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Bettingclosed mixed fraction bitcoins trader

Bettingclosed mixed fraction

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American odds are called such as they are used exclusively in the US. They are also known as moneyline odds or US odds. Anchor Bet — Similar to a banker bet the anchor is a bet which is viewed by the bettor as a virtual certainty to win. It has the name anchor as it is used in parlay betting as the cornerstone of the bet. It is the leg of the parlay that all other legs are built around and often it is carrying with it the shortest or smallest odds.

Having said that, there are few more frustrating moments in sports betting when a parlay is brought down by a losing anchor. Backdoor Cover — Refers to the instance when late points scored by a bettors team allow them cover the spread in an unlikely way. A sports bettor normally views a backdoor cover as a lucky result. Bad Beat — One of the truly painful moments for any online sports bettor.

A bad beat occurs when a team you have wagered on finds a way to lose from an unlosable position. It may be because of poor play, poor umpiring, poor coaching, a freak incident, a rarely seen play or any number of other crazy twists of fate. There is an argument to say you are not a true sports bettor until you have experienced a few bad beats.

Banker Bet — A banker is a bet considered by the person placing the bet as a virtually guaranteed winner. They are also extensively used in system bets. Unfortunately the odds on banker bets are often not very generous as the books will consider it a strong favorite as well. Bettor — An individual who places a wager on a particular sports outcome. The bettor is the centre of all action.

Odds being offered on a market will fluctuate depending on the behaviour of the bettors. Can also be referred to as a punter or gambler. Sophisticated bettors are know as sharps or wiseguys. Buying Points — When a bettor is allowed to change the points spread in their favor by accepting reduced odds in exchange. It is a form of insurance and is seen to have a cost benefit. Buying Points is often used to move a points spread figure out beyond a critical number. This moves the spread out beyond a touchdown.

Closing Line — The final line as betting closed before an event began. It is often seen as an excellent indicator of the bettors weight of money. Sports betting is fixed meaning the gambler will receive the line as it was when they placed their bet. It is a great feeling if you have wagered on an event and the closing line has moved in your favor. Cover — A team is said to cover, when as favorite, they win by more than the points given, or as underdog they win outright or lose by less than the points start recieved.

Gamblers whose wager beats the spread is also said to cover. Expression of odds in a decimal format allows the exact payout to be calculated by multiplying the original stake by the odds. The profit on the bet is calculated by subtracting the original stake from the payout.

These odds are not commonly used in the US but have much wider use internationally. For example a favorite may be paying 1. The multiplication of the decimal odds is used to calculate the final odds on a parlay bet. That way the profit plus the stake from the original bet are factored into the next legs of the parlay. When betting large amounts bettor often use the slang term in order to keep the bet size on the downlow.

Online sports betting eliminates some of this lingo as the betting platform will use real terms. Even Money — Occurs when a bet placed is set to return, in profit, the same dollar amount as staked. Essentially the gambler is doubling their money. Exotic — A bet type that focuses on side markets or variations to the more common higher volume markets.

Among others, exotics include parlays, mixed parlays, props, futures and teasers. Within any one of those categories some sportsbooks will over a myriad of options. The most sophisticated sportsbooks can offer a many as different exotic markets on a single game in high volume sports like the NBA and NFL.

The exotic bet is popular with the recreational bettor as it can make an otherwise uninteresting game far more entertaining. Favorite — The team or player considered most likely to win a particular event or game based on the odds offered. It is the most favored result by the betting community. In the two team moneyline betting the favorite is at minus - odds, meaning the profit will be less than the original stake.

Betting the favorite over the long term is typically not very profitable due to the high strike rate required. Fixed Odds — The bettor receives the odds as they were when the bet was placed even if they fluctuate after that time, hence they are fixed.

Fractional Odds — Use fractions to represent the odds for a particular event. The Numerator is the potential profit the denominator is the amount wagered to win that profit. Futures Bet — A wager placed on a market that will result well into the future.

The futures betting market is enormous for bookmakers as bettors will often stake larger than normal bets on futures markets. Garbage Time — A slang term for the late stages of a game when the result is already decided and the two teams appear to be going through the motions, playing their bench or second stringers.

This is a critical time for points spread and totals bettors. The entire dynamic of a game can change and it becomes less predictable. Garbage time is fertile ground for the bad beat or the backdoor cover. It needs to be considered when looking for an in-game wager. The team who has dominated the scoreboard may score considerably less in the last quarter as they manage the clock. Handle — The amount of money taken by sportsbooks on a particular market at a point in time.

The handle represents all monies including that which will be paid out to winners. Legislators tend to also claim a portion of the handle as tax which in the end can lead to less value for bettors, perhaps even drive bettors to illegally bet offshore. Terminology used outside of the US and as the term suggests the market pits two teams or players against each other head to head.

The odds are usually quoted in decimal format and payouts are based on the outright winner. This will generally include overtime. Hedging — An age old art or taking some insurance against a bet that has improved in odds and is potentially heading towards a good sized payout. This is achieved by placing a bet on an opposite outcome to the one the bettor originally bet on so as to lock in some guaranteed profit.. It is commonly used in futures betting, parlay betting and in game, with halftime and second half betting.

The key is time. A simple example of a hedge bet might be if the first two legs of a parlay had resulted and the third leg involved a strong favorite. The bettor may decide to hedge by placing a small wager on the underdog, effectively using some of the future profits from the parlay, to guarantee a return if the favorite was to go on and lose. In betting hedging, if executed correctly, is sound money management. Hook — The hook is a half point 0. It derives its name from the number 5s hook like appearance.

