash classy????????? Bhai kuch logic bhi use kar liya kar kabhi. AKKI IS BEST aakash mehra: yes i agree srk has same old shitty romantic look that is why buzz of jab tak hai jaan is zero , even son of sardar has more buzz than jab tak hai jaan Sujan Ch: The name king is only for srk It is just a fad he is in the same place where Irrfan was in last decade after Maqbool.

In our country, unlike hollywood, actors can't make good money like star. That's the reason why Naseer bhai criticize Amitabh Bachchan. It is clear case of sour grapes. Saurabh Shetty: recheck yo'r sources SRK is not capable of giving a good movie aromax U r right. But what's d point U guys only know about Filmfare. Rocinol: let it go bro Huddy Aamir and Kareena!!

Can't waiiiiit wooooooohooooo. The perfectionist and the Queeeen! The rest of the cast is amaazing too, i love rani!! Abey Abraham John: Almost 2 million views in one week. Rocinol: Believe me U r just provoking him to post by replying. If nobody replies this guy will automatically leave immediately. It's not our fault if their gay lord makes shitty romatic movies all through his dumbass career Taushif Shaikh: no no no during ghajini they were saying, why the hell did they waste money on Rab ne..

HE is replying himself :D hahahah Rohan Tambe: jo kuch bhi tabah nahi kar payega asli tufaan 30 nov ko aayega aur sabse pehale bandstand k mannat me rehne wala srk kutte ka pilla usme doob marega Kiran Juneja: dataentrywork4all. Rgv made Rann on media wid Big B,Paresh Banshali made Black wid Big B,raani Aamir made TZP wid Darsheel.

Hasina Sheikh: Jab Aamir aur Salman ke fans milte hain to SRK ke hijde fans ka naamonishan mit jaata hai vineet upreti: best in the earth Zubair Zb: I can't believe that some chutiya fans of that chutiya bhaand Akshay kumar are boasting of his chutiya movies. Talk to me when he works in a movie that is original I am sure that is not going to happen for the rest of Gaymir's life You come always in Aamir related videos to bark..

Dude, go get a life.. Do something in your life than hating a Legend.. Hasina Sheikh: joshhaiaarush haramzaade chup kar badboodarrr gatar ki paidaish popat Yes.. He gave disasters after Lagaan. I hate seeing her on the big screen. Do u protest against that??? I dont think so Rajendra kumar sahu: Please check out my videos and like it. Mir Shahid: More views doesnt mean a quality product.

Fate is decided at box office not on you tube. But at the end of the day it will be Legendary Aamir Khan who will come victorious. Izahar Shaik: will create records in bollywood tat no one can expect sunil lama: I Am happy with the fact that This trailer has limited comments bt the number of views are much much higher,,,,Comments can be increased but Views cannot be Aamir khan even didn't take help from anybody to promote this trailer or make people aware of this trailer,Srk has taken a support from every critics in twitter,even indicine has started to establish a fake articles and promote srk telling that srk hasn't done any remakes or sequels yet Rajveer Maurya: Ek aise Movie jo lolu-poluo ki faad dega!

Riderism: hahaha pathetic just pathetic. King Kong who? I said MI4 sucked compared to Don 2 which is true. MI4 had gay and unrealistic stunts which would only be loved by gay morons like you. Don 2 is far better than MI4 which had no story. I did understand MI4 and it sucks compared to Don 2.

Manija Fariq: it looks like a comedy version of crime petrol with petite gaymir and his funny mustache.. Rocinol: Nope Mr ur info is as always either blatant lie or wrong. U started d "who got it 1st competition" So obviously u'll hv to accept these facts.

Now no points of giving these excuses. Moshimoshi serinaturals. Film Verdict:Flop. Johnny Gaddarr: idiot watch swades cdi mnik Taushif Shaikh: but still Ghajini is anytime better than any other south indian remakes we get it did make some, what i didnt like that it started a trend for low quality remakes. Chaitanya Chobharkar: It's gonna b most thrilling experience ever! Prateek Gupta: but then forgets or doesn't wanna remember what he did.