As a general rule sportsbooks will favor using the hook as there is no benefit in them having to refund all bets. Nevertheless losing by the hook is a cruel way to get beaten. Integrity — As the name suggests, integrity of a sportsbooks is important for all bettors. As each bet is a transaction of money or credit based on a set criteria rules and regulations of the bet then a bettor, who has something to lose, expects their sportsbook to be completely honest and fair.

Regulated betting allows and enforces this to occur in all case. When bettors are forced to look offshore to place bets then the integrity of the bookmaker is harder to establish and in most cases impossible to prosecute should something go wrong.

The amount of juice a bookmaker is taking as a commission can vary and finding a book with a smaller juice is always an important consideration for a sports bettor. Books will also vary the juice depending on the market. For instance the commission on minor league baseball is generally higher than the MLB because its is more challenging to frame accurate odds based on less information available about team selections, player form and so on.

Juice is not an extra charge for a bettor, it is built into the odds. Kiosk — An unmanned station generally in a casino where an individual can place a sports bet. With the advent of legalised sports betting in a growing number of states in the US, kiosks will be required to handle to influx of first time bettors. While these kiosks are an excellent way to improve the user experience of a sports bettor in a casino or other legalised venue they are no substitute for the ease of mobile and online sports betting seen internationally.

Layoff — Refers to sportsbooks betting on an outcome with another bookmaker in order to insure themselves against a potentially costly result. This is a common occurrence and is all about risk mitigation. An example could be where a sharp places a very large bet on a favorite, the bookmaker then lays off with another sportsbook by placing a smaller stake on the underdog who is at larger odds. This reduces their potential profit but removes the risk of a large loss. Individual bettors can layoff in the form of hedging which in many ways follows the same principles.

Limits — In order to mitigate their own risk betting agencies will often set limits on markets. This means they are limiting the amount an individual can place on one particular market. There are a few reasons why sportsbooks will set a particular limit on an event but the main one is that the event is seen as high risk and could be targeted by sharps. An example is the NFL draft prop bets which have grown in popularity over the last few years.

Sportsbooks will also limit consistently winning bettors as they would prefer them to move their business elsewhere. Being banned by a sportsbook is seen by some as a badge of honor as it may reflect the bettors prowess. Live Betting — A bet type that is placed after an event has begun. Also known as in-game wagering. The available odds fluctuate as the game ebbs and flows, making the timing of the bet critical.

Most bookmakers will accept live bets on high volume markets but their can be restrictions on how the bet can be placed. In Australia for example, where online sports betting in general is quite sophisticated live bets must be placed over the phone or in person at betting kiosks. This of course, slows down the process of placing the bet, which can mean the value bet opportunity could be lost. There is real skill in being a successful live betting player. An example might be where a bettor always bets a certain team when they are at home, or when they play at night, or after a bye week.

The lock bet gets bettors into trouble when they fall in love with a certain condition and stop giving it due consideration. Long Shot — A team, player or market that seems unlikely to win and therefore has long high odds attributed to them. All bettors dream of landing a few long shots as they are serious bank boosters.

The term comes from military parlance where hitting a target from distance had a high degree of difficulty and was rarely successful — the long shot. Typically when wagering on a long shot sports bettors will reduce risk by investing a smaller stake than usual. The required win or strike rate for profitability on long shots is low depending on how long the odds are hence they have a certain allure to gamblers.

Sadly often the long shots odds are still much shorter than they should be and being profitable long term is highly unlikely. Middle — This is a move used by sophisticated or experienced bettors. An example of this is if a gambler was to wager on an NBA team at Some time after the bet has been placed the line may move to say 8. Another class of orientations can be with reference to a set of orthogonal axes with a major or principal axis being along an LOS aligned toward a distinctive landmark or toward an activity area such as a user selected place, person or other entity on a playing field or toward a large screen data display etc.

For certain responses or types of participative activities, LARsponder users can be informed that the major axis of the orthogonal coordinate system to be used is aligned along their LOS toward a specific LARcode Reader. Matters related to these types of uses of LARsponders are further discussed elsewhere in this disclosure.

These types of orientation elements also can be serviceable even if somewhat curved in three dimensions, e. Element examples , , and facilitate determination of a principle reference axis, axis length and orientation direction data. Element is a compact design maximizing color block space while also providing orientation and direction of read information. In particular, see , , , , , and Reference Elements such as to some of those in FIG.

Both the graphics and the RR regions can be printed or screened or can be separately die-cut from sheets etc. Four very simple low precision orientations, as in are facilitated. NOTE: Personally-centered orientation reference coordinates are especially well-suited to LARsponders associated with clothing, personal accessories, or other body-mounted locations.

Novel types of salable consumer products based upon this fact are possible and proprietary descriptions of certain such products will be found in Appendices to this Disclosure. The Color regions e. Many of the color and patterning methods disclosed in PART B can be similarly employed in these areas. Many types of 2D LARsponder designs, including those shown in these examples with the exception of example can be double-sided and can accommodate choices picked from among two sets of possibilities.

It can be affixed to an Event Program or other item. It, like many other LARsponder designs, can be double-sided offering e. To avoid confusion, one side or both can be supplied with e. It accommodates choices signaled by orientations differing in angle by 45 degrees and by which color pairs lie on opposite diagonal, vertical and horizontal axes. These color pairs can be reflective or not shown retro-reflective.

In principle, LARsponders of this general type can provide a large number of choices: in this case, 8 possible orientations times 8 possible choices of obscured color allow 64 possible response choices. A simpler version of obviously could offer e. NOTE: Another useful method of indicating choice in many types of LARsponder designs, for example as above re , is to make an RR an independent item or element made of magnetic sheeting or backed with one or more small adhered magnets and arrange the LARsponder to also have some appropriately positioned ferrous content so the RR element can be stably adhered to it in any desired orientation.

Successful use of large response universes presumably implies a certain level of skill, especially if time constraints are imposed. They can be of various types of cross-sections, circular, square, rectangular, polygonal, faceted and otherwise. This will be discussed further in Section 3c below. The first example is based on a cylindrical tube , in this case of circular cross-section.

The exterior of the tube can also be of some distinctive color or colors and can carry 2-D LARcodes not shown. Although the examples here described use components with unvarying cross-sections e. The tube can be internally lined with some particular color, e.

The lining can preferably be retro-reflective RR material. Although the lining color as shown is uniform, the liner or portions of it—e. The tubular structure shields the internal RR from ambient venue lighting to a significant degree. The distal end of the tube in this example is closed, although in other embodiments it can be partially open or penetrated by structures or devices passive or active to facilitate precise aiming.

The plane of the entrance end of the tube need not be orthogonal to the tube central axis. The interior surface of closure is also a retro-reflector but preferably of a color distinctly different from that of the cylindrical liner. It also can be patterned.

Element represents a visual aiming aid for the user. The sequence of views of the front portion of the LARsponders - shows how the shape of the interior liner red RR region and of the green closure RR region and also their ratios—which can serve as an additional and potentially robust pointing indicator will vary with LARsponder pointing angle as seen along the LOS of one particular LARcode Reader when excited e. Elements , , and illustrate that tube cross-sections other than circular can be used in this general class of LARsponders.

Example , with all faces available for coding in distinctive ways, also offers 5-D capabilities as well but its coding surfaces are more exposed to uncontrolled ambient light. Other possible trigger mechanisms include, but are not limited to such actions as causing momentary gross collapse or distortion of a LARsponder structure or sub-structures , for example, tubular component s with flexible-walls.

Hex, square, rectangular cross-sections etc. For a given overall size, bundles have a narrower range of on-target acceptance angles and can display patterns of interior RR wall colors of distal-end RRs providing additional distinctive coding options and data for the LARcode system software including, for example, rotational angle.

Item shows a bundle with an angular cut entrance which widens the range of view angles over which the interior wall color patterns and RRs can be seen by a given LARcode Reader. The shape of the entrance end of the bundle need not be planar. This example can also be used in higher degrees of freedom applications, e. This can be done for competitive purposes or otherwise. Software processing can also be used as the basis of new forms of responses somewhat analogous to swarm, flock and fish-schooling behavior wherein responses direction of motion, velocities, selection points etc.

Please see also Sub-sections 3c-2, 5, 7, and 8 below in this regard. Item depicts a Jumbotron, Diamond Vision, or other large mass audience direct-view or projection digital screen. Perimeter-mounted LARcode Readers are shown.

There can be a substantial number of these and they can be aimed along diverging lines of sight to cover user locations in the venue. The latter are positioned in front of the display either near its surface or at distance in front of it. Light weight and measuring less than a few square inches, these can, for example, be suspended by thin guy-wires which also can carry data and power etc. They can be easily retracted for servicing etc.

Their lines-of-sight look outward toward audience areas. At viewing distances used for mass-audience displays such as Jumbotrons, the Reader heads will be unobtrusive if not essentially invisible. Note that in smaller venues, only auxiliary Readers mounted on perimeters of venue displays should typically be required. It can be remarked that the above concepts, methods, and apparatus which enable high precision aiming, pointing etc.

Many other versions are possible. The principles incorporated in this example can be readily combined with or substituted by other LARcode and LARsponder concepts disclosed throughout this document. Element can be a flat card with 2 diametrically opposite grasping points held between index fingers and thumbs of both hands. The regions, for example, can be monochrome or colored RR Locate regions. Additional LARcodes, designator codes, validation codes, etc.

The tab, if exposed, can serve a different function or modify the meaning of the signal. Merely as one example, the well-known single player video game of steering competing racecars can be converted into a multiple player games. Joy-Stick control of direction of motion, steering precision, velocities, selection points etc. Furthermore, the above aggregation types of processing or others can have dynamic capabilities and can apply adaptive criteria, e.

Please also see Paragraph 8 below. Motions can denote or indicate a desired result such as a change of 3D position of the LARsponder with respect to a defined reference point or by pointing e. Responses can be singular, in short series, continuing, repeated until cued otherwise, or performed against fixed time-limits. LARsponders can consist of several distinct sub-assemblies which can be conjoined, assembled, or disassembled to indicate different types of responses.

The sub-assemblies can include their own unique RR and code regions enabling their own independent response capabilities or none while apart and other or different response capabilities when assembled with one or more companions. See also the Response mechanisms described in following paragraph wherein the art disclosed therein can, as an option, be implemented using elements or entities which, themselves, constitute or had constituted sub-assemblies of a given type of LARsponder.

The other element or elements can be comprised of multiple objects. They can also be images on a display or displays within view of the user. Association or orienting can also mean but is not limited to the act of indicating or establishing some specific vector direction or distance with respect to an entity as described, for example, in FIG. C 2 or groups of entities or references within the venue as viewed by the LARsponder user directly or as seen in images on a display or displays within view of the user.