As a result he goes on a search for answers to know why so many people die in apparent car accidents at the same place. Cause he has a psychological condition, he also imagines stuff, thus Kareena being a figment of his imagination. Rocinol: Better tell those likes to get into cinema halls Gayguard got fucked by Ra. Maine uska shudhdhikaran purification karvaya and only thn i accepted her ngelizz: u can not judge the book by it's cover but u can definitely judge the movie by Aamir's brand name Rahil R: Lund trailer hai Johnny Gaddarr: bro he is aamir nd srk fan dont fight with him he likes aamir more thats all but pls help me Rocinol: Psychological thriller isn't d cup of tea of Ra.

Erick Philipson: Everytime Amir had a moustache in a film, the movie was a disaster. Hans Zimmer owns him fromt right and center. Under Boyle's direction he was great. ARSI: Heavy rain?? Manish Haldar: tum yeh kaise kahe sakte ho main sallu ki fan nahi hoon Brian Djokovic: Such huge megastar yet so grounded.

Every individual on this earcth should learn to be a good human from Aamir Khan. Talaash 2. Sholay 4. Mughal E Azam 5. Gadar babli bebo: lol how in the hell is joshhaiarush typing sunil lama: outstanding trailEr.. Shruti Sharma: Looser Aamir! Keep posting hatred n illogical comments. Aashu Panchal: it's jst trailer ,,,picture abhi baki hai mere dost Jan e Jahaan Still not as quick as Ajay Devgan. I'll support ALL movies of these guys. They have ruled for 20 years, so no hating, unless you can do better!!!

Go earn some fucking money by polishing some shoes and watch a few movies. You'll know why amir is known as the perfectionists. And don't try to compare amir and srk, they are both superstars, they don't have low mentalities like yours. His expression is wat i find a heart pleasing Maybe we forget how great both have been and what all they've gone through to be where they are.

This is fuckin insane. We,Indians are divided over our actors and then we complain why they fail to achieve a global recognition. High time we ponder as to what begets this measure of hatred. Do they deserve this? Chaitanya Chobharkar: Teena beta grow up Jab tak hai jaan is bullshit n no 1 is waiting for it Avinash Priyadarshi: first Kunal Soni: n u guys think its gonna flop Shrivasan N: Go fuck urself..

Ashish Tayade: Super!!! I'll definitely watch this movie. Riderism: the laash is modern day horror comedy you're right. WTF :D Ra. They never cheated d audience saying that it's a family film which exactly srk did 4 BO in Ra. Ask ur parents how comfy they r to watch a condom ad or vulgar scene in tv with their children. India, Pardes. Srk ka ra. Rocinol: abe jhoote pehle teri 25 biilion aur oscar toh proove kar Ye sirf tera nehi har srk fans ka problem hai Acting tho Amir ko hi karne ka hai Amir rocks!!!

Hasina Sheikh: ranbir is bigger star than srgay with 3. Bigg Tour: Very nice trai.. SRGay fans fake votings rejected by Youtube like Ra. KUDOS TO THE MASTER inception ultimate: Rocinol ek bat confirm hai tu ek bap ki aulad nhi hai ,haha lagaan ko kb oscar mila, madarchod, india ki kaunsifilm ko ab tk oscar mila hai, main sirf teri rply k liye ata hu, fact pe bat kar aur 20 muvis likh na, haha ek suggestn deta kisi ache insan se inspirtn le, is lallu aur gaymir ko lik krke zndgi brbad mt kr. Now dnt rply u craps Deepak Aggarwal: jaisi karni vaisi bharni srgay fans fake voted for creating hype but youtube screwed them by disqualifying JTHJ jimmosiron: Dislikes are from the fans of "Ek tha Bandar" I like movies of both of dem..

No wonder Bollywood films are micked all over the world as being nothing but people dancing in a field. When have you ever truly made a world influencing gem that can be studied in film schools from now to the end of time? Rocinol: Such a divine words from a liar's mouth SRK have acted in over 70 films 40 hits,14 blockbusters, 18 flops Manija Fariq: To u not the billions people all around the world..

George Gahlawat: i am in love with this trailer moviefan: So JTHJ took the gold i guess lol sabir albloushi: talaahs 40 cr opning ngelizz: i'm so addicted to this trailer Take Indian citizenship from him and let him shoot in UK.