Associations of any type can be formed or instigated on cue, can be of some defined minimum duration or spacing, and can be periodic, adjustable, repetitive, or one-time opportunities. LARsponders can use pressure variations on a fluid-filled reservoir bulb connected to one or more transparent chambers, arrays of channels, or tubes etc.

The user can signal off-on binary or analog proportional data depending on the detailed design. A clamp or similar component can be used to hold the loaded fluid in place until data are read out by LARcode Readers.

Section B. They enable response methods via any types of modulation of the light signals being emitted or reflected by the LARsponder from one or more of its component elements. Modulation types can include simple on-off, digital or analog data encoding etc. The LARsponder user control interface can be of any convenient type known in the Art. A LARsponder user's Smartphone or other device can possess orientation-sensing e. It can have capabilities for precise directional motion measurement e.

In such instances, these assets can provide additional data or complimentary channels of response. The referenced Figure shows a LARcode which can confer acceptability event-specific or otherwise to an MID or other networked device as a data source. Various forms of LARsponders can be similarly associated and used to validate such data sources.

Pre-qualification, device registration event specific or otherwise , or other evidence such as transmission of a validated LARcode authorization sticker number etc. Such qualification and subsequent participation can also be based on transmitting, relaying or annotating etc. Images can be of a portion of transmitted video coverage of venue activities, or of an AD running during such coverage. Venue-defined registration and authorization etc. Such off-venue authorization can be for one-event, season long etc.

The Application download or specialized website can be tuned to working with one particular LARsponder type used in the venue or can accommodate a number of configurations. The user-owned LARcode Reader can display cues and other data originating from the venue system. It can directly view a local LARsponder in the user's possession as it is being manipulated according to activities occurring in the venue and which are transmitted from it to off-site displays e.

Note that this method allows for many types of remote interactions which can be varied by features of inexpensive or free LARsponders and are not hardware or provider-bound to one particular type of ISP, cellular phone service, imager type, Smartphone model, etc. Participation can be via one or more validated LARsponders pre-supplied and registered by various means as described elsewhere herein. These LARsponders are viewed and manipulated by the user's Webcam s.

Note that these capabilities can be uniquely customized to different audience segments, to the event or product promotion, to the large-screen ad being featured on the home as well as on the venue screens etc. The captured images can be images of any form of visible graphical data-code such as bar-codes and or other standard formats as well as LARcodes. This can incentivize a user to take closer note of existing ads, products etc. An in-venue or remote participant's collection of such images can be submitted to a LAR-System supporting a given in-venue event or other happening to gain some competitive or reward advantage re participation in the event or activity.

The two types of 3-D polyhedra a stellated dodecahedron and an icosidodecahedron shown in FIG. In images obtained by a given LARcode Reader with a particular LOS, facet region shapes and colors of a given type of polyhedron will vary substantially with orientation as suggested by 3-D polyhedras and that are located in area The size of any 3-D LARsponder or LARcode element can, of course, range widely depending upon the application ranging from small fractions of an inch to several feet and beyond.

A given form of 3-D element need not be employed only as a whole. It can be sliced, split, sectioned, segmented etc. The remaining items in FIG. Items and portray 3-D LARsponder components mountable singly or on multiples on limbs, e. Other versions of simulated baseball pitching could allow actual release and recovery.

Larger LARsponders of this class can be used to simulate bowling, football passing etc. In this example, the Cap is shown with an approximately planar 2-D LARcode on its visor and might be used as illustrated with respect to item in FIG. This general type of LARcode structure can, in turn, be mounted on a thin rod etc to move it away from any other component of the LARsponder with which it is associated.

This is in contrast to, for example, data provided by typical motion capture technology. LARsponders or portions thereof can be based upon objects, positioned on objects or tethered thereto. They can include LARcode components positioned on containing, enveloping, bag-like, or wrapped elements or containers such as bottles, beverage cartons, Tetra-Paks and others. Personal items such as credentials, ID cards, badges etc. Note that data relevant to the validity of these types of items can become readable and verifiable at substantial distances when the item bears or is modified by the addition of suitable LARcode elements.

Most of the Response apparatus, modes of use and manipulation described in this document can also be used as preliminary or initial activation procedures. LARsponders can be constructed to be operating or decorative parts of objects.

Such Reference elements can be products, product labels, or other graphic or object components s or other entities with which LARcodes or components thereof can be associated. Affiliation is not necessarily mandatory to qualify a LARsponder as usable. A sticker , and are a few examples obtained by purchase, hand-out, or otherwise, is adhered to the ticker by its user thereby converting the ticket into a LARsponder.

The other two examples and enable orientation responses in addition to those enables by the disk-type, and a much-expanded universe of codes. Item is a generic representation of a document such as an event program, brochure, magazine, catalog, book, or the like. These codes can or cannot be complete in the sense of being only the non-retro-reflective graphics portion of the LARcode depending upon the preferences of the provider of the document.

A code without RR elements can be activated by user placement of a separate user applied adhesive-backed RR sticker, such as LARcodes such as can also be separately and similarly supplied to a prospective user and can be fully assembled or require some user assembly such as placing RR element sticker on LARcode sticker and then affixing the whole to document The LARsponder thus completed can also be validated and granted additional response capabilities such as selecting among various other graphics or Ads which can be merely traditionally printed on the page.

Item is a group of 3 RR adherent strips of different colors. Items show beer bottles converted by its purchaser to a three choice LARsponder by affixing an RR strip supplied with the bottle to it. If the bottle in nearly empty or closed, more choices can be handled including right horizontal etc. In addition to collecting mass anonymous opinions of venue attendees, LARcode Readers of these types of LARsponders can record specific user locations within a venue.

Actual awards can be presented by ushers or roaming in this example, beer vendors. Other methods and apparatus for converting bottles into LARsponders are shown in , , , , and Bottles have been used above merely as representative of drink container-type articles of commerce. Many venues such as stadiums only permit paper-cups or other disposables.

Items through illustrate use of paper-cup folded paper handles with LARcodes , , allowing degree of handle rotation about a vertical axis to be interpreted as designating choices along with various auxiliary data. Items through show the previously explained examples and concepts applied to paper-cups with LARcode components.

In all of the above, it is to be understood that use of the specific articles of commerce chosen as examples is not intended to imply as any restriction on the types of basic or elaborate articles of commerce which can be similarly converted to LARsponders. Gesture-requirements can be altered frequently e.

Please see also Section C. RR frames can be provided on any of credentials , , and LARsponder, such as in the form of Credit card , can be pre-verified by magnetic strip located on the credential. See also Section D. Each compartment can be pre-filled with a sample of a liquid or semi-liquid product—e.

Several sampler compartments can be grouped in a single structure. When a sample is extracted from a compartment identified, for example, by its location with respect to its proximal LARcode or by other spatial reference , and tasted or otherwise evaluated , the process of extraction can reveal a second LARcode element or other discernible evidence establishing that the user opened that particular LARsponder sample compartment. Participants can be incentivized to participate by offers of prizes, discounts etc.

Note that the exact location e. LARsponders can specify a specific screen within a venue or the type of challenge the user wishes to confront. There are numerous other possible techniques which can be used to similar purpose. Without implying any limitations with regard to such possibilities, a few examples are sketched below:. GPS also can confirm and register presence potentially to high spatial precision if enhanced GPS is used in a venue.

Incentives to obtain the delivered materials can be various, free offers etc. They can also assist the user in correctly meeting subsequent challenges as presented by the venue displays etc. Such incentive-driven and similar procedures can also provide valuable demographic data for subsequent targeted uses. Using LARcodes with an adequate universe of possible codes, each LARsponder used in a venue can obviously be individually ID'd although its user can remain anonymous. Event team formation my also be coordinated using any type of Social Networking Application for Smartphones etc.

Teams can be defined by Physical Blocks of seats, e. Section D, rows 1 - 12 or determined by all players within less than X distance from a particular venue Reference Marker which is visually labeled for the benefit of users, e. One block of seats can be playing against a different challenge than another block of seats. By simple proximity, geometric criteria i. Such proposals can be posted on video signage or audio announcements, cell phone messages etc.

Acceptance or rejection of such associations can be communicated using e. Almost any physical object, mechanism, structure, component part, living thing or anatomical appendage thereof, any article of commerce, any product of the graphic or decorative arts can carry LARcode data and if appropriately designed and constructed can serve as a basis for a LARsponder which can offer novel and useful functionality.

Versions of LARcodes and LARsponders can be essentially 2-D flat entities or, as previously described, can be or include 3-D elements of simple or quite complex forms. Depending upon their detailed design features, especially the latter can be manufactured using very wide spectrum of methods as discussed previously in PART B, Section B. Procedures can include any of those known in the graphics arts and the various processes and arts employed in the container and packaging industries.

Color-coded or other visually-patterned LARcode regions or components which need not be retro-reflective or possess special optical properties can be created by any appropriate graphics arts method. These include markers and plotters, stamping, ink-jet or laser printing, etch-and-fill or large scale graphic-arts production methods as used for newspapers, Ad-inserts, magazines, etc. Because these classes of components involve no special materials or technologies they can be expected to be quite inexpensive to produce.

Label and container printing methods as practiced on metal cans or foils including embossed, diffractive, reflective, partially-coated or under-coated sheet material etc. Screen-printing methods for higher performance RR regions can use pigments in combination with sub-millimeter retro-reflective bodies, e. Some types of more complex, e. This implies a cost burden, which especially for short-runs, can be minimized or avoided as described below. Use of screen-printing or other special or low-speed production techniques for applying RR pigments on paper, fabrics, glass, plastics, metals or other surfaces to create RR LOCATE areas can be avoided as described in the following examples.

Retro-reflective or other commercially atypical components can be mass-produced be existing methods as coated bulk sheets or rolls with, e. These can be pre-perforated for tear-off separation or die-cut to proper shape and size ready for affixing to LARcodes or LARsponder.

Event Programs in which the color regions of LARcodes have been pre-printed as graphics on Covers or in Advertisements etc. This converts the graphic into a LARsponder. Kits can also be distributed as premiums inserts or free hand-outs etc. Regardless of how obtained, an individual desiring to use a LARcode or LARsponder manually positions the RRs appropriately on the graphic code component to complete its assembly thereby making it ready for use.

Please also refer to the Figures which illustrate some additional variations and versions of the above concepts. Involvement and Incentives via Participative Assembly. The graphic can carry only the color blocks of a LARcode. To qualify for some type of LAR-System enabled activity—e. Using a sports venue as an example, the products purchased for qualification and accompanied by components for the second Kit e. Accurately communicating specific multi-digit numbers or an ordered multiplicity of selections from other rich symbol sets—e.

Passive and active LARsponder apparatus and methods for doing this are described in this Section. Mass participation in lottery-style awards for picking the winning random number string out of millions or even billions is also possible as are many other applications. In FIG. As shown, is a flat rectangular card carrying a matrix-like array of rectangles although other matrix forms can also be suitable.