Rocinol: Thanks 4 showing ur true color No wonder srk made ra. Don was brilliant. Fuck off now. Rahul Roy, Anu Agarwal, Naseeruddin shah. Now Big B in great gatsby only person who trly crossed over was Amrish Puri but he didnt cash on it Rocinol: I'm leader!!!???

Of what??? This page Dont make a big deal out of it. Arnab Bhattacharya: A brilliant trailer.. Souvik saha: Aamir yar yeh bhi koi trailler hai Pranav Pande: Stop barking Hasina Sheikh: What is written on the wall where joshhaiarushs father urinate? The other thing to note is that since Ghulam he has averaged less than a movie every 2 years. In the same time Salmaan and Shah Rukh have dished out shitty nonsensical movies while Aamir has given us several memorable ones, some of which rank as some of the best in the Hindi movie industry for the last 30 years.

Moshimoshi abe aamir ki kutteki fan, tu yahi qyun bawkrahahi? Manish Malhotra: Srgay fans are dick sucking retards Johnny Gaddarr: these are ppl who praised srk check google Moshimoshi i was talking about domestic net collection.

Lots of Aamir sir movies in imdb , now we want a top50 material Nishit Kumar: aaj kar le trend jab tak hai jaan Chandan Mishra: this movie surely will be blockbuster amazingfan and u shud definitely get an award for giving us some great entertainment with ur non-sensical acts Maya Memsaab: Aamir Khan makes God proud. God is proud that he made someone called Aamir Khan Moshimoshi rockstar wasn't stylish? Johnny Gaddarr: bro u r a fan of srk also so pls dont insult him anymore k bye Johnny Gaddarr: u idiot r u realising that an idiot is blaming and calling us shits and whores first fight with him Rahul Srivastava: Talaash rocks vikram reddy: go and ask in world wide who is king khan they will say srk not aanir and sallu ok bye good night Pranav Pande: How pathetic sm people r!

Smj ke baad bhi views nah bade. Dirty indian at least holly women dont have to have sex with producers and directors to be cast. Holly women do it for story and realism art. Bollywomen dance around songs in small clothes like strippers. Harami gay fan. Azmath Syed: Amir khan ki behen meri biwi aur amir ded futiya mera saala ha ha ha Johnny Gaddarr: he is such a dork i dont knw why he dont want his mother country to die okk its solved but bro i think we should leave this area we can be active as when ce trailer will release n when these type suckers comes again we can fight them back agreed??

We dont want such traitors here. Go and chain smoke in UK. I have the same opinion for Aamir too! Per-fake-tionist" 1. Holi - Flop 2. Raakh - Flop 3. Love Love Love - Flop 4. Awwal Number - Flop 5. Tum Mere Ho - Disaster 6. Deewana Mujh Sa Nahi - Flop 7. Jawaani Zindabad - Flop 8. Isi Ka Naam Zindagi - Flop 9. Daulat Ki Jung - Flop arun King: then go and check box office india He belongs to India but help tourism of other countries by shooting all his movies at overseas.

Why he never shoot his movie at India? Bloody bastard akash mulgir: keep it up aceaamirkhan: you dont like 3i? SRGay said I am eunuch and only Aamir has guts to produce and act in it.. Pls go back to Aamir. Ashu then went to Abhishek Bachan and finally Aamir accepted him on condition that he will change script which he did.. Thats Aamir for you.. All directors set rules to actors, but Aamir sets rules to directors TUmare king ki aukat nahi hai itni..

Na vision hai. At last a movie with an actual plot. Not like that useless fellow shahrukh khan's useless movies aceaamirkhan: Leave it bro, do they even know tom hanks? SRK always does realistic movies and is a versatile actor unlike gaymir who makes unrealistic thrillers like The Laash. The story is atleast original BOx Office me toh phuti kauri bhi nehi milega Ghajini ne rnbdj ko kaysa dhoa tha bhul gaye Mir Shahid: See the quality of aamir khan movies particularly from past decade.

He is extraordinary. Wait for Dhoom 3 and Peekay. Chale chalo Remember asshole Riderism: agreed! ShahRock Khan: Jab tak hai jaan Bhadva rahega Salmaan Ek tha suvvar jise hai chutiye ki "talaash" popat Filmfare awards?? Aamir wud not even like to keep them in his dustbin.. Riderism: even nawazuddin siddiqui acts better than gaymir. Sure shot blockbuster aakash mehra: There was no prostitute , no kid, noo car accident related cases in BI, no wife character like rani , no ghost angle nothing.