In this instance, the number chosen for entry is 35, Card in this illustrative example also has a LARcode with a reference RR associated with it. Peel-able adhesives can permit dot removal and thus repeat uses of a given LARsponder card. Many of the LARsponders described in this document can be so designed to double the possible choices available.

In the present case, the LARsponder has five digits 1 thru 5 on its front face and five 6 thru 0 on its obverse face This process can sequentially send a string of digits of any arbitrary length. See, for instance, FIGS. Note that games, lottery number choices etc. While not discussed in detail here, more elaborate form of LARsponders can be used for entry of symbol strings.

These can include, for example, multiple manually positionable rotating members disks or wheels as in mechanical odometers with e. The users can be cued to signal their first desired digit when it appears before it changes.

Time remaining for choice before a given digit on the displays disappears and next digit appears can be indicated by a count-down clock. If 5 seconds per digit are allowed in which to make a choice and a five digit decimal number is to be specified, the total data collection time will be of the order of 50 seconds per digit. NOTE: The number of correct guesses for each digit or sequence entered by the above methods can be determined and announced within seconds after the time to choose it runs out.

This can lend excitement, special small prizes can be awarded etc. Assembly-by-user LARcode and LARsponder designs not only can save overall production costs but also facilitate a variety of verification and anti-forgery mechanisms. For example:. Upon inspection, they can thus be identifiable as valid for a particular time or event for Award or other special recognition purposes.

Steganographic methods can be used to hide verification data. Collusion, for example, can be made difficult by forcing it to be very quick. The time window for an acceptable response input is then made very short—e. Spying on neighbor LARsponder user choices etc. Portions, but typically all, of the detailed information in the NEST can be encrypted and hence rendered inaccessible not only to the legitimate ID holder but also to anyone attempting improper use of the ID or attempting to coerce the ID holder to do so.

Such Reader stations can use any of the apparatus and methods previously disclosed. Several Readers can be deployed at a given station and these can wirelessly deliver various views of a vehicle interior, its passengers and their IDs. Reader stations can include voice-to-ground or other public address systems, two-way audio booths at unmanned query points as in some Drive-In Restaurants which can be used to converse with persons wishing to approach a Control Point.

The System can also include voice recognition and auto-translation capabilities to enable the interrogation techniques described below. These transactions can be conducted with a large separation between an initial user ID presentation attempt before allowing close approach to manned terminals, scanners, security guards, access gates and the like.

This capability obviously implies more opportunity for safe early challenge of unauthorized persons, more time for warning, clarification of user status, instructions to desist, etc. Codes of the general types as described herein are passive and the data represented by a LARcode KEY can provide basic ID information such as name, rank, serial number, passport number, home address, etc. RFID tags can be stolen or counterfeited.

Photo-IDs can be disguised or counterfeited, passwords can be given up under threat or sold, eye Iris pattern and vein pattern-reads require one-on-one close-up interaction with sophisticated equipment, Magnetic stripes can be copied, fingerprint methods are subject to interference from dirt etc.

No one is likely to have instant correct answers to random personal questions except the one person who knows all the answers inherently—the legitimate holder of the ID. A LAR-System installation can be as simple and small as one inexpensive LAR-Reader covering a space measured in cubic inches, a desktop, or a portion of a room. At the other extreme, a LAR-System installation can involve hundreds of LAR-Readers, perhaps including some with special or diverse capabilities, working simultaneously with tens or even hundreds of thousands of LARsponders in a single venue.

A system can use LAR-Readers based on very advanced digital cameras with extreme resolution and pixel counts. Some can be mounted on aerial survey platforms. Still others in the same system can be man-mobile, equipped with adaptive optics and specialized ROI or other capabilities. Certain of the deployment methods and apparatus to be discussed obviously may not be appropriate in smaller venues such as Sports-bars, classrooms, etc.

Several different types and combinations of LARsponder Illuminators can be used as discussed elsewhere in this document. Progress in unmanned recon micro-aircraft and drones can also enable their use as LAR-Reader platforms. One or more LAR-Readers can also be mounted on pre-existing or purpose-installed motorized wire-supported remotely-controlled video cameras as are currently used to isolate and follow wide-ranging goal-line to goal-line action on a playing field, e.

LAR-Readers can be co-mounted on TV cameras covering an event and the Reader's FOV parameters and other settings automatically coordinated with the video or controlled manually by the TV camera operator. Whenever a camera is available to provide such images e. Examples of quantities etc. Elevated LAR-Readers can view audience areas from the rear or from the front. Users simply may hold their LARsponders accordingly—upward and facing toward backward or backward.

The great variety of mounting methods, both fixed and mobile, and the multiple locations available for LAR-Reader installations combined with the wide range of design features which can be incorporated in individual LARsponders minimizes or eliminates occultation issues. A given area of particular interest in the venue e. Such data can be used to provide alerting information or about the sun's relative position with respect to specific LAR-Reader sight-lines in order to avoid solar retro-reflections from certain.

LARsponders or temporarily block data from them. The software generating warnings or blocking can reside in the Servers. Some or all Reference Markers can be generic and referenced to the known fixed architectural features of a venue. Some or all Reference Markers can carry optically-coded information readable by LAR-Readers which direct the system to their ID precise pre-calibrated 3D locations and other data or unique attributes.

Since markers can be of known physical size and shape, their images, as captured by a given LAR-Reader, whether fixed or mobile, can also be used for scaling and estimating distances and pose 3D orientation of LARsponder elements with respect to that LAR-Reader and its LOS.

Markers can be coded e. In addition, they can also be placed on backs of seats or on undersides of fold-up seats to use as geometric spatial references when in view. This can be accomplished by conventional computer-based geometric scaling of vector distances between available Reference Markers and that particular LARsponder of interest.

These Markers can be optically coded to provide ID and the current location etc. Such information can then be used to direct video coverage, generate announcements on the facility's digital sign banners, or make audio public address announcements etc. Digital camera and imaging technologies are evolving and improving rapidly.

The examples below are merely representative of a few specific approaches using current and widely available cameras. Impending availability of very large CCD and CMOS sensors at increasingly economical cost levels and other impending advances in the general state of this art will have significant positive implications for exploiting many of the teaching of this disclosure.

NOTE: Multi-spectral Illuminators, retro-reflective color-code regions, spectral modulation techniques etc. The simplified examples and discussions presented in Sections D. Assume, for illustration, one mast-mounted or suspended LAR-Reader installed in a venue above seats in typical inclined-ramp fashion. Assume 12 megapixel digital cameras which are readily available, feature-rich, and inexpensive are used in the LAR-Readers installed in the venue.

Note: See additional comments below re providing cues to users to orient their LARsponders. In many types of venues, and depending on the mounting locations and sightlines of the LAR-Readers, some audience spaces in sloped seating areas will be fore-shortened with respect to the FOV sight-lines. For example, if the venue uses 9. LAR-Readers can be mounted with lines of sight that are vertically down from above the seating, slanted upward from below the seat deck or slanted downward from above and behind the seat deck.

The last-named would, of course, use imagers with much higher pixel counts. Users can be alerted to perform this approximate alignment by a preliminary light-flash, or by audio, video, radio, digital signage, smart-phone signal or any other source of cues. In venues or areas where participants are standing or walking, the effective density can obviously range from very close-crowding to sparse.

Many other combinations of number of LAR-Readers, lens focal lengths, types of mounting etc. The key point is the total approximate number of fixed LOS and FOV LAR-Readers with their associated accessory hardware required in these examples is demonstrably modest on a per participant basis and this is likely to be the case in numerous other applications of the teachings herein.

Upon cuing of the venue occupants, capture one or more short time-series of still frames e. Such time series can be acquired re either one variable at a time or in series of adaptive combinations. Image processing techniques can then be used to improve selected or general data detail and accuracy by combining data from some or all or a given set of such time series using scaling, de-blur, spatial correlations, color analysis, image stitching etc.

These manipulations can be assisted by reference to known data re fixed Reference Markers or other unchanging elements in the varying FOV. Results of time series can be used iteratively to modify subsequent time series and the types ranges of parameters used to capture them. During such capture sequences, zoom, pan and focus and aperture parameters can be caused to vary automatically or adaptively on the basis of previously obtained results.

The data so obtained can, as noted above, be referenced to fixed Reference Markers or other points of reference with pre-established known spatial locations as seen in the video FOV. Computer-based image analysis and correlation across multiple frames can then be used to improve the read accuracy of any given frame or area of interest. Sports-Bars, Coffee Houses, cocktail lounges, classrooms, etc. Others can be unexploited simply for lack of suitable or affordable ideas for uses.

Still others can be surplus areas embedded in larger active spaces only infrequently set up for special events. Open spaces which are accessible to the public such as parks, beaches, sidewalks, hotel lobbies, transportation system waiting areas and terminals. The capabilities of these and similar installations can be substantially augmented by using a LAR-Reader viewing passers-by who have or are given access to LARsponders.

Partisan competing audiences, even in different kinds of venues AND in different cities can simultaneously and remotely contest with each other by, e. LOCAL gambling and prize awards can be permitted given suitable legal arrangements. Venues can be equipped for gambling using no digitally network-connected smartphones, computers or any other active personal devices whatever. For example, a completely passive LARsponder as a disposable card personally purchased by each gambler can be used for placing bets in the venue on e.

Substantial space in thrill-ride and theme park facilities and other large venues is devoted to audience pre-loading and crowd-control. Large-screen Home Theater Entertainment Centers typically are used with video games that accommodate one, two, or perhaps three ACTIVE participants while other persons, if any, can merely watch. LAR-System technology installed in such a venue can accommodate game adaptations that can involve not only one or two but also 3 to dozens if desired, without requiring special hardware.

The additional participants can bet, predict, offer video-graphic and verbal advice etc. This can be done, e. In many applications of LARsponder and related technologies, it can be desirable or even essential that users can quickly input and get proper System reaction to their LARsponder inputs, be promptly informed of a LAR-System's specific acknowledgment, action taken e. There are several methods and apparatus that can be used to accomplish this depending upon the venue, types of activities, audience parameters and other factors:.

These can be large screens viewed by thousands, poster size, or small screens at counters or tables, seat video for passengers etc. Alphanumeric by methods such as venue audio, lighting effects etc. These can provide users with private input and feed-back capabilities from the LAR-System. Note: If an event requires very rapid responses e. Furthermore, the network must be able to handle near-simultaneous data exchange with users with very low latency, particularly when large numbers of co-located LARsponder users e.

In such situations, local short-range low bit-rate wireless channels can be used to communicate to and from individually addressable actively-powered e. Accessories with the required types of active capabilities can be inexpensive. Well-known technologies are available to handle all communications, display and data input-output functions required. They can be given, loaned, purchased, or otherwise provided to LARsponder users and can take several forms. For example, the active accessory can be a small credit card-sized device.