BI was basically sex oriented movie, but gay bastard srgay's fans you know how they are vikram rawal: Firstly da guy or gay named ankursrk1 one of da gay member of srk club has nt liked the promo obiously bcoz gay like u nt is nt man enough 2 watch dda movie so u dont hav 2 watch it wil nt affect da movie 2 become blockbuster u hav 2 wory abt gay king srk movie in diwali i think srk cant beat ajay devgan movies so i guess u knw wht i meant sunil lama: Academy award is guaranteed babli bebo: you are a ghonchoo Surbhi Malhotra: after all your comprehensive , detailed analysis talksssssss Sachin Tendulkar: Can Dhoom 3 break Talaash crore record?

Ace khan Riderism: in your dreams kiddo. The Laash could be the best comedy movie of Srk can never do small movies like tzp and make it a hit zaid sayed: Lekin tera baap salman ya sharukh dekhenga ankit srivastava: aamir belongs to the league of actors like naseeruddin shah,pankaj kapoor,om puri ,irfan khan etc Atul Kelkar: itz fuck all buddha amir wid buddhi rani Amar Raghuwanshi: Main apki har ek movie dekhta hoo kyo na dekhu kyoki amir ki sabi movis me ek sachai chipe rahti hai Riderism: gaymir can never get award because in order to get awards, talent is a prerequisite and gaymir doesn't even have talent.

The Laash was criticized by critics and was called The Sixth Sense rip-off. Teri mentality se lgta hai tu below i. They have no life. They should apply Emami Fair and Handsome on their burned ass. Mardo wali creaam sunil lama: Every records will be shattered after the release of talaash That's ur standard U made it clear urself. Then earth,rdb,peepli live all get Oscar nominations too Let me give you a little info Only 3 Indian movies made Oscar Nomination Now plz go back rather than embarassing urself by replying.

U hv lot to learn Insomnia is Nolan's weakest film and still is one of the best movies ever made. Nolan introduced his own structure to Insomnia and gave the norwegian film a lot of credit and invited the writers on set and ought rights legally. Your industry is garbage thats my point. Bad acting, bad cinematography, bad writing. Tabhi srk Ladkiyo ke PIcchu Pagal tha!! Stupid Sala..!!! Manish Malhotra: Teri aukaat nahi ise flop kehne ki.

Manish Malhotra: Masala movie se crore to akshay jaise chote mote star bhi kar lete hain who has guts to attempt different concepts each time and break records? Abdul Basit: A Masterpiece in the Making Fuck All Haters He Came after 3 Years in Commercial Cinema Have Party Guyz Mr bachchan lengend said SRK is better actor among 3 khans.. Only Aamir can defeat Aamir Rohit Maharjan: Not so good trailer. Its nt puling us towards theater razib mehdi: tum log ye chutya trailer ke pas keya kar rahe ho?

Lagaan, Mother India, Salam Bombay got oscar nomination Jerk off lier loser Atul Kelkar: abe chutiye lund amir jabhi thokna bhi nai janta tha tab usne bacche paida kiye h And aamir was acting like a gorilla. DOnt be proud of indian box office dumb monkey. Here's why: 1 The reports are all fake. Bollywoood movies actually gross 2. Their numbers are inflated to make them look more popular and to make money launderung easier for the gangsters who fund their films. Bollywood is all funded by black money anyways idiot.

You think they would tell the public that? Brian Djokovic: SRK fans decide ypurself. What do you want? India, your motherland,your nation, or that characterless bitch SRK. Hasina Sheikh: joshhaiaarush tu apne baap se bol tujhe doctor ke paas le jaaye par uske liye tere baap ko dhoondna bahut zaroori hai Riderism: i did but not because of gaymir.

SRGay himself made this Statement Johnny Gaddarr: man its true srk did a small role i have seen that film in tamil the 2nd priority was given to srk actually but its not in role the media gave him i u see the name and naming list 1st is kamal and 2nd one comes is srk in IMDB also Srks name is mensioned 2nd after kamal his role was small though i accept and was not big srkfan Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

MrAnant aur Naresh suresh uss kutte ki biwi hai. Regardless of how my comments are

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