A simple version can use a number of small LEDs which flash and or light in various combinations etc. Well-developed technologies based upon LCD, OLED, eINK, and similar thin and small displays suited to card format as well as others are available to support more sophisticated two-way alpha-numeric information exchanges.

Touch and alpha-numeric key input areas can be provided on the active device. The active accessory need not be in card format. Any of the above described active accessory capabilities can be designed and configured to be independently acquired and used as a complement to a range of types of LARsponders. Small Quantities- e. In some cases, portions of these can be out-sourced to appropriate Engineering firms as approved by the venue owner.

Additional costs typically can include items such as:. Design and implementation of special mechanical, electrical and custom lighting effects for the specific stadium, theater, urban space etc. Assumes availability of a suitable PC and a Venue Video display. Student Records and Administrative software not included. Each LAR-Reader mounted over seat pair comprises:. Commonly available dual-light socket adapters can be used to also accommodate the original lamp-bulb if desired. A given LAR-Reader can be powered by the existing venue electrical system or can use on-board photo-voltaic or separately charged batteries.

The USB port built into the camera or in its plug-in data storage card can provide a wireless data and control channel to the venue computer supporting the LAR-System. Data transfer over venue power wiring could also be used. One or several types of LAR-Readers together with supporting apparatus, e. PLCMs, Illuminators and software etc.

LARsponders intended for use in a particular venue or at a particular event can be distributed via direct mail, newspaper inserts, tip-in Ads, on-site handouts etc. A user's Paddle Number can reference the LAR-System Data base for the user's identity, address, credit limits, demographics, date and time limits etc. This can also minimize paddle occultation issues. In addition and in some circumstances, e. NOTE: LARsponders used as Paddles can typically be passive devices, but actively-powered response devices and combinations of both active and passive apparatus can also serve as Bidder Paddles if desired by the venue operator.

Such active devices can be Smart-phones, Tablets, and similar mobile devices MIDs with networked and bi-directional communications data-exchange capabilities as described in earlier Sections of this disclosure.

These physical features RRs, aiming directions, etc. The wireless network can be monitored by the LAR-System to insure data handling has sufficiently low latency required for fast-changing bidding. Additionally, Network-based Paddle users working with bi-directional and personal links can enable LAR-Systems to send and exchange many other types of useful data, e. Each Auction, while running, is automatically updated by the LAR-System software and the current high-bid or winning Paddle number is posted.

The number and the size of permissible increments can vary with the item being auctioned and can be scaled to the price estimate of the item. In cases of tied bids occurring within a Software-defined time interval of each other , visual and audio notification thereof can be followed by announcement of a new bid opportunity at the next scheduled or at a programmed dynamically adjusted bid increment.

LARsponders and a venue's LAR-System can also enable other types of bidding, interactive and responsive actions using various methods and apparatus described herein. Display space is provided for items being offered for auction, e. Automated Auction Stations can be located in store windows, corridors, aisles, entry-ways etc. Additional video displays and arrays of video picture frames can show on-auction items to potential bidders who are not in the immediate vicinity of a Station.

Such assemblies can be associated with other venue light sources for aesthetic or other reasons. They can, for example, be placed on hangers ; on objects; on tables and shelves. These can be battery-powered and wirelessly connected to the LAR-System. Digital displays or highlighted photos of an item on auction can be positioned within view of potential bidders who are not near a Station.

Synthetic voices of auctioneers can be available to audiences via PA, wireless earphones, smart-phone apps etc. Display and simultaneous participation in in-process auctions taking place elsewhere in the venue or in another venue can be accommodated while a user is waiting in demarcated area for a different impending Auction to begin. These suggestions can also include items scheduled to be auctioned subsequently or at some specific time in the future.

One prominent or principal vector direction axis is typically very apparent in these types of Elements or can be made so by adding graphic or structural features. NOTE: While the emphasis here is on Locate Elements typified by the examples listed above, triads of vector directions as in 3 axis rectilinear coordinate systems can provide more extensive repertoires of response signaling options as discussed elsewhere herein.

This can enable retro-reflective areas to be relatively larger for a given overall size of LARsponder. This, in turn, can permit a significantly larger area venue and audience size to be serviced by a single LAR-Reader with a given image resolution. In practice, several thousand venue seats can be covered per Reader compared to several hundred seats per Reader as in the illustrative example presented in Section D.

Without the need for precise color block reads, deliberate under-exposure of the general venue scene can be used to render images of RR regions of LARsponders, when excited by a LAR-Reader's light source single flash or sequence of flashes , as very bright areas against a dark venue background.

Sections A. In this Section, methods and apparatus are disclosed which retain the general repertoire of response modes described above in F. Note the inherent shape-defined principal vector of the paddle-like LARsponder. Other principal vector shapes, among many, have already been mentioned. The LARsponder shown can be a surface that is entirely retro-reflective.

The surface can carry an array of blacked-out blocks making up, for example, the binary code for the ID number , Typical ink-jet inks do not adhere. Roadstar Reflective Material Co. For such RR materials, overprinting code blocks or other graphics on the RR surface can be done with a clear pigment carrier such as used for laser pigments but without the pigment particles.

In , this is represented by the lightly dotted patterns. Other graphical features, art, etc. Any such over-coated areas will appear very dark and easily readable by an imager dependent upon receiving retro-reflected light but will appear as clear un-coded areas under general ambient illumination. Another useful capability of the coding method just described is its ability to allow another and non-retro-reflective color code to occupy the same area as the over-printed RR code.

While binary block coding has been used for the discussion thus far, it is important to emphasize that other forms of codes e.


